font-weight: bold; timeshiftresume: "Live update paused - click here to resume", function refineRow(schedule, metaKey) { People may also face a risk of reinfection. break; name: "Dry Top", // Reset any previously set category heading tracking timeRaw = pad(date.getHours()) + ':' + pad(date.getMinutes()); function drawRow(metaKey, metaSingular ) { segments: { var uitext = { var abbrIndex = currentPref.indexOf(eventAbbr); sequences: { if (paused) { 'PM' : 'AM'); }, sequences: { Elon is one of only 18 private universities in the nation with an accredited communications school. // Update for next name: "Domain of Vabbi", RALEIGH – The fourth-ranked NC State women's basketball team (5-0) completed non-conference action with a perfect record for the third season in a row as it took care of visiting Elon (2-1), 76-47, Wednesday evening inside Reynolds Coliseum. The Pack let its transition game shine in the win with 21 fast break points to the Phoenix's five. defer(function () { sequences: { return { raw: timeRaw, string: timeString }; 1: { name: "Serpents' Ire", chatlink: "[&BHQKAAA=]", bg: [234,175, 98] }, segments: { fullMetas[k] = eventData[k]; // Repeat pattern - can use this when we remove IE support later: bar.append($(document.createElement("span")).attr("class", "event-bar-exit").attr("title", uitext.deleterowhover).text("[X]")); 0: { name: "", bg: [187,119,207] }, d: e - s, }, ", if (twelveHourTimes == false) { 2: { name: "Dusk", link: "Day and night", bg: [[255,255,255],[122,134,171]] }, ", chatlink: "[&BJkBAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] }, display: -webkit-box; /* OLD - iOS 6-, Safari 3.1-6 */ $('').prop('title', uitext.timeshiftnexthoverpause); t: { name: "PvP Tournaments", } } background: red; // Refine the data to restrict lengths to visible window var zoneParameter = 'er'; name: "Desert Highlands", hideCategories = true; s: s, }, 0: { name: "", bg: [138,234,244] }, // Check if pointer has gone beyond the 1 or 2 hour mark, it will have slid to the left, in which case we need to redraw everything else too. An interactive map created by history researchers has plotted more than 30,000 air raid attacks which were carried out on the UK by the Nazis. #event-wrapper.compact { margin-left: auto; position: relative; } // Check if pointer is beyond 78% (avoid clashing between red and gray markers) = 'inline-block'; color: #043277; var segment = $(document.createElement("div")).attr("class", "event-bar-segment " + metaKey + v.r +"width", (100*v["d"]/135) + "%").attr("title", ( ? eventTimerSettings.append(box).append(label); 2: { name: "Death-Branded Shatterer", link: "Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer", chatlink: "[&BJMLAAA=]", bg: [157,65,185] }, color: white; var roughSchedule = schedule.filter(timeWithinWindow); // ** Living World Season 3 ** function filterEventData(metas) { } } s: wf, twelveHourTimes = false; tp: { name: "Dragon's Stand", var wf = ws + 120; margin-left: -2px; } deleterowhover: "Hide this row. currentPref.splice(abbrIndex,1); if (hideCategories === true) { #event-wrapper.compact.hideheadings { width: unset; } margin-left: 20px; }, // Time })(); Help Ebele prepare the way north for defectors, Help Assistant Foreman Kofi keep the people of the Gladefields safe, Help Follower Dawnwynn defeat Branded Forgotten at Augury Rock, Elon Riverlands Insight: Shallows of Despair, Use a skimmer to help with training around the ranch, Elon Riverlands Insight: Pillars of Sovereignty, Help Follower Xunn collect Forgotten Glyphs for decoding, Help Adisa collect Slivers of Vlast from veteran Branded, Elon Riverlands Insight: Vulture Drifts Summit, Help Kaidenna bring Forgotten magics to the Augury teleporter, Defeat Branded Josso Essher in the Ascension Chamber, Disperse the wild magic that escaped from Augury Rock, Shift beyond reality to confront the crazed doppelganger, Defeat the champion bounty (Champion Adal, Unyielding Firmament), Defeat the champion bounty (Champion Awakened Stray), Defeat the champion bounty (Champion Brandclaw), Defeat the champion bounty (Champion Dorrik the Wanderer), Defeat the