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PTE Describe Image Details: There are describe image PTE Tips which can be used for all describe image task in PTE academic exam. This shows that you are actually able to understand deeper meaning in the image. You have 25 seconds to observe it and need to then describe the image in about 30-40 seconds. To help you out we have listed effective PTE describe image tips & Template that will help you conquer this phase without much trouble. An integral part of a good response for describe images is the conclusion statement. Recently Asked Picture Based Answer Short Question PTE Speaking. PTE Describe Image (Pie Chart) – Model Answer. Nắm bắt được tâm lí đó của các bạn thí sinh, Luyenthipte mang đến cho bạn những mẹo thi đơn giản mà hiệu quả nhất để đạt điểm cao. Do you know you only get 40 seconds to describe an image in PTE exam? The mistake that test takers make is – they don’t use the templates properly. Our method is to use this framework: Title, x-axis; Three key features; Conclusion; PTE Describe Image Practice 1 In speaking- describe images item, you're given 15 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to speak. I am going to share with you PTE Describe image template tips get 79+ Describe image scores. Your email address will not be published. May 27, 2019 PTE APEUni. PTE Describe Image Template This is the section which directly contributes all it’s point to speaking section. Required fields are marked *. To stay updated with more PTE Describe Image Format Examples with Answers, like us on Facebook. PTE Describe image is one of the challenging tasks in PTE speaking. They are extremely scoring and are very easy to score. Step 1- Overview – The image shows a beautiful city by the water or you can even say the image shows tall buildings by the waterfront. The age group in the range of 18-24 age had the maximum smokers, whereas people belonging to 65+ smoked the least. They seem are watching 3D Movie in theatre as they are wearing 3D gla… Tags: bar graph, Describe image, pie chart, template, Template for Bar/Pie and Line Graph. It measures your speaking abilities in addition to your skill to assume on your feet. These are possibly office buildings. You are given 25 seconds to prepare. For example, if a line is raising in a graph till midway then started falling, point it out. Describe Image Template: The following format has helped many students to score higher in Describe Image. Start with the bigger details and then move on to smaller ones. 0 69 2 minutes read. When you go about constructing a response for describing PTE image, there is a structure that you have to follow. Recently Asked PTE Repeat Sentence-2. You don’t have to dissect the meaning of the image etc. Talking about something is better than nothing. PTE Describe Image Template for 90 – Map| PTE Speaking Tips . Describe Image process contributes only for your PTE speaking ranking (speaking, pronunciation and … In the very beginning, you should give the overview of the image. You will have about 20 seconds to prepare the response and then another 30~40 seconds to … Describe Image - PTE In PTE, one of the most daunting tasks which test-takers face is how to tackle the describe image section. Two of the crucial enabling skills which this task need is the oral fluency and pronunciations. Try to talk about at least two to three key points. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); PTE Describe Image Format Step By Step Help. In conclusion, the photo brilliantly captures the beauty of this city by the water. As you know, this series is gonna unpack all 20 questions from the PTE, with examples and breakdowns of how to answer the question. Most templates you come across will have a generic conclusion statement. Generally, they are 6-7 repetition of this item type. That is why, it is important to memorize the template. Hi guys, it’s Max from Sydney PTE Academy, and we are continuing our Quick Tips video series. is very beautiful and there is a pier with a small wooden structure on it. PTE Describe image template tips get 79+ Describe image scores Today. The reason being you only have to speak for 40 seconds only, therefore, your response should be simple and straight to the point which is also the key to score high grades. The most important tips for PTE Speaking Describe image are to practice and be prepared with the template. In PTE Speaking Describe image, the candidate has to describe the displayed image within just 40 seconds, which surely is not an easy task. Since we have already spoken about three key points in detail. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUpon Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Odnoklassniki Pocket. A test-taker is allowed about 25 seconds to study a given image/graph, and prepare their response. We can just go to the conclusion. PTE Exam Describe Image Task is not all about content. This also depends on how much time you have left. Template Describe Image Description The table looks at the correlation between the people who smoke cigarettes belonging to different age groups. PTE | Describe Image Template. Tips to remember for describe image: – It is not important to speak for 40 seconds. # 4. PTE Describe Image – Useful Tips. The image shows a beautiful city by the water. They are doing __. Bạn vừa bắt đầu ôn thi và đang chưa biết phải làm thế nào để làn bài thi Describe Image Template for 84+. Pronunciation and fluency are more important factors of your speaking score. There will be around 7 different images displayed in this section including but not limited to line charts, pie chart, bar charts, image with facts, multiple tables, flowcharts, process diagrams, etc. There are several modern tall skyscrapers in the photo with some smaller structures in the front. This time, delving into the writing. Part 2 of PTE Describe Image will provide example questions that allow you to practice the 4-sentence formula. Speak naturally with correct pronunciation and correct English. As we know that Describe image is a part of Speaking. PTE – Describe Image Templates to Achieve High Score. Many people believe that “Describe Image” is one of the most difficult aspects of the PTE Speaking exam, but in reality, this is one of the easiest section of this exam.. In this article, we explain PTE Describe Image Format. Answer – This graph represents the climate at backside farm in Cumbria. Jan 8, 2020 - In this article, we are going to prepare PTE describe image template that will assist you to prepare 60% of the response to the describe image task. Pte Describe Image Template. This question type is the 3rd one in the Speaking Section. To implement these tips, you can use your free PTE mock test with evaluation. Even if you don’t understand anything from the image or graph, you should try to speak as much as possible using good English vocabulary and fluency. There will be 6 PTE describe image in the PTE exam, however, if you wish to practice just this question, you can opt for PTE question-wise practice test. Sample: Model Answer (Given by Effekt Media): Try to draw some comparisons or highlight any trends. About. Since you already know how to begin and end your response, you won’t have to spend time figuring that out. This you can get from the title, axis, keys and just generally looking at the image. PTE Describe Image (Bar Diagram) – Model Answer. Check it out: Introduction + background sentence + point 1 + point 2 + conclusion. Even saying something like, in conclusion, the graph shows the most popular countries is better than not saying anything. If there are two – high bar and low bar graph, you can compare them. Describe Image Study Guide. Do not STOP speaking. One can also see. Pronunciation and fluency are more important factors of your speaking score. # 2. After the time ends, the test-taker has 40 seconds to record his/her audio response through the microphone, covering all the important points. Previous: Speaking: Re-tell Lecture. Feel free to leave a comment suggesting what tip I should talk about next or what your biggest business struggle!#sonnyenglish #justasksonny #pteacademic Total 7 or 8 images PTE Speaking – Describe image. Step 2 – In the next step, talk about some key points –.

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