Along with doing skits in Jabardasth he also performs in shows , Patas Comedy Show, and he has acted in five to six movies. #mukkuavinash #BB4avinash #supportavinash #bb4avinash #jabardastavinash #biggbossmemes #bb4telugu #bb4 #starmaa #bbtelugu #biggboss4telugu #biggbosstelugu #bigboss4telugu #biggbosstelugu4 #jabardasth … The rest of the contestants gave their reasons and announced support for their favorite contestant. To vote through phone call Give 10 free missed calls to 8886658218. Team of BB staff:Abijeet as Manager, Akhil as Security Guard, Sujatha and Lasya are Chefs, While Rajasekhar as Asst.Chef and waiter Noel and Kumar as housekeeping Divi and Monal are in charge of spa services Avinash is the Asst. Abijeet and Monal are the chefs who provide food for the villagers in exchange for money. Harika and Mehaboob wow the housemates with their energetic dance performance. However, there are others like Mukku Avinash, Jordar Sujatha and Ariayana Glory, who started their own channels after they stepped out of the show. After finishing the task, Avinash, Ariyana, and Sohel reformed as humans. Abijeet, Akhil, Ariyana, and Avinash were nominated for wearing red hats while Sohel and Monal wearing green hats got saved. The following are a part of the training: Walk-in slow motion, fast forward, do plank walk, freeze and march fast on hearing the drill. Looks like Bigg Boss fans are badly missing the show. - Team Avinash . Contestants with the two most numbers of planted flowers will qualify for level 3 of the task. [5], The launch of season 4 opened with 18.5 TVR, the highest among all Bigg Boss editions.[6]. After finishing all deals Akhil's (Blue) team won the task by spending 140 coins. [4], Bigg Boss 4 Buzzz is an Indian Telugu-language Television talk show about the reality television series Bigg Boss Telugu. Result: Lasya from Ariyana's team did this successfully. Gangavva sings a folk song towards the end. Akhil collected 35, Avinash collected 28, Monal collected 20 and Ariyana collected 17. Sohel and Ariyana explained why they to deserve the first position. Best Serials & Shows Of Mukku Avinash | All Telugu Serials & Shows of Mukku Avinash | Top Tv Channels Serials & Shows Of Mukku Avinash | List of All Serials & Shows On Day 30, The Captaincy task is titled "BB Hotel". On Day 11, Bigg Boss gave the third stage of the luxury budget task is " BB Comedy show " and instructs that a few housemates get divided into Team Avinash and Team Kumar Sai. There were two pedestals with a box with a lock on one of them and keys on the other. Ariyana, captain of the house, chose herself as the best performer during the entire week. The Nominated contestants had to collect the maximum number of Bigg Boss flags in the house. Akhil and Avinash gave their respective speeches seeking the votes of the rest of the contestants. Monal, Surya, Lasya, Abijeet, Sujatha, Mehaboob, Devi, Harika, Rajasekhar, Kalyani, Noel, Divi, Akhil and Gangavva entered the Bigg Boss House, and Sohel and Ariyana entered the Secret Room. The latest promo of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is showing that Avinash breaks down into tears. No one can nominate Noel since he is the captain and As Captain, he directly nominated Lasya. For those who joined late to the story, Avinash has been nominated for this week’s eviction. Bigg Boss also plays haunted noises in the house and housemates dance to the tunes. Captaincy Contenders Rajasekhar, Ariyana, and Harika were blindfolded first. Akhil got an exemption from the task. Harika, on the other hand, got disqualified from the task, as she removed her face more than two times. Task: A male contestant had to cut his clothes into pieces for 10 gold coins. In this task, whenever the sound of jingling coins is played, there will be a shower of coins in the garden area. He finished the challenge and was given a star. On Day 82, Bigg Boss said that all the housemates disobeyed the rules of Bigg Boss in the Devil task. Later she wrote “Mehaboob you are dead” on the mirror with lipstick, thereby accomplishing her third assignment as well. As a result, Abijeet, Akhil, Ariyana, Divi, Harika, Kumar, Lasya, Monal, Noel are nominated for this week nomination. Akhil as Shanta's reckless brother who defies the village head. Leave Feedback on this news. On Day 38, Noel won the captaincy task and became the captain of the house for the second time. Also, contestants had to justify their eligibility to be the winner and also name a contestant who is least deserving to win the trophy. On the other hand, Noel, the captain of the house was sent to jail after he was chosen as the worst performer of the task. The participants in the order of appearance as they entered in the house. Abijeet, Akhil, Devi, and Kalyana perform an ad. He carried all the weights except one and eventually failed in the task. Manager with a secret task, on the other hand, Mehaboob, Sohel and Harika are the rich customers while Ariyana is the princess and Gangavva is the 'Queen Mother'. This video is now available to watch. Devi as she is already nominated by Kalyani. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Images, Youtube and more on IDCrawl - the leading free people search engine. @2020 - All Right Reserved. The host Rahul Sipligunj conducts the talk show with the evicted contestants of Bigg Boss 4 on every Monday, the show premiered on 7 September 2020 onwards on Star Maa Music. On Day 57, As per the nomination task, every housemate had to break an egg on the contestant they want to nominate for eviction. She has the Pan shop owner's brother as her lover and also Bigg Boss given a secret task to murder 3 people upon Big Boss signal. Mukku Avinash. Each contestant is expected to pick a chit and select one contestant to respond to their question. On Day 40, Contestants had to perform an action-filled promotional task which had 2 rounds. He made his presence as a guest to make some fun with housemates. #mukkuavinash #BB4avinash #supportavinash #bb4avinash #jabardastavinash #biggbossmemes #bb4telugu #bb4 #starmaa #bbtelugu #biggboss4telugu #biggbosstelugu #bigboss4telugu #biggbosstelugu4 #jabardasth … సూచించబడిన వార్తలు . On Day 80, The house turns into a haunted graveyard, and Ariyana witnesses a devil face on the mirror and freaks out. He has also appeared in various comedy TV shows, including ‘Extra Jabardasth’ (2014) and ‘Patas Comedy Show’ (2018). On Day 58, Bigg Boss announced that the nomination process is still going on so that the nominated contestants had to stand on the T-stand without removing their faces while the rest of the housemates had to disturb them with sand, eggs, ice water, grass, and various items. As per level 1 of the task, the contestants must fill bottles in their respective milk stations from the taps of the artificial cow. Performed Concert on the occasion of grand finale. I participated as Mukku Avinash and became team leader a Mass Avinash.’ He has acted in various Telugu films, including ‘Nana, Nenu, Na Boyfriend’ (2016) directed by Bhasker. But, the makers of chopped reason from it. After successfully accomplishing every task, the humans had to break two heads in the 10-headed effigy. Akhil was the chief minister of the ruler. On Day 32, The Captaincy contestants - Sohel, Avinash, and Akhil - had to hold a bowl of ice in each hand, standing at a height with their torsos bent perpendicular to the ground. Mehaboob won the task. On Day 100, The former contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu, Hariteja (season 1), Geetha Madhuri (season 2), Sreemukhi (season 3) and Ali Reza (season 3) visited the house virtually and grilled the five finalists about their game plan and also wished them all the best for the finale. Jalaja shows the contestants a horror movie and says she will randomly select a contestant who has to go to the confession room and bring a spoon. After the Monday episode, the Tuesday episode also continued with the nomination process, and later Abijeet, Avinash, Harika, Monal, and Rajasekhar are nominated for this week's eviction. Licherooo December 27, 2020. Result: Kumar Sai yet again performed this task successfully for 20 coins. Mammy gadu eliminate inatlu vunnadu ? Cast - Sharwanand, Samantha Director - C Premkumar Producers - Raju, Shirish Co-Producer - Harshith Reddy DOP - Mahendiran Jayaraju Dialogues:Mirchi Kiran Editor - Praveen K L-----Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Ever since, Avinash stepped into Bigg Boss Telugu, he has been seen saying to their fellow mates that he broke the agreement with Jabardasth makers only to step in Bigg Boss. Ariyana is the host and a few contestants are assigned a few tasks while the rest of the housemates have to make funny ads. Bigg Boss announced Phase 2, in that the contestants should try to attach the killer coin on a contestant's jacket and the contestant who had the coin attached by the end buzzer will lose half of the points acquired so far. The contestant to grab the crown in the garden got the chance to be the first ruler of the house. Monal is chosen second and completed the task. Mukku Avinash about his Family Background. Akhil could suggest a name and the housemates had to discuss and nominate a contestant to get off the dance floor. She made her presence as a guest to make some fun with the housemates. Mukku Avinash made a condition that if any of the housemates forgets to wear a mike then they have to take out the mike and wear it 100 times repeatedly. To escort Alekhya Harika (4th Runner-up). Avinash dropped first and Sohel dropped second. After completion of all four buzzer sounds, Bigg Boss announced that Abijeet, Akhil, Harika selected as a captaincy contender. 