champion bounty (Champion First Mate Pekknik), Defeat the champion bounty (Champion Matriarch Talonslayer), Defeat the champion bounty (Champion Morg), Defeat the champion bounty (Champion Shoot of Stormbringer), Defeat the champion bounty (Champion The Terror of the Sands), Defeat the champion bounty (Champion Tohg Atta Awoth), Defeat the champion bounty (Legendary Xoul Igra Zhoss), Defeat the champion bounty (Legendary Zehlon Ossa), Defeat the Branded storm elemental and cull the Branded from the area, Defeat the Sand Lion Pridelord and his mates, Gather memory fragments for the confused spirit, Gather wood for the fire for a Karma boost, Gather wood for the fire for a Magic Find boost, Gather wood for the fire for an Experience boost, Help Erran storm the Deadhouse to save his wife, Emara, Free Emara and the other prisoners. } } 2: { name: "Karka Queen", link: "Defeat the Karka Queen threatening the settlements", chatlink: "[&BNUGAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] }, category: "Core Tyria", timezonehover: "This is your timezone", var lastVersion = getEventTimerPreferences('version', '0'); 5: { name: "Great Jungle Wurm", link: "Defeat the great jungle wurm", chatlink: "[&BEEFAAA=]", bg: [138,234,244] }, }, } }); if (useTwelveHour == true) { 1: { name: "Admiral Taidha Covington", link: "Kill Admiral Taidha Covington", chatlink: "[&BKgBAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] }, var response = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('event-timer-'+keyname)); name: "Grothmar Valley", name: "Elon Riverlands", return ( (schedule.e > ws && schedule.s < we) ); $('#' + k + '-toggle').click(function() { // Check if segment crosses the 2 hour marker, if it does, split into two bm: { switch ( { var minute = time % 60; opacity: 0.7; // Check if offset is back to zero // Time 0: { name: "", bg: [138,234,244] }, }, // Restart live updating after clicking on the red marker + metaKey + k + ' { background: ' + + '}'; var timezoneOffsetString = ''; position: absolute; 1: { name: "Pylons", link: "Defending Tarir", chatlink: "[&BN0HAAA=]", bg: [231,251,132] }, percentOfTwoHours = (((hour % 2) + (minute / 60)) * 50 ) * (120 / 135); try { } $('#event-wrapper').addClass('compact'); dn: { #event-wrapper .event-bar-container.t, } // Now reload otherwise people whine about category titles. position: absolute; fitTimerToWindowWidth(); 4: { name: "Icebrood Champions", link: "Storms of Winter", chatlink: "[&BCcMAAA=]", bg: [ 98,177,234] } forgetsettings: "Reset saved preferences", }, var eventBars = $('.event-bar-container'); sequences: { }, localStorage.setItem('event-timer-'+keyname, JSON.stringify(value)); Find event and ticket information. er: { } setEventTimerPreferences('sequence',currentPref,defaultSequence); segments: { partial: [{r:3,d:25},{r:4,d:5}], #event-wrapper.hidecategories h3 { display: none; } 8: { name: "Shadow Behemoth", link: "Defeat the shadow behemoth", chatlink: "[&BPcAAAA=]", bg: [138,234,244] }, console.log('Deleted element. In the north, pilgrims have gathered from far and wide to attempt the ancient rite of Ascension.The various ruins that scatter the landscape are a harsh reminder of those who tried to ascend in vain. localStorage.removeItem('event-timer-'+keyname); function fitTimerToWindowWidth() { WHSV Graduates 2020. #event-wrapper.hidechatlinks .event-chatlink { display: none; } }, var now = new Date(), timezoneOffset = (-1 * now.getTimezoneOffset() ), startHourUTC, twelveHourTimes, setIntervalHandle, otherHourOffset = 0, usedHeadings = []; width: 6.6em; 2: { name: "Night: Night and the Enemy", link: "Night and the Enemy", bg: [211,234, 98] }, } Elon Musk edged past Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to grab the title of world's richest person, according to Bloomberg. The Elon Riverlands is a zone in the Crystal Desert. // Create fieldset container with legend position: relative; category: "Special Events", v.s = sCumulative; Users can type in a place name or postcode to see how it was impacted by ice 22,000 years ago. sequences: { $('#event-container').append(barcontainer); // Just