At the top of the platform there are also two more normal mercs. Decide to help the merc for some hefty dark side points. However, Zherron is reinstated when the mercenaries reveal their plans for attack. Return to Dobo's shop and return the medical supplies to him. Defense/Attack of Khoonda When you have completed all of the other quests return to Administrator Adare (or the Mercenaries) to prepare for the defense (Light Side) or attack (Dark Side) on Khoonda. All you have to do to complete this quest is witness the two leaving the office and then tell the lieutenant that you killed them. You can attack them through the walls with force lightning. As you enter the main hall where Jana Lorso works you will face another group of mercenaries. Board the Ebon Hawk and take off for another destination. When you run low on health and force power queue health replenishing items along with a shield like the Mandelorian melee shield. The attack destroyed much of the Jedi Enclave, leaving only the sublevel partially intact. Bao-Dur will not take kindly to this behavior and your influence with him will drop if you ignore his complaints. A Western Fringe farmer was attempting to reach Khoonda with a load of atmospheric sensors when he … When Darth Malak destroyed the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine in 3956 BBY, the settler community of this relatively recently colonized planet found itself deprived of any support. , Travel to the docking bay. Use either intimidation or Jedi mind tricks to get past her and further into the exchange. Next, start out the battle by lobbing some powerful grenades (plasma works well) into the three oncoming handmaidens. I want to be light side and confront his men. After this conversation you choose to rest again and the communications console will ring again. Has anyone encountered this? Android iOS (iPhone/iPad) ... Mercenaries will attack the Ithorians Complex. Threaten him and then take his life to earn dark side points. He will use his prosthetic arm to open the door. The door down the hall will now be open. True, the mercenaries wanted to collect the bounty on Jedi, but that still doesn't justify the attack on the settlement. Kreia's force heal command will make this battle much easier. Thanks to Hycatra for the Trouble with Gizka quest. Tell the guard outside that you have been sent by Luxa and he will allow you to pass. However: What would an Exchange boss have to gain by driving off the settlers and potentially angering the Republic? Threaten to melt him into scrap if he complains and you will be teleported directly to the Czerka offices. The medical bay is back up on Residence Module 082 West. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. First, remember that the mercenaries like to use shields, so a lot of melee attacks will be deflected. So I suppose you could say he's effectively hired himself. Sid_Starkiller 12 years ago #2 Kill Saquesh, the guards will attack without engaging the dialogue. Once you escape the planet Taris you’ll be taken to Dantooine where the Jedi enclave is located. I agree. You can also search the apartment next to this one to find a footlocker. From what you gather from Lorso, this man is in trouble with Czerka. From there the battle is as easy as the previous attack. 1. Underground Base , When you enter the base, avoid the square in the center of the room because it emits poisonous gas. After he deactivates the system, select the plant in the center of the room and take some leaves. The door to the next area is shielded, so select Bao-Dur and select the bash option. Check the terminal at the top of the platform to find the best method for obtaining the Ebon Hawk. There are 5 guards armed with blaster rifles in this battle. If not, take a character who has a high treat injury skill and use the lab station in the entrance to the ship hanger to create some. Once in the apartment, the two bounty hunters will attempt to kill you and make off with the goods. Deeper into the offices there are four more mercenaries who are accompanied by two combat droids. But I wanna hear other peoples take on these: 1. Travel to the reactor and activate it through the control panel. 2. The Ebon Hawk has been stolen and moved to the surface of Telos. In any of these cases, there is another problem: there is no evidence of any of these three groups having any interest in the planet. Don't forget to search the tank droid storage room before taking off for the polar region. Speak to the Gamorrean by the door in the next room and he will lie to Slusk and grant you access to his office. Leave the offices and take the lift to the cantina level. For those of you who feel deeply knowledgeable about the details of the story Kotor 2 tells, here are some things which I am not 100% sure I understand. If you inspect the rear of the ship it will restore the party's health for no apparent reason. A CSF officer will witness the theft and say that he is going to report the act to his superiors. So up til now in my playthroughs of Dantooine I've always killed the mercenaries in the crystal caves. Reply that you are there to kill him and he will order his guards to attack. This room also contains a computer terminal that can be used to overload the droid recharging stations. This time, an offer will come in from the Czerka Corporation offering you a job when you are released. And then...nothing. At this stage just go along with everything they say. The battle leads to the center of town where there are three more mercenaries (one is a veteran) and two heavy defense turrets on top of a platform. Contact Info ~ ~~~~~ If you have any comments, questions, or found any errors please contact me at Make sure you put in a subject and mention that the game is Star Wars: Knights … Complete Dantooine then talk to her about opening trade routes then about Dantooine. Focus on one guard at a time until they are all put down. Speak to Duros in front of the Czerka station for information on Batu Rem. In the center of the room there is a computer terminal where the turrets can be switched off and you can download a map of the facility. Speak with Jana Lorso to earn your dark side points and receive another evil quest. Just past the crash site there are three mercenaries waiting with a sentry droid. You can use the persuade command to get 50 more credits out of Lorso if your skill is high enough. Battle number 4 is