Experimental Design: Single-Subject (N=1) Research. Developmental psychologists use experimental methods to study how people grow through childhood and over the course of a lifetime. an introduction to experimental psychology Nov 23, 2020 Posted By James Michener Public Library TEXT ID e42e6238 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library objectives describe the experimental process including ways to control for bias identify and differentiate … Experimental psychologists and scientists all believe in the same basic four principles. Read recent issues. Psychology Definition of EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY: Studying behaviour, motive, cognition in a laboratory or experimental setting. Generalization, Explanation, and Prediction in Psychology. Experimental psychology explores basic concepts such as memory and motivation in areas such as child, social, and educational psychology. PDF. During his time at NASA, his work focused on the user experience — on land and in space — where he applied his expertise to cockpit system displays, navigation systems and safety displays used by astronauts in NASA spacecraft. Almost all experimental psychology work is carried out in controlled environments like research laboratories. The Experimental Method