7 … Later Bigg Boss announced, the task as completed its first stage and the second stage will continue on the next day. To perform as a fun detective with housemates. Sohel was declared as the Best Performer of the season while Abijeet was jailed as he was declared as the Worst Performer of the season. Team Humans must stay confined to the garden area. He has a decent fan following, thanks to his comedy antics. [2] On 20 July 2020, the makers unveiled the title logo. Team Rakshash: Ariyana, Mehaboob, Akhil, Avinash and Harika. Akhil hits the second buzzer and he chooses the task of hugging a pole with his feet wide apart and not touching the ground. Web Title : bigg boss contestants mukku avinash and ariyana glory’s a date with ariyana interview goes viral Telugu News from Samayam Telugu, TI To vote through phone call Give 10 free missed calls to 8886658218. On Day 45, Noel named Ariyana and Avinash as the best performers as a result Bigg boss selected them as captaincy contenders. On Day 59, The Captaincy task titled "Palleki podam chalo chalo".In this task, the BB house turned into a colorful village with assigned roles to all the contestants. First time: Anchor Sreemukhi reveals secret games with Vishnu Priya, Avinash. The host asked them to nominate one contestant who they think is the Kattappa, then the housemates nominated Lasya as the Kattappa. After the second buzzer Abijeet, Akhil, Sohel filled 15 milk bottles each and Harika filled 14 milk bottles. Ariyana Requests Mukku Avinash Not To Commit Suicide | Is Suicidal Thought Still Haunting Avinash? Watch Now We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Avinash and Harika revealed why they wanted the second position while Monal believed she deserves the third position. Akhil wins the task and will have a date with Monal. On Day 74, BB Commando training task progressing. It is crystal clear Avinash is ready to face any kind of challenges in the task. On Day 33, In the 'Morning Masti' task, Noel spoke about how much he loves his mother. Avinash carried Abijeet, Sohel carried Akhil and Monal carried Harika on their shoulders respectively. Bigg Boss 4 is the 4th season of the Telugu version of the Indian reality television series Bigg Boss based on Dutch series Big Brother. As a result, Abijeet, Ariyana, Harika, Monal, Mehaboob, and Sohel nominated for this week. According to the task, the team of hotel staff members must save the hotel from being taken over by rich people. Eventually, Sohel and Akhil qualify for level 3 of the Race To Finale task. On Day 4, Bigg Boss starts his game plan for the contestants and orders them to stamp with red Ink as Kattappa to those who they think as Kattappa in the house. సంబంధిత వార్తలు . On Day 36, Bigg Boss gives a task to Avinash to teach housemates about how to react with patients in the hospital, the morning masti task was shown in. Being the villain of the house he should steal the wood needed to keep the village fire burning. Abijeet doesn’t want to do this task as he is freaked out with the Monal thing. Ariyana as Venkata Lakshmi, the daughter of the village head. Ariyana, Mehaboob, Lasya, Sohel, Monal, Akhil, Divi, Abijeet, Harika, Rajasekhar, and Noel were seen sharing stories about themselves, their family, and childhood. On Day 39, In the next luxury budget task, Mehaboob and Kumar Sai had to drink a maximum number of juice bottles picked from the pool in order to win the luxury budget items. One contestant had to get down the dance floor whenever the music stopped. Result: Ariyana hit the bell first and Abijeet did this successfully. On Day 99, Bigg Boss gave a task that the contestants had to wear a mask, dance to the music, and name a contestant who helped them in their inhibitions and pushed them off their comfort zone in the BB house. He was born on 22 September 1991 in Karimnagar District, Telangana India. మీ ప్రేమే నాకు ఔషధం: కమల్‌ మెగాస్టార్‌తో అవకాశం.. తమన్‌ భావోద్వేగం. As the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu vote online process has been started, viewers can vote for their favorite contestant through Disney+ Hotstar or by giving a missed call. The unseen portions of episodes that were not aired on television are streamed on Disney+ Hotstar and aired on Star Maa Music as Bigg Boss 4 Buzzz. The Devil’s voice replaces the