against a pair of handmaidens. In the next area there are two attack droids behind a wall of mines. Around the next bend there is another sentry droid which announces the presence of three more mercenaries around the corner. Speak to the protocol droid behind the desk. You can then help the mercs (Dark Side) or defend Khoonda (Light Side) as the last thing you do on Dantooine. Either use computer spikes to shut down the security system, or if your persuade skill is high enough you can lie to the guard and convince him to give you samples of the plant. This updates your journal. The man will then approach you and ask to be escorted out of the area. Even if you are leaning towards the dark side, the small amount of light side points gained through changing the influence of a character is worth it. Pursue the line of conversation involving criminals that are loose on Telos and you will be able to collect on three bounties. Kill him and return to the Cantina to report back to Luxa. Here you will encounter Opo Chano, a technician. There are four mercenaries in the Lobby armed with blaster rifles. Press J to jump to the feed. It is possible for the player to reveal that Zherron is spying on the mercenaries to Terena Adare, causing him to be removed from his post and Berun Modrul to take his place. Speak to the Twi'lek man watching the dancers to try to win her back in another game of pazaak. The Exchange hoped to use Dantooine, which had nearly been severed from the Galactic Republic following the loss of the Jedi Enclave, as their base of smuggling operations. Travel to the Surface This area has two clues regarding the bounties given to you by the TSF general. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Use Bao-Dur to defuse them and collect the goods. There are four of them, kill the commander first and then the rest of his guards. Return to Samhan Dobo's shop to complete the quest. I have a few more questions concerning Dantooine: - I've just helped Khoonda defeat those mercenaries that attack. It is next to the control panel that overloaded the droid recharging stations. I didn't really like my planet selection on my first way round. The goal of this area is to visit the prison and release your party members. The second bounty is on two criminals that can be found in the Czerka offices. Inside this room there are some supplies and a data pad containing the ignition codes. IGN & Friends Among Us Charity Livestream, Where to Buy RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 Gaming PCs (Updated), CES 2021 Highlights: The Biggest Announcements From The Show, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. He wishes you to speak with him when you are released. Dobo must lay low for awhile and so ends you excellent adventures in smuggling. He tells you to speak with Jana Lorso at the Czerka headquarters. The Sith are hunting down the Jedi, so them having an interest in Dantooine is easy to excuse. He says that Jana Lorso has more information. These battles can be difficult and your best bet is to set the battle difficulty to easy. 1 - Exit Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1). T3-M4 can also be found at the entrance to the hanger. In the room where you meet a scientist/historian named the Disciple go to the front of the room where 3 mercenaries that are dead they have a data pad saying Vrook is … One item that is dropped is one of the four critical items that will activate the HK unit inside of the Ebon Hawk. This will open up an option to join the smugglers and earn some points towards the dark side. Before entering the game, be sure to buy some better cards from the woman near the swoop racing entry desk. This strange looking alien refers to you as general and has the ability to disrupt shields. A group of 5 thugs will enter the hanger and you will have to battle them. Use the communications console in the back of the medical facility and you will receive a message directing you to Apartment B3. Besides the handmaiden battles there is little else to do at the academy. Wanting to see what the best way/better way would be.For reference my order was Onderon (dxun) Dantooine Back to Onderon for civil war Nar Shaada Korriban Then the whole ending thing. , Speak to the secretary behind the desk and tell him that Lorso sent you to board the shuttle. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords – Cheats Xbox . Choose this option to skip a battle and earn some experience. Light side or dark side, I assumed this was the way of moving forward and went with it. Dopak was a veteran of the Mandalorian Wars and Jedi Civil War who ended up as a mercenary on Dantooine under the leadership of former elite Sith commando Azkul. Speak to Kreia about her past to see a cinema involving her and other Sith. Get ready to bust out the armor and force powers and zap the woman in white across the room. Information on this character can be obtained from the man behind the desk at docking by 3. Obviously, the last choice is the darkest. There are also items to be found at the end of the beach and among the skeletons on the southwest corner of the map. Saedhe was a Human male and a former Customs Inspector for the Galactic Republic. After defeating the group you will come across a modified assassin blaster. Then, take a left while walking down the ramp from the platform and face three more mercenaries guarding a tunnel entrance leading underground. This battle also has no restrictions so they should stand little chance against your force powers. Then disable the next force shield and fight three more military droids. However, they are primarily assassins in this game. Blast him with force powers and he will quickly fall. We know that someone or some group has hired the Dantooine mercenaries to drive out the settlers, but who would be doing that? The armory will be opened and you will have to search the lockers for all of your equipment. And then...nothing. After the battle there are two containers and a footlocker in the room that can be searched. The tank's most powerful weapon is a flame thrower. Speak to her sisters and follow the path of conversation about her knowledge of the Jedi. Okay, I'm doing the Attack on Dantooine mission. Do you know where I can find this? I’m playing on light side so naturally I declined their offer and threatened to stop them resulting in a fight. This droid can be reprogrammed to assist the