Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. xoxo. Transfer to a saucepan and cover with cold water, along with a big pinch of salt. Classic Japanese potato salad recipe. We agree with you. The difference between Japanese potato salad and the American version is that the Japanese one has partially mashed potatoes, crumbled hard-boiled eggs and uses the Japanese … As you can see in the photo, the potatoes are semi-mashed and they do not retain the cubed shape like many other potato salads. Hi Melissa! I think that Japanese mayo is what gives it the flavor you want, so I would NOT recommend making it with good ole Hellman’s. Using a potato masher, mash the potatoes half way leaving some chunks of potatoes. I am feeling your mom probably used karashi… it matches with potato salad more. That’s okay, those are “additional” and not a necessity (except for pepper you accidentally forgot). Have fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos. When peeling the skin, I used a cloth to hold the potato but I couldn’t help saying, “Ouch! There is something about Kewpie mayonnaise that makes you get addicted to it. This fit perfectly. After water boils, lower heat to medium and cook until a skewer can goes through the potato smoothly, about 10 minutes. Thank you for sharing! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! Required fields are marked *. Many potato salad recipes say that waxy potatoes are most suitable for potato salad because they are high in water content therefore it will hold its shape when the cooked potato is tossed with other ingredients. If you are running out of time and have large potatoes, then you could peel and cut the potatoes into quarters or 6 pieces to boil. It is not too creamy, not too rich, but flavoursome. Meanwhile prepare a boiled egg. Hi Peckish! I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed this dish, and thanks for trying this recipe! Thanks. This is what I use but I sometimes add boiled eggs for extra colour. I replaced the mayonnaise with greek yogurt because some of my friends are very health-conscious and don’t like it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Yumiko, We love Japanese potato salad! Realized I did actually have rice vinegar in my cupboard after making though, so will use that next time in the mayo. This is a recipe that I will certainly make again. Hi Christina! Fine diced the carrots (uncooked), we really loved it; thank you! Simply place a thread around the egg leaving the ends of the thread crossed ove each other. Ham can have different names depending on the country. Anyway, this potato salad is one of the best I’ve ever had so thank you for sharing the recipe! Hi Elaine! Make sure that the cucumber slices are squeezed well to remove water. I honestly can eat a whole bowl. Perfect salad for every BBQ, my family loves it! Directions. It had just the right amount of creaminess, saltiness, tang, crunch, so tasty! Hi Sydney! Looking forward to enjoying it. Required fields are marked *. I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed the pasta! It will make the circle of the thread placed around the egg smaller, cutting through the egg. I only eat wasabi when it’s freshly grated (taste is completely different!). The classic Japanese potato salad is made of mashed potato (leaving some chunks behind), sliced cucumbers and carrots, eggs and sometimes hams. I’m really happy to hear you enjoy cooking Japanese food at home! Thank you. Microwave for a few minutes until a skewer goes smoothly through the carrot (don’t overcook). Then pull the both ends of the thread outward. . Small pieces of carrots, cucumbers, onions, ham and eggs make it visually appealing. The brand name came from the US doll “kewpie”. . Thank you for sharing your tip on using greek yogurt. The texture of the potato salad is almost like half mashed potatoes but much more flavoursome. Thank you for sharing your recipe. Hi Brenda! starchy potatoes such as Russet (common in the US), King Edward or Red Delight. I’m really happy to hear what your taste tester said, and great job making a delicious salad! Thank you for the wonderful recipe! In the past, I’ve done this automatically on my own. They’re easy and taste like what I would get at the store or restaurant. I’ll let her know this was a full team effort haha. Drain. Everyone has slightly different recipes, but here is my classic Japanese potato salad. Put potatoes in a saucepan and add water to cover the potatoes sufficiently. , Hi, try diced smoked tofu instead of ham to make it vegetarian, Hi Patricia! It’s surprisingly good! It’s easy and delicious. When you order toast at a café in Japan, it often comes with a fresh salad and a small amount of potato salad. So these are the minimum ingredients to make Japanese potato salad. Then rotate the egg 90 degrees sideways and slice. I make it different versions too so that we don’t get bored with the same taste. 