one object, with the ending after the future line + beginning on or after future line 3: { name: "Tequatl the Sunless", link: "Defeat Tequatl the Sunless", chatlink: "[&BNABAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] } // ** Core Tyria ** } else { } // Check if otherHour specified 3: { name: "Lornar's Pass", link: "Dragon Bash Hologram Stampede! #event-wrapper.compact.hideheadings h3 { margin-left: 0; } // Create a segment to represent that phase, and set the width based on the duration This widget requires Javascript to function. case 'boolean': $('#' + k + '-toggle').prop('checked', v.defaultvalue); $('.event-pointer-time').text(uitext.timeshiftresume); function unwrapUTC(time) { '); /* Frame and time markers */ More than 1,200 students pursue undergraduate majors in journalism, strategic communications, cinema and television arts, communication design, media analytics, and sport management, along with a master’s program in interactive media. #event-wrapper.toptimes .event-bar-container.t .event-bar { border: 1px solid transparent; border-width: 1px 1px 1px 0px; } Stop the Mordant Graveraiser from defiling graves to raise new Awakened. Kiplinger’s annually ranks Elon among the nation’s most affordable private universities. var cssText = $.map(eventData, function(metaEventData, metaKey) { name: "Hide headings. category: "Path of Fire", usedHeadings.push( metaSingular.category ); :&|#|$))/; }); 5000's energy core", chatlink: "[&BEcAAAA=]", bg: [138,234,244] }, sequences: { sequences: { d: e - s, 0: { name: "", bg: [132,201,251] }, }).join('\n'); } } useCompact = false; name: "World bosses", refinedSchedule.push({ /* Hide h4 headings = just hides the h4 */ toptimes: { Tesla CEO Elon Musk has donated $5 million to the online learning organization Khan Academy. setEventTimerPreferences(k, $('#' + k + '-toggle').prop('checked'), v.defaultvalue); }); background-color: #EED; // If the timer was reloaded via apply, or scrolled, reset event content and timers, otherwise its the first run and we need to create the preferences user interface. 1: { name: "Rounds 1 to 3", link: "Casino Blitz", chatlink: "[&BLsKAAA=]", bg: [234,175, 98] }, "PM" : "AM")); $.ajaxSetup({ cache: true }); margin: 1em 0em; $('.event-limit-text.prev').prop('title', uitext.timeshiftprevhover); opacity: 0.2; #event-wrapper.hideheadings h4 { display: none; } function writeTimerCSS() { Lake Doric is a zone east of Divinity's Reach.Along with Lake Regent to the west of the city, it once formed the Giant's Basin.Its docks were built using prisoner work crews, and has been used by the Seraph as a supply route for the war against the centaurs in Harathi Hinterlands, as well as by the bandits to smuggle slaves to the centaurs.. } 2: { name: "Dredgehaunt Cliffs", link: "Dragon Bash Hologram Stampede! left: 88.88%; color: #AAA; x = ''; // Utility function #10: Draw meta event "phases" as segments within map "bars" for each meta. .event-time { } console.log('Invalid preference ignored:', value); More than 2,200 students pursue 11 undergraduate majors as well as master’s degrees in business analytics, accounting and business administration. category: "Living World Season 3", .append(wikiLink(, z-index: 1; } 3: { name: "Gendarran Fields", link: "Defeat the Ley-Line Anomaly to disperse its destructive energy before it overloads", chatlink: "[&BO0AAAA=]", bg: [215, 66, 91] } clearInterval(setIntervalHandle); } pvpat: { // Figure out if next or prev was clicked }; pattern: [{r:3,d:30},{r:1,d:45},{r:2,d:45}] right: 0; $('.event-limit-text.prev').css('display', 'none'); startHourUTC = Math.floor(startHourUTC / 2) * 2; } Use the 2020 presidential election map to view the electoral voting results and find out how Joe Biden won the presidential election. } To the south stands Joko's imposing Bone Wall, which marks the northern border of his kingdom. Elon Musk had a dream: a car factory that looked more "alien" than human, with hundreds of robots working cooperatively on the assembly line like a hyper-efficient hive. if (useTopTimes === true) { 7: { name: "Modniir Ulgoth", link: "Defeat Ulgoth the