Other words that use this root include: Scripture Passages: For you are a people holy to the LORD your God, Inspirational Hebrew music lifting up the name of Yah, for your listening pleasure. A People Set Apart. Just as God separates the light from the darkness, God has also separated Israel from the other nations. Something could be set apart as being especially good or set apart because it was bad. Things also could be set apart in terms of boundaries or other separation. 1b4) to be separated. I was led by the Ruach (Spirit) of Almighty YHUH/YHWH to do deep research on the SET-APART, SCRIPTURAL Names of our beloved FATHER and His Son (The Messiah) as written in the VERY FIRST translation of Scripture, namely (ancient) Hebrew. Root: Q-D-Š (קדש ‎): meaning "holy" or "set apart" Hebrew Transliteration Lexical category Gender Definition קֹדֶשׁ ‎ qodesh noun masculine holiness קִדֵּשׁ ‎ qiddesh verb to sanctify; to make kiddush: נתקדש ‎ nitqadesh to be betrothed, to be married מִקְדָּשׁ ‎ miqdash noun masculine temple 4:39. The Hebrew and Aramaic scribes who viewed their work as Ktaba Qadisha, “Set-Apart Scripture” took exceedingly great effort to craft each letter and beautify every page. 1b3) to separate oneself unto. To sanctify is "to set apart for holy service,"or more basically, "to make holy." (Leviticus 20:26) The Hebrew word used in this passage for "set apart" is "badal". 1a4) to divide into parts. Set Apart Music. 1b6) to be set apart I have set you apart from the nations to be my own. Abraham chose to be set apart. The Hebrew word that means set apart, קָדַשׁ (qadash), by contrast, has a significantly different connotation. Kadash connotes that which belongs to the sphere of the sacred, and thus is distinguished from the common or profane. Bible Toggle Dropdown. Exodus 31:13 The Hebrew word translated sign means "mark" or "evidence." In this way, the Hebrew word “Qodesh” is most commonly translated “holy.” This word comes from the root word “Qadash,” which means “to set apart for a specific purpose” (Ancient Hebrew Lexicon, vituralbookword.com publishing, Jeff Benner). H1961 haya היה (these Hebrew letters "היה" transliterated into English consonants "HYH" or "HaYaH") "Break Down The Set Apart Name Of YHWH" Let’s start by using the concordance, to understand the meaning of His name "AHaYaH AShaR AHaYaH" We see in the concordance that the first part of the Creator’s name is "HaYaH" which means "to exist". . As we compare various texts let’s also bear it in mind the relationship the scribe had with his work. by Various Artists. I ACCEPT, LOVE and RESPECT all of you and trust that you will do the same. Kadash is a root word (Strong# 6942; TWOT # 1990) that means to set apart, to distinguish, to sanctify, or to hallow. It is used in Genesis 1:18 where God separated the light from the darkness. In scripture it says: Deuteronomy 7:6-9 KJV 6 For thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God: the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth. Toggle navigation. (Note that we do not own the licenses for these tracks and cannot allow downloads, but you can feel free to purchase them on Amazon or iTunes.) 1a3) to make a distinction, difference. By it, the folk of Israel would know the Source of their sanctification. 1b) (Niphal) 1b1) to separate oneself from (reflexive of 1a2) 1b2) to withdraw from. A Quick NOTE to all visiting this website . . Learn about Qadash original meaning in the Bible using the Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon - New American Standard. 1b5) to be excluded. The Sabbath day is the mark God gave His people to identify them as His own. So what does this mean? 1a2) to separate, set apart.

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