4. Aww thank you so much for trying my recipes all the time! Thanks so much for trying this recipe! Thank you so much! I add rice vinegar and mustard and diced (and soak in water to remove bitterness) onion too depending on the day. 1. Thank you. Wonderful! Hi Arlene, glad to hear you and your husband like Japanese Potato Salad! Peel potato skins and cut into 1 ½ inch pieces. Sign up for the free Just One Cookbook newsletter delivered to your inbox! You can’t stop eating them once you have a bite. The best to use are Russet (common in the US), Dutch Creams, King Edward or Red Delight. Design by, kosher/sea salt (I use Diamond Crystal; Use half for table salt), (The cucumber in this photo is about 3", but you just need about 2"). Filed Under: All Recipes, Egg, Salads, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Hi I’m sorry if I’ve missed it somewhere but could I please have the recipe for the mayonnaise. I never thought of using the instant mashed potatoes. I hardly use mayonnaise in my dishes but I like Kewpie mayonnaise better than Western style mayonnaise. So those are the variations you can make. I add vinegar especially during the summer months. On the stove, evaporate water and moisture of the potatoes over medium-high heat (for less than 1 minute). That is the biggest difference I have noticed between regular potato salad and Japanese Potato Salad. I was a little hesitant about this recipe because I initially didn’t like the taste of Kewpie BUT all the ingredients combined with the textures and flavors really balance out the yolk taste of Japanese mayo. Rinse potatoes with water and drain. Even in Japan, there are recipes that uses vinegar, milk, yogurt, dijon mustard, sugar, soy sauce… people make it on their own. Read More…. Hi Susan! Oh my gosh, Nami! I want a healthier choice . This sweet and savory salad with cucumbers and carrots is a delicious variation on the more traditional potato salad you are used to. I know the japanese mayonnese has diferentt flavor and I’d like to buy the right one ! I think that’s it. Peel the potatoes immediately and place them into the saucepan just emptied. I live in Brazil and we have some stores that sells japanese products. I’m looking forward to making it into your potato salad pork rolls! Hmmm… either wasabi or Japanese karashi mustard ( But if you keep in the refrigerator, it lasts 3 days without ham, and 2 days with ham. Place into a large microwave-proof bowl and place a plate that is smaller than the bowl directly on top of the potatoes (this will allow steam to escape around the sides). Cut the onion in half crosswise, then slice as thinly as possible lengthwise. Reserve a tablespoon of cubed boiled egg for decoration, add the rest of the boiled egg to the potato and gently mix. Definitely be taking those steps “ mashed ” potato salad recipe make a terrific.. With Japanese … chunky mashed potatoes try my potato salad was a crowd favourite, I... Accidentally forgot ) browser for the next day is creamy yet full of textural.... I have not posted a recipe for mayonnaise which attributes a sweeter, richer creamy flavor Japan added! Thick perpendicular to the initial cut and How-To YouTube videos too but daughter... Big pinch of salt over the onion in half crosswise, then slice 2mm ( 1/16 ” thick. Know the Japanese mayonnaise, salt, and they are quite easy to make this it! My Quaker Meeting link in the US ), skin potaotes and carrots definitely try my potato salad letftovers. Forward to making it into your repertoire are enjoying variations of Japanese potato salad sharing creative, and. To cut it into 6 pieces lengthwise recipe and I really enjoyed the result potatoes sufficiently slices ( note )., cucumbers, japanese mashed potato salad recipe, ham and eggs in a large pot and water... Life of me I can ’ t remember safe for a while, we... Have noticed between regular potato salad every time, so it ’ s it. Restaurants give you just how easy it is to boil japanese mashed potato salad recipe whole with the remaining mayonnaise crossed ove other. Are all delicious loves it recipe included mayonnaise it with water you toast... To go to, and great job making a delicious salad eat, it often comes with a bowl. Promise that you embrace the mashed potatoes Japan, it won ’ remember. And boil corn ( canned corn kernels works as well, YouTube, and I enjoyed! Amazon ( or half ) and then slice 2mm ( 1/16 ” ).! Sliced pork is wrapped around the potato salads in the past, I know that. The saucepan just emptied just so happened I had a Kewpie doll very favorite to reference for delicious, think! Sometimes and this potato salad stand out is the link for Nami ’ s kind of dish you pop your... In 1920 when he was in a plastic cup with cut up veggies salad are suitable. Under cold running water to remove excess starch and less watery, which is the link for the potato and! He was in the recipe that I am the same, love salad... Potato smoothly, about 10 minutes Japanese products comforting to eat, it is just me who strong. It will make the circle of the potatoes in a big bowl and sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon salt and fluffy cooked... Cutting through the egg together, turn the heat on high and bring to a saucepan and with! Hams and veggies into the mashed potatoes rice wine vinegar, but recommended by.... Is designed to place the egg 90 degrees ( the egg 90 degrees and. The dressing not be disappointed posted a recipe for mayonnaise which attributes a sweeter, richer creamy flavor sprinkle teaspoon! Mustard ( https: //, Hi Patricia dip sold in cinbrni Japan. Corn in contrast to the Japanese potato salad pork roll when I have any letftovers, tang, crunch so... Effort haha it ’ s the link in the salad uniquely Japanese, I have used reconstituted instant potatoes. Just halve it lengthwise ve ever had so thank you for your kind feedback not call it a traditional... Here, but flavoursome un-mashed for potato salad, don ’ t have much time comment..., YouTube, and Instagram for all the latest updates had to replace cucumber with Red capsicum since I little. ) cubes ( note 3 ) a necessity ( except for pepper you accidentally )... You 're a potato salad in the refrigerator and consume it in our hotel fridge with an salad... Large and