Japan ww2 map from nationalww2museum 7. "That means schools have to teach about the Japanese military's increased influence and extension of its power [in the 1930s] and the prolonged war in … Those on the pacifist side push for a … Now I'm in a WWII class in college, and my professor said that some schools actually teach their students that the U.S. attacked Japan first to start the war. From robots to anime to pokémon to geishas to Shinto shrines to Final … What is the attitude towards the era of the emperors in modern Japan? That afternoon, Prime Minister Suzuki Kantarō declared at a press conference that the Potsdam Declaration was no more than a rehash (yakinaoshi) of the Cairo Declaration and that the government intended to ignore it (mokusatsu, "kill by silence"). But here's some interesting things I found on Wikipedia that may further enlighten you as to why the bomb was dropped (and why things like Kamikaze tactics were seen as such an evil act due to the fate of the war pretty much already being decided). /r/WWII is a developer-recognized community focused on the title. Many soldiers have told stories of watching the pilots face as he flew into the side of their ship. The West has been obsessing over Japanese culture since time immemorial. Then tried to nuke again. The teaching of WWII in Japan takes place in the context of this debate, and thus there is a secondary debate over how WWII should be taught. Anyway, this is the history that I was taught as a kid 30+ years ago when I was in elementary school and the history my grandmother told me as she lived through it. But still maybe the Japanese were holding out hope they could regroup at their home islands and negotiate a positive cease fire right? Contrary to popular belief, the Rape of Nanjing is taught at some universities (like the one I went to), and the discussion of the dropping of the atomic bomb was handled through the same global lens as the rest of the unit-- you could tell the professor was attempting to teach what happened, not how he felt about what happened. But in the wake of World War II, Japan underwent another great upheaval. But then the US dropped the bombs, and the war was soon over. At the end of the Pacific Theater of World War II, the Imperial Japanese government accepted the terms of the Potsdam Declaration.In 1945, the unconditional surrender of the Empire of Japan was formally confirmed aboard the Allied battleship, USS Missouri.Once the formal documents were signed, General Douglas MacArthur, representing the Allies, was named the Supreme … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For WW2 our main focus was the political climate after WW1, why a democratic government during that time (Weimarer Republic 1918-1933) failed and how the defeat in WW1, subsequent blame (Kriegsschuld) for the war fell on the german reich and paved the road for Adolf Hitler. I'm American. The Red Cross ran brides schools in Japan starting in 1951 to teach American customs to the young Japanese wives of U. S. servicemen. I believe a total of twelve Koreans--including these guys and this guy--are recognized by the Japanese government as Korean kamikaze fighters, but since every country's government has their own methods of propaganda and obfuscation in order to make their country look better, who know what the true number of non-Japanese (not just Koreans) who were pressed into kamikaze is. What's REALLY interesting to me is the steps that the U.S. took to try and avoid civilian casualties. They threw everything they had at the Allies to try and keep Okinawa and a lot of people died because of it. Bentley questioned the utility of teaching about the 70 million people who died in the war. Once the Japanese lost at Coral Sea and Midway the tide has already turned. They all had large signs around their necks. The course focused on the war through a global perspective, attempting to investigate why Japan entered the war and made the military decisions they did within the larger context of the war itself. Japan is of the most popular destinations for teach abroad programs and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Censorship in Japan, although prohibited by the country's constitution, is effectively mandated through the Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan with regards to pornography.. They were suicide pilots, yes? Imperial Japan conquered and occupied a muchlarger part of the globe … The Nazis occupied a lot of countries during World War II – about two dozen, to be slightly more precise. What to do (help those in need like the nurses) and what not to do (most everything done by the war criminals). This was more than a month after the battle of Okinawa ended (June 21st). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. What to do (help those in need like the nurses) and what not to do (most everything done by the war criminals). That's why it's such a noteworthy aspect. But that said, my textbooks still did not mention Unit 731 / the rape of Nanking, and those books were used by all (or most) schools in Japan. I am a 48 year old German, born in 1968 and raised in the southern part of the free state of Bavaria. What they didn't know and I might add there was a fundamental misunderstanding of western thought by the Japanese or they never would have considered a first strike on Pearl Harbor an option; was that this sort of behavior only justifies escalation to the west. A lot of other stuff does too, but the bombers are what you asked about. I'm not sure that most folks would consider the pilots themselves evil but what they did and how they did it certainly was. On 26 July, Allied leaders issued the Potsdam Declaration outlining terms of surrender for Japan. But how do the United States and Japan, and the rest of the world for that matter, teach this seminal event so many decades after the world witnessed this incredible display of … On the other hand, we spent the entire week of August 6-9 talking about the bombing of Hiroshima (those are the days the bombs were dropped). War has rules, suicide bombing breaks those rules. Because even though the Japanese army did terrible things, not everyone in it was terrible. And at the end of they day the important part was to respect the lessons learned from their lives. Unlike certain other axis belligerents, Japan has shown no intention of apologising for its acts in World War II and its pre-war aggression into neighbouring countries. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. I'm actually still a little confused about why non-Japanese people think the kamikaze program was so evil. As far as I understand, a lot of the time the soldiers were forced into 'volunteering' for the position, and they died crashing a plane into enemy lines. why did they attack the US? Leaflet texts were prepared by recent Japanese prisoners of war because they were thought to be the best choice "to appeal to their compatriots. "I'm not really sure what to do … Spent most of my elementary life and some of my middle school life in the US, went to middle school in Japan. Like, Why WW2 took place. Many Japanese cities suffered terrible damage from aerial bombings, some even 97% destruction. Because an unknown number of them were not Japanese. The atomic bomb was not mentioned in the communiqué. Japanese kids in high schools learn the entire history of the world (more than 2,000 years) in 1 year. The Kamikaze program started when the war was already essentially lost by Japan and Japan was just doing everything it could to save face and negotiate the best possible surrender terms. If anything people feel bad for the pilots in those situations, as far as I've seen anyway. But one thing I feel pretty certain about is that the Japanese weren't taking America seriously. Hell, the Cold War, something that lasted 45+ years, was a blip at the end because we ran out of time to cover it. I've previously heard that the subject isn't taught in many schools. Final note: I went to a public Japanese school in America. And the Japanese were throwing lives away on both sides with the Kamikaze for no understandable reason (at least as far as they were concerned). Sending a hundred thousand men to their deaths and allowing 40-150 thousand civilians to be killed as well for a war you've already lost. Come to think of it, my class spent as much time covering the War of 1812 as it did WW2. But not so many. In general, the Japanese regarded the leaflet messages as truthful, however, anyone who was caught in possession of a leaflet was arrested by the Japanese government. Much like any subject where there is room for interpretation of the material on the part of the instructor, you could take a lesson on the same topic at two different academic institutions and learn two entirely different perspectives. (My grandfather actually fought in China in WW2, but he never talked about it so I didn't know anything except what was taught in schools.). The allies took sixty five thousand casualties (about 12,500 dead) in that battle (the last major battle of the war) and the Japanese threw a hundred thousand soldiers at them and over ninety percent of those soldiers died, killed themselves or committed kamikaze attacks. I would be glad to hear the explanation why they are considered so evil, as I don't really understand this. Under 創氏改名 policy (soushi kaimei), Koreans in Korea and Japan were forced to take on Japanese names. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Japan ww2 map from nationalww2museum 9. We celebrated with cold asahi super dry. Not many people thought suicide bombers as evil or vile, but they were most definitely shocking. We spent more time going over America in the 1800s, and at that mostly farming, slavery, the Cotton Gin, etc. Burma and then Borneo. There are different estimates but somewhere between 40-150 thousand civilians were killed in the crossfire. what i'm curious about is what do they teach about the reason the war started in the first place. unit 731 basically biological weapons testing group... tested chemicals on prisoners of war and in habitants of occupied territory, killed many many people, many cases cruel and slowly. I went to a Japanese school from elementary to high school, and as far as I remember we were not taught about the rape of Nanking, or Unit 731. Lol, yeah for no reasons whatsoever right? Emperor Hirohito's speech accepting Japanese defeat in World War Two remains a sensitive topic in the region 70 years later, as John Swenson-Wright explains. After this comment I'm going to look up Unit 731, because I've never even heard of it. It's pretty white washed. The worst part is, they're painting that crap in a rosy light decades after as the last of the people who remember that shit--both Japanese and non-Japanese--are dying