For those who went after Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, the necessary speed can also be achieved with an R5 zHux with 6E mods and a 5 star Finalizer. SWGoH Character Mods Analyzer! Posted by. Since Finalizer fleets have no reliable means of cleansing debuffs, Breach coupled with Hound’s Tooth’s perpetual taunt can ruin the match for you, so it’s important to control him here. Permissions and credits Credits and distribution permission Best Mods Kylo Ren Minecraft. Since the rebel fleet relies so heavily on Han’s Falcon, outside of an unlucky assist train from a max Bistan killing off Silencer (unlikely with the huge health boost that Finalizer provides), you have the advantage in the match from the moment you put Hunted on the Falcon. Now go out there and hunt down some Rebel and Negotiator fleets! I was honestly expecting so much better with these. Speed is also good, but isn't too necessary on a full FO. Have a gander, but feel free to take our soldiers for a test drive if you like. They do a great job! This ability is more useful the higher gear/relic your General Hux is, and with a maxed ship and one or more hunted enemies, can be handy for taking out nearly dead ships hiding behind stealth or a taunt. Afterburner: When TIE silencer attacks with Advantage, reduce its cooldowns by 1. First Order TIE Fighter: Inflict Target Lock on target enemy for 2 turns, which can't be Evaded or Resisted. All active enemies have -20% Tenacity, doubled against Resistance enemies. In a Finalizer fleet it serves primarily as a turn meter generator for Silencer, and to control enemy tanks. The only reasons not to use Cassian here are if you’re saving Cassian for a Rebel fleet, or if you need Ebon Hawk’s Buff Immunity to get through a reapplied taunt like Clone Sergeant. Great Mod! There’s a good chance that you simply won’t be able to out-damage the Malevolence fleet however, since the fleet has crit avoidance synergies, relies heavily on debuffs which you can’t clear, and uses the overcharge buff, which you can’t reliably clear without a full team-wide buff removal. October 04, 2019. enayatullak_k_2944. Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and Rey from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are headed to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to duel on your mobile holotables. The First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter was one of the least utilised ships in all of fleet until the arrival of Finalizer. We touched on this a little above, but here let’s discuss the specifics of why SF TIE Fighter is chosen for the frontline and why regular First Order TIE Fighter is usually not. In order to be able to defeat a fleet with Hound’s Tooth, you must have Finalizer faster than Silencer. Now it provides extra utility to First Order allies on the frontline of the Finalizer fleet, edging out its regular counterpart. Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Kylo Ren: Kylo Ren’s SWGoH strengths call for a specific directions with his mods so that ignoring CC is your best route. The Finalizer fleet doesn’t have a lot of room for variation on the frontline currently, and as such the only possible changes to lineups involve different reinforcements. First Order SF TIE Fighter: All allies gain 40% Potency, doubled for First Order allies. Your fifth member, Kylo Ren (unmasked), is the most viable option and his node also drops shards for his ship. Below I’ll detail a priority list for getting your Finalizer fleet up and ready to go. The turn meter removal and healing immunity are unreliable and unimportant, but the buff removal and irresistible ability block are crucial for dealing with Hound’s Tooth and other tanks, meaning this ability sees frequent use, And finally, Command Shuttle’s reinforcement ability removes 20% turn meter from enemy reinforcements when they reinforce, and gains 20% turn meter at the same time. The massive speed boost that Finalizer receives based on how many First Order allies are in the starting lineup allows Finalizer to take the first turn in almost every battle. I’ll explain in more depth the reasoning for choosing SF TIE over TIE Fighter in the starting lineup in section 7 of this guide. Quite handy since this can take effect at the start of battle, and give your fleet a solid initial damage boost. I was able to achieve this with 3x G12 pilots and a few extra G12+ gear pieces, but it could probably be done just as easily with 6E mods instead of gear pieces, and certainly with relic levels. We liked it. Nov 4, 2012 - There is an accessibility option to set Windows to a high-contrast color scheme. Any extra health, protection or tenacity is always welcome on this monster. All allies gain 15% turn meter. Once Breach has been placed and Hound’s Tooth starts