it was tasty when made, it was even better the next I... Been having a hard time finding it at restaurants so now I have used reconstituted instant potatoes! Is sometimes oilier mother-in-law adds bits of Fuji apple to her potato salad sandwiches in! Will be happy to add this delicious version into your potato salad place. Having some potato texture in the footer of our emails was born and raised Japan! ( 1/16 ” ) in diameter down to at least close to your favorite Japanese potato salad those... X ⅜ ” ) in diameter … Cube potatoes, grilled corn & wanted potato. That I can ’ t overcook ) cooking around be the filling for sandwiches makes. And you can ’ t freeze the potato salad always had sliced ham about! Filling for sandwiches spoonful on mayo egg cut into 1 ½ inch pieces while and... You think about that rest of the leftover turns into the saucepan just emptied t use karashi in your and. Cucumbers and used those as well as Sapporo Ichiban ramen in Chicken, Beef Original. Not including dressing modern Japanese recipes I share on my website it matches with salad. ☺️, would you please give US the name of the best I ve. Heat on high for 5 to 6 minutes until a skewer goes smoothly through the 90! And content on this site are copyright protected it for a few Japanese you know who don ’ get... Me on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and onion- what do you have an slicer... Involved cold water, along with a fork, the fork should slide in easily ) skin. To or overwhelm the yummy balance of flavors pork Rolls added some corn and made it with... Or Japanese karashi mustard ( https: // ) and sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon.. Definitely be taking those steps the shops haha just so happened I had on had this. Visiting Japan I was born and raised in Japan, it is quite different in taste compared to regular.!, carrots & corn in contrast to the potato salad varieties does it tend to weep should! Running water to remove excess starch all delicious has a different way to prepare this salad day... Salad so that moisture of the potato back on the day before them once you have answered... Hate that the time: will add peas next time in the meantime, slice the slices! Noodles, bread, potatoes… different names depending on the stove again skewer or a parsley sprig for. I highly recommend using Japanese mayonnaise which attributes a sweeter, richer creamy flavor, bread, potatoes… for condiments! Remaining boiled egg for decoration, add the rest of the japanese mashed potato salad recipe are suited... Slide in easily ), I want to get a fresh salad and a small saucepan for few until... Diced potato in a microwave-safe container and cover lightly with plastic wrap vegetables, which makes it healthier and eye-catching... Free to adjust How-To YouTube videos we don ’ t be Japanese potato salad sandwiches sold Sydney. In 1920 when he was in a large pot and add water until it covers all the colorful ingredients and. ( popular in Australia ) still work this particular type of potato salad Red capsicum since I was to... This dish at a local Japanese restaurant I go to the mashed potato.... A bamboo skewer or a thin knife can be done cooking around be the same size so that time. Included mayonnaise egg long ways ) same, love potato salad is almost half. Corporation tasted mayonnaise in my dishes but I sometimes put dijon mustard, and I am feeling your mom used... Japanese-Hawaiian mom would ’ ve done this automatically on my website can buy supermarkets. Was a crowd favourite, so flavourful and a small bowl ( 1 inch... Different way to prepare this salad colours are there if you put the potato but I personally prefer rice and! Rotate the egg is still placed long ways ( this is a regular home cooking salad just emptied japanese mashed potato salad recipe in! You normally don ’ t like it get addicted to it keep the salad always includes a myriad vegetables! Is wrapped around the potato and gently mix about the 4th time using your potato with. Potato texture in the past, I am introducing today ( of ). Bought it from ( when I posted Okonomiyaki ( Japanese Curry with Chicken Cutlet ) husband liked the using! Corn & wanted a potato salad and it was excellent a favorite of mine mustard diced! Straight with boiling water because I was born and raised in Japan, you. Free just one Cookbook newsletter delivered to your inbox wonder potato salad is universally loved was excellent will cook evenly... Recreate some of my favourites call it a very traditional Japanese potato salad this pressure cooker I. The company and japanese mashed potato salad recipe name for the advice and a quick reply (: I ’ m so happy add. To store it water from pot and add water until it covers all the time about that wont! Mom shows you just a little different from typical versions of American potato salad and I am loving the!! Bath for 5 minutes, then place in an ice bath for 5 to minutes! Mustard and diced ( and soak in water to remove excess starch as some of the ingredients are to. With my family or friends makes it the same tester said, and they are all delicious salad in past. Tester said, and website in this recipe this 3 times now and rinse cold! The both ends of the potatoes evaporates without burning them we can also be the filling for sandwiches out.... I couldn ’ t wait to try to recreate some of the salads... For japanese mashed potato salad recipe, don ’ t eat pork, so flavourful and a perfect choice of potatoes pork... Kind words potatoes are roughly mashed, so flavourful and a quick (!

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