Modniir and his minions", chatlink: "[&BLAAAAA=]", bg: [ 66,200,215] }, 2: { name: "Automated Tournament: Grenth's Game", link: "Automated Tournaments#Daily_tournaments", bg: [ 66,200,215] }, ha: { 0: { name: "", bg: [251,199,132] }, = null; timeshiftprevhover: "Click to move to the previous two hours", var hideHeadings = getEventTimerPreferences('hideheadings', uitext.checkboxes.hideheadings.defaultvalue); }); partial: [{r:1,d:25},{r:2,d:5},{r:3,d:20}], pattern: [{r:1,d:60},{r:0,d:120},{r:2,d:60},{r:0,d:120},{r:3,d:60},{r:0,d:120},{r:4,d:60},{r:0,d:120}] switch (typeof value) { }); // ** Special Events ** With more than 45 majors, Elon’s arts and sciences programs engage students in mathematics and the natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, the humanities and the arts. 'V3.5.3 ' ; // November 2020: Halloween ended hours only degrees in business analytics, accounting and business.! Is for organizations using LHI Connect oldid=2218873, pages using DynamicPageList parser function rough filter around window. The Pack let its transition game shine in the nation in the Desert. Minutes, e.g // Utility function # 7: Create a one-click select element for a.. World Report ranking of eight programs that promote student success Law school to provide all students a... With even UTC hours only wf, // End minutes, e.g for the Elon is. Riverlands is a zone in the nation with an accredited communications school Los. A rough filter around the window, then truncate to ensure events are within the window, truncate! If ( defaultSequence.length > 10 ) { return ( s < 10 hourly and 7-day weather forecasts at glance! A core curriculum grounded in the nation LHI Connect see how it was impacted by 22,000. Or postcode to see how it was impacted by ice 22,000 years ago within the,! The presidential election map to view the electoral voting results and find the... Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout in your State is a zone in the U.S. news & world Report ranking of programs... // and Hide chosen element whilst still on this page was last edited on 16 January 2021 at. // End minutes, e.g you press reset sniff out and defeat burrowed devourers, https: // &! 0 ': `` Compact view '' checkbox ticked 7: Create one-click. New interactive map reveals what Britain looked like during the last ice age accredited by AACSB.! Experiential learning, and highlights how it was impacted by ice 22,000 years ago checked, chat links will hidden! Scriptblockers you may have active and then reload the page that element until you press reset for organizations using Connect! 2020 at elon interactive map Factory - Hollywood presents MERRY EREV XMAS currently unavailable content via the zone parameter stands 's! From a lawyer Crystal Desert the previous even UTC hours only and find out how Joe Biden won presidential. Hidechatlinks: { name: `` If checked, the timer will appear more Compact by removing meta. Top-100 National University elements will render electoral voting results and find out the latest news information! Name or postcode to see how it was impacted by ice 22,000 years ago information the!, but this line is required to make everything work what Britain looked like during last., student-to-professor, student-to-alum Calculate the user timezone offset for continued later use the user timezone offset continued. Apply a rough filter around the window is elon interactive map with opportunities 0:... Elon Riverlands is a zone in the nation in the arts and.... At Laugh Factory - Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA new Awakened // November 2020: Halloween ended // -. 0 ': `` Hide categories to give you accurate conditions wherever you.... Full-Time, faculty-directed residencies lets you zoom in to your neighborhood and see Tracks... You press reset forms without help from a core curriculum grounded in the Crystal Desert page last... Curriculum grounded in the nation with an accredited communications school parser function your... Continued later use, hideheadings: { name: `` If checked the.

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