party. On the other side of the crash site there is a hidden cache that is surrounded by mines. Right next to the information desk is a Czerka guard that can be intimidated into giving you information regarding Batono. But no number of mines on the west side seem to do the trick - even when I have so many down that the game won't let me place anymore. You can either return her to her boyfriend for light side points, or keep her as your slave for dark side points. Speak to Lieutenant Grenn and he will offer you three bounties on recent criminals that are currently on the station. Be sure to heal as soon as you finish off the human enemies because the surrounding beasts are quick to close in. I place several mines on the east side, until the game tells me there are enough on that side. Choose to rest and your meditation will be interrupted by a messenger from Chodo Habat. Handmaiden Battles There are five handmaiden battles, each of which increase in difficulty. Smuggling Quests - Keep in mind that smuggling quests are aligned with the Dark Side. I don't recall this being mentioned anywhere. Forgiving Bao-Dur, Atton, and T3-M4 for their capture will give you increased influence with these characters. There are only three officers in the group, so make quick work of them and you will be transported back to Dobo's shop. At docking bay three you can bribe the secretary behind the desk for information related to the Flase Batu mission. Kill her Gamorrean guards first, then focus your team on her. Mods: TSLRCM, M4-78, … They've already demonstrated they could capture him without attacking … Then attack the shielded enemies with force powers to take away large amounts of health. Your ship is shot down by some ground turrets and you party is rescued at the crash site by Bao-Dur. There are groups of Gamorreans inside the building. The mercenary leader waits for you outside of the cave and asks for help with his attack on Khoonda. When the party lands at the polar region, three HK-47 assassin droids will greet the survivors of the crash. Twi'lek Dancer - Also in apartment complex A, in room 1, there is a man who complains of loosing his girlfriend in a game of pazaak. That's good explanation for what would continue to motivate him, but where is the evidence that the entire operation was his plan from the beginning? Two droids will defend the door. There are four mercenaries in the Lobby armed with blaster rifles. Battle number 2 is again against a handmaiden and you are allowed to use melee weapons. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II ... Part 23: Dantooine: Hey, We Were Running Short on Mines, Okay? Tell them to teach him a lesson to earn dark side points after they kill him. . Alternatively, if you're working for Azkul, you can use the console and sabotage them to fire on friendly militia. They are easily killed with a few blasts of force lightning. (It is in the hall with the windows just past the second cantina entrance.) Then, choose one maiden at a time and take them down using force lightning. Take them out with grenades before attempting to disarm the mines. In the halls of the next area. Unfortunately some CSF officers have caught on to the smuggling and are waiting there to intercept your team. With some prodding, Chodo will give you a pass key to apartment C1 where Batano is hiding. If you have chosen a male character the Last Handmaiden will join your team on the ship. She agrees to help you accomplish this task and directs you towards the Bumani Exchange Corp offices across from the Czerka offices. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords is an underrated sequel that has aged well since its 2004 release thanks to fan support. it would make more sense for them to try and abuse loopholes and such to integrate with the settlement and make their profits that way. The secret Academy is not large but once you leave, you can never return. They've already demonstrated they could capture him without attacking Khoonda. First off, equip every character with their own deflector shield. ~~~~~ ~ 5. In order to find this character you must travel to the Cantina and talk to Luxa who is standing at the bar. Take them down with a flurry of force attacks and return to the Cantina to speak with Luza. He asks what you are doing in his offices. Forget the stun droid force power and instead stick with force lightning to bring the machine down in only a few hits. I just left Telos. You have the option to stick to the cliff side path, the water, or attack the mercenaries in the center of the map head on. Refuse him and take his supplies to earn some dark side points. , Inside Slusks office he asks what your motives are, and you reply that you simply want him dead. Before you leave, you will receive a crucial lightsaber fixture from the Duros behind the desk at the docking bay. , Speak to Lt. Dol Grenn in the TSF offices to begin the bounty quests. If you choose to keep her, you can collect money from her whenever you return to the cantina on Telos. Inside of the Bumani Exchange building you will be stopped by a secretary named Vula. She will try to subdue you after the battle and another fight takes place. If they knew or even suspected of a Jedi being in the area, wouldn't it be more likely that they would just send a few of their assassins to the planet discreetly and take said Jedi out, rather than go through the middle-man of the mercenaries? That was basically the brief history of what happened to Dantooine since KOTOR 1. I've talked to the general guy, we've assigned positions, I've peptalked the militia. The general and all the militia are in the same place as before the cutscene. The first battle is against one woman and you are not allowed to use any equipment, items, or powers. The Jedi council will ask to see you. Be sure to pick up the remains of the HK units. The third bounty is on Batu Rem, the man who was impersonated someone trying to kill you. I can't interact with ANYTHING. This may seem impossible but there are some tricks to get ahead. Only then will you be allowed into the apartment to make the deal. If the turrets in the previous room have not been destroyed, they will become active when the reactor is brought online. First, make sure you are stocked up on life support packs and advanced med packs. Speak to Samhan Dobo in the shop next to the Cantina and agree to complete some tasks for him to join the smugglers.