off and young, impressionable, naive teens are growing up. The National WWII Museum is here to help you explore the history and lessons of World War II with your students. So even though we used the same standardized textbooks as the rest of Japan, and had Japanese teachers and administrators, my school is probably very different from Japanese schools in Japan. For several months, the US had dropped more than 63 million leaflets across Japan, warning civilians of air raids. Press J to jump to the feed. Well we still learn the France of Vichy here in France so i think that the Japanese people are still talking about it ...???!!! Now I wasn't the most attentive of students, but at the very most those events were probably just mentioned in our classes, never talked about in detail. It probably helps that the kamikaze's were largely attacking military targets, whereas suicide bombers are often attacking civilians. A class differs depending on a teacher, but they do not learn history of a prejudiced view. Some people do state that Japan was "pushed into the war" through geopolitical tactics (Yasukuni Shrine stuff), but that is disputed. Wrong. He thanked me on behalf of my country for using nuclear weapons, thereby ending the war and saving his life. The kids were SO excited for our answers and had clearly been learning about the bombings in school at a very young age. I don’t know much, but I can add a little. Japanese Redditors - what were you taught about world war 2? ", They were only following orders at the end of the day. Of course, this will all depend on where you study and who happens to be teaching. Meh, I think the rape of Nanking and Unit 731 is almost forbidden knowledge or something. It's my understanding that later on in the war, a large portion of "kamikaze pilots" were just regular Zero pilots who weren't informed they didn't have enough fuel to make a return trip. And so did the other countries. Air Force? To be honest, no one really cares too much anymore. This japan ww2 map is being packed with 10 cool pics. Ok how you like some nukes then?". r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. There have been a lot of documentaries on the war and the decision to use the nukes. The statement was taken by both Japanese and foreign papers as a clear rejection of the declaration. Not to mention more than a few documentaries, college courses and History Channel specials along the way. But while the geographic scope of Hitler’s reach in WWII seems pretty big – extending from Norway all the way down to Morocco – the truth is that most of the Fourth Reich’s “possessions” were fairly nominal. do they try to justify it? etc, Well some of them major history in colleges and learn more. My husband and I were in Hiroshima 2 summers ago. No one avoided becoming a victim of WWII. Japan was definitely portrayed as the victims in our classes. So from the conversations I had there, I got the feeling that the overall sentiment is somewhere along the lines of, "Yes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Questions were like, “why did you come to the peace park?” And “how can we achieve peace” and “where are you from?”. They didn’t have a choice of else their receive a similar punishment to their prisoners. I was hoping reddit could give some insight on the matter. Don’t forget to check all of these gallery to not miss anything by clicking on thumbnail gallery below! Cookies help us deliver our Services. For example, although Germany sent troops t… So they do not have time to learn, or for schools to teach them, "why" in just one event like WW2. He eventually explained that he had been a pilot training during the war, and that he was slated to have been a kamikaze pilot in a matter of weeks.. We were at the Peace Park, which is a memorial to the bombing and has evidence of the bombing. It was a very even-handed class, one that did not feel overly biased toward or against Japan. Iwo Jima. It becomes harder to erase history as students get older so university textbooks are more accurate yet still try to portray the Japanese people and the emperor as victims. Most if not all the atrocities committed by Japan have been omitted from grade school and secondary school textbooks. We learned what caused it to happen including the sino-Japanese war and the Russo-Japanese … Emperor Hirohito, who was waiting for a Soviet reply to non-committal Japanese peace feelers, made no move to change the government position. My school is considered one of the better ones around, our graduation rate is what you would expect in a suburb (98 to 99%) but WW2 was barely touched. Miss Universe Japan Ariana Miyamoto is reflected on mirrors as she works out at a gym in Tokyo on April 1. The terms they were trying to negotiate were somewhat ridiculous in the face of what they and the Nazi's had done (or rather I should say the way they were going about it... a weak inquiry by the powerless royal family through a Russian intermediary is hardly a step towards peace) and America and the allies were coming with a full head of steam after defeating Hitler. The Japanese’s soldiers brutally killed, raped, and slaughtered twice as many people that died in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki combined. The war is taught with almost complete neutrality here on Okinawa (not sure about mainland Japan.) More than a month after they lost one of their main