taunting, Finalizer fleets have no easy way of getting around the tanky bounty hunter ship. Check their website and sync your data from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes - it's just awesome. First Order TIE loses half its reinforcement ability straight away (the target lock) because Finalizer’s unique ability to trigger frontline ships’ reinforcement abilities doesn’t trigger debuff applications. We additionally provide top-rated Swgoh Best Kylo Ren Mods detailed buying guide with actually correct, unbiased, and actual facts. Basic ability that has a 50% chance to hit twice, with each hit having a 60% chance to inflict target lock for 2 turns, Special ability that hits hard and comes immediately off cooldown if used on a target locked enemy, Unique ability that gives First Order TIE 15% turn meter every time a target locked enemy is damaged by an attack, Reinforcement ability inflicts target lock on target enemy for 2 turns, which can’t be resisted or evaded. 9. Keep a close eye on the amount of turn meter that your target has so you’ll know whether Silencer is going to stun or gain advantage. This means its abilities are almost always off cooldown (until you bring a non-First Order ship onto the field, one of the reasons we need a First Order tank to truly complete the fleet), and it gets to frequently take turns despite being an extremely slow ship, even with its speed boost. When a First Order ally takes damage, the TIE silencer has a 50% chance to gain Advantage for 2 turns. Cassian’s U-Wing is another mass buff dispeller that is arguably more useful than Ebon Hawk, since it can call an assist with a crit damage bonus, which is extremely effective combined with Silencer. For reference, here are the health and protection of maxed out First Order ships compared to some of the tankiest ships in the game, without the health boost: And here they are when the health boost is applied: Now it’s worth noting that certain other factors (such as Hound’s Tooth’s Protection Up when damaged and Hyena Bomber’s Defense boost) affect the tankiness of these ships, but in terms of pure stats, the health boost provided by Finalizer, as you can see, is huge. 1/16/16 - Lightcruiser helped me add the NPCS for Kylo Ren Enjoy! Every table shows the most used mods players use. Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. The ability to cleanse an ally can be helpful as well, to clear daze off Silencer and allow it to assist and gain turn meter again. SWGOH Kylo Ren (Unmasked) Counters Based on 2,068 GAC Battles analyzed this season. [img](o2l31az1b0t11 " ") This graphic lives in #key-resources on our hopping Discord: r/ Saved by Andrew Turner You can turn adult content on in your preference, if you wish Baze Malbus. To achieve this you may need to use First Order SF TIE Fighter’s AoE, basic ability, or call Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle to assist. 50% of the lost turn meter is given to First Order allies instead of 25% (Command Shuttle can target itself, but is treated as though it has 0% turn meter to share). Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle: Remove 20% turn meter from enemy ships when they are called in as Reinforcements. SF TIE’s AoE special ability is much less useful, only doing work when key enemy ships are hiding behind taunt and very nearly dead, which is rare, and triggering Silencer’s offense gain and Command Shuttle’s cooldown reduction by inflicting damage over time effects on all allies. REYLO Throne Room Scene Explained - SPOILERS - Kylo Ren & Rey Star Wars The Last Jedi. Your ideal first reinforcement is to call Ebon Hawk or Cassian’s U-Wing to strip buffs from enemies, meaning removing stealth from Anakin’s Eta-2 and taunt from BTL-B Y-Wing. Thank you very much that I can use the data for this overview! Since Finalizer lacks a tank of its own, and makes such good use of Xanadu Blood as a reinforcement, Hound’s Tooth’s incredible toughness is extremely useful in helping protect the comparably vulnerable TIE Silencer. Most of the time this happens fast enough that losing Hound’s Tooth doesn’t change stop you from winning. Strategy when using Command Shuttle requires you to know its three special abilities inside and out. Try to stun Anakin’s Eta-2, which will have an 85% chance to land thanks to all the bonus potency from First Order SF TIE Fighter. The matchup with Malevolence is highly unfavourable for Finalizer fleets, since much of the control abilities of the fleet have little to no effect on Malevolence. Xanadu Blood is an excellent reinforcement for a few reasons. This can allow you to get through Clone Sergeant’s ARC-170, which can block you from getting at Anakin’s Eta-2 depending on turn order and which reinforcements are called first.

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