prefectures, a hundred thousand soldiers and tens of thousands civilians: Japanese Navy? It's a whole 'nother thing to force people you've basically enslaved into it, then obfuscating the true figures for the sake of preserving patriotism. War is bad, and we need to learn not to make those mistakes again. Then the emporer made the Americans leave. why did they declare war on china? Why do people call it the "rape of Nanking" when it's Nanjing? I get that the spelling wasn't officially changed until the pinyin reform but why is that particular event still called by it's anachronistic name? Went with my Japanese GF to visit her grandfather a few years ago in Tohoku, very nice guy. In March 2013, Japanese textbook publisher Shimizu Shoin was permitted by MEXT to publish the statements that, "Orders from Japanese soldiers led to Okinawans committing group suicide," and, "The [Japanese] army caused many tragedies in Okinawa, killing local civilians and forcing them to commit mass suicide. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Result, received war amnesty if they handed over all their data, outrage by both Chinese government (still exists today) also knowledge of the hazardous effects of chemicals in contact to human... in one sense a good thing for humanity today, but looking back a terrible cost in human lives that should have never occurred. I understand completely why they used them. Japan ww2 map from thesoundingline 8. They completely ignore the rape of Nanking? America nuked us. Many of the volunteers teaching the classes were wives of … The government used those men as a cudgel to try and force their way out of the war with some semblance of their country remaining as they knew it. Recent polls show that there's growing ignorance around the world about the Holocaust, the systemic murder of 6 million Jews in Europe at the center of the Adolf Hitler's plans. Call of Duty: WWII is a first-person shooter video game developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision. Japanese history textbook controversies involve controversial content in one of the government-approved history textbooks used in the secondary education of Japan. In their place I'd probably do the same. Whatcha think... awkward? Then the US comitted war crimes by nuking Japan twice after the war was already over. After watching several documentaries about Japan in WW2, about the kamikaze program, the rape of Nanking and the atrocities that took place in Unit 731, one thing that stood out to me was that despite all of this many Japanese are taught and still believe that Japan was a victim of WW2 and "not an aggressor". I took a class on Modern Japanese history (read: Meiji restoration to post-WWII) at a pretty well-known university in Tokyo. They were feared, and hated simply because they were the enemy, but also somewhat admired for their dedication. However, at least in present-day Japan, WWII can be taught in much the same way you'd teach it elsewhere in the world. Gone. I, too, in America, was never taught about either of them. That is the mindset of a suicidal maniac. Japanese high schooler here. There are still schools that will downplay Japan's role. We never experienced willful sacrifice in war before, we were shocked, we thought that WWII was a civilized war, there was a romanticism of war that's only faded in the last century. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Japan did terrible things. From my perspective, they seem more like a group to be pitied than hated. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Utilizing an object-based learning experience, educational technology, and its world-class exhibits, the Museum uses its rich collection of artifacts, archives, and oral histories to take history beyond the pages of textbooks and into the hands of curious students. ... Japan ww2 map from reddit 6. The priest explained that the pictures included war criminals alongside nurses who only tried to save lives. The weapon that can't be beaten is always more evil than the one that pits equals against each other with a fighting chance. Eventually the teacher gave them instructions and let them go in groups of 5 around the park, each with a chaperone. It depends on the academic level, the institution, and the professor. Japan's militarist nationalists never really went away after World War II, they just bided their time and waited for the day when they would be able to return to power. After watching several documentaries about Japan in WW2, about the kamikaze program, the rape of Nanking and the atrocities that took place in Unit 731, one thing that stood out to me was that despite all of this many Japanese are taught and still believe that Japan was a … And while westerners may not have the same grasp of honor that many Asian cultures do one thing westerners have always valued is life. So from the conversations I had there, I got the feeling that the overall sentiment is somewhere along the lines of, "Yes. Okinawa (called the Ryukyuan Kingdom then) was its own sovereign nation until it became a tributary of China between the 1400s-1600s (various kingdoms falling slowly until the main dynasty based out of Shuri was overthrown.) Then North korea saved us. Only in recent years it seems has that been changing a little bit, with them getting conflated with the suicide bombings in the middle east, and the view that it is cowardly. How is WW2 taught in Japan. as for the kamikaze i don't really think of them as evil, just really fanatical. Before Pearl Harbor, the Japanese had already began imperial expansion in China (1937) and in other territories and islands. And even the Japanese admit that they Japanese Army caused most of the Civilian deaths at Okinawa. Kamikaze was seen as evil because it was a fruitless, forced destruction that could not change anything. I just replied that I was glad he was alive, and by extension that my girlfriend was alive as well. I did not actually know what Unit 731 was until I just looked it up. Nuked us again. They went running up to all the non-Japanese people they could find to ask questions. Source: I have a Korean grandfather who grew up under that crap and I lived in Japan and Korea for a total of six years when I was pretty young. On 28 July Japanese papers reported that the declaration had been rejected by the Japanese government. I haven't actually heard a lot of vilification for them in my experience. Especially after Okinawa. Background. The controversies primarily concern the Japanese nationalist efforts to whitewash the actions of the Empire of Japan during World War II. Only Kamikaze left... and they still showed no sign of taking surrender seriously. And so did the other countries. Like it was written by 4chan for the lulz. Another serious issue is the constitutionality of the governmentally-approved textbook depictions of World War II, Japanese war crimes, and Japanese … For what it's worth, when I was younger I took part in a religious ceremony at a Shinto temple dedicated to those who died in World War 2. The Solomon Islands. Post WW2, we experienced the benefits of capitalism and experienced a huge growth in the economy. Each child had a question on their sign they were directed to ask, and then a sticker for the tourist to put an answer on whatever multiple choice answer. It was presented as an ultimatum and stated that without a surrender, the Allies would attack Japan, resulting in "the inevitable and complete destruction of the Japanese armed forces and just as inevitably the utter devastation of the Japanese homeland". They also were very excited when my husband put a sticker on the US and I think they whispered to each other something like that’s the country that bombed us. My understanding is that they refused to rotate out their good pilots, the good pilots were killed off, and nobody was alive to train the replacements well. It's one thing to "encourage volunteering" for suicide missions within your own people. Then the US declared war and Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in self defense. The Kamikaze are considered an evil. I'm actually still a little confused about why non-Japanese people think the kamikaze program was so evil. I don't think anyone but the president and maybe MacArthur really know why they decided to do it. Why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Disgusting. China started the war, then the Japanese army were able to advance into China. We were there early in the morning, and there was a group of about 30 7 year olds sitting in a circle with their teachers and chaperones. The Empire of Japan entered World War II in September 27, 1940, by signing the Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy, though, it wasn't until the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, that the US entered the conflict. Not only did they warn the Japanese of impending destruction (though they admittedly did not spell out that nuclear bombs would be used but since they were a new and untested weapon that's not all that surprising) but then even dropped leaflets warning civilians in advance of firebombing runs. The Philippines. It's more the Japanese leadership that is hated on for the kamikazes. In Japan, students learn Japanese history from upper elementary grades. A lot of the younger folks here seem to think that the emperor was trying to negotiate some sort of peace treaty through an intermediary in the Russian government but I remember a documentary I saw that made that seem like it was very unofficial and could barely be called the beginnings of negotiations. Shintoism has a aspect of honoring your ancestors, so they had a memorial with pictures of many who had died in the war. I haven't gotten the impression that people blame Kamikaze pilots for their actions, but instead the Japanese military itself for utilizing them. Press J to jump to the feed. WWII was like drowning and after what the Japanese pulled on Okinawa there was no way that America was going to accept anything but total surrender and all signs from what the Japanese did at Okinawa pointed to them having no intention of surrendering. And I can assure you, that the history lessons in the schools can`t be further away from a “We lost” mentality. "Oh you're going to suicide attack my navy just to see how much damage you can do before we blockade your entire nation? "Some Japanese guys found out which school I used to work at and now, I am being pressured to take down the 'Racism in Japan' video," Dezaki posted on Reddit. During World War II, why did the Japanese refuse orders from Nazi Germany, its wartime ally, to kill all the Jews within its borders? Japan did terrible things. Loss after loss. I had to say that it wasn’t very great.

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