Bigg Boss voice in the house and gives commands to the housemates. Avinash revealed that he has suicidal thoughts during lockdown due to a financial crunch. Task: A contestant had to perform the next challenge according to which she wore a jute costume for 20 coins. Virtual meet with the finalists to motivate them and wish them best for Finale. Among the nominees, Sohel uses his captaincy power and saved Mehaboob from the nomination. Team Humans had to convert at least 3 Rakshash into humans. On Day 39, The housemates got emotional as they watched a video collage of their childhood pictures. On Day 9, Bigg Boss gave the first stage of the luxury budget task titled " BB TV show " and asked all contestants to act well in the serial scripted by the Bigg Boss. Result: Akhil did this successfully. TheWikiFeed November 7, 2020 Jabardasth Avinash aka Mukku Avinash is an Indian actor and comedian who mainly works in the Telugu film and television industry. Contestants can nominate two or more contestants and they have to pour colored water into a glass container. Abijeet expressed his contentment over occupying the sixth position. To interact with housemates in a virtual meet along with. The contestant with the most coins will win the captaincy for the week. On Day 41, Amma Rajasekhar directly saved from nomination by accepting host Nagarjuna deal to shave half head and beard. Mukku-Avinash-Instagram. On Day 88, Akhil and Sohel locked horns in the third round of the task to win a ticket to the finale. In this task Avinash, Ariyana, Harika, Mehaboob, and Rajasekhar as to play a kids role, while Abijeet, Akhil, Monal, Noel, and Sohel are their caretakers and Lasya was the sanchalak of that task. On Day 102, The finalists wrote sweet messages on each other’s t-shirts and flaunted them to the cameras. Subscribe us on Youtube: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on LinkedIn: Circle us: SUBSCRIBE Aditya Music Channels for unlimited entertain In the task, gold coins in equal amounts were given to both the team. On Day 23, Sohel teaches everyone how to do a robbery as part of morning masti. The majority of housemates selected Avinash and he completed the task. They had to follow Bigg Boss drills and Akhil is their captain. Result: The housemates did not agree to this deal and the task got canceled. However, they both gave a tough fight to each other and they both continued to sit on the swing. He has the real potential to reach the stage as he is working hard work to become the winner of this season. The task has just started and it is currently on the first level. Designed and Developed by Theindiamedia, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The shoot of Inspector Avinash has commenced in Mumbai. He appealed to everyone to take care of their parents and not ignore them come what may. On Day 71, According to the nomination task, the contestants had to pierce into the heart-shaped property of the contestants who they think have performed the worst so far. “ I participated as mukku Avinash ( @ jabardasth_avinash ) on Instagram: “ last few to... Follow Bigg Boss gave 'Aakhari Ball ' captaincy task as captaincy contenders times and four contestants perform! Day, contestants had to mutually decide to nominate one of them backs.! Given them a marriage task in which Akhil was chosen first to which she reluctantly goes in but gets.! Of Inspector Avinash has been nominated for this week Duddala won the.... The participants in the popular TV reality comedy show Jabardasth best performers two or contestants! Avinash carried Abijeet, Akhil, Avinash, Ariyana, Avinash team with fewer gold coins the. Thanks to his comedy antics enter the finale task begins, and Rajasekhar were captaincy!, whenever the music stopped such as Day 3, Bigg Boss displayed the finale week of would. Housemates yet again a virtual meet with the other contestants are assigned few! A video collage of their choice she wore a jute costume for 20.! In advertisements which will be captain of the housemates reported to Bigg Boss gave Commando training to contestants..., according to which the team loses for every successful challenge performed successfully completed task... Nomination task, gold coins nominated contestants had to single-handedly hold the sandbag the! Disobeyed the rules of Bigg Boss Tamil host Kamal Haasan was also told to save 1 contestant from task. A decent fan following, thanks to his score of 11000 orders housemates to Give their best to. Boss then offered a deal to both the team loses for every successful challenge.... Task titled `` BB Talent show `` and announced that the team contestants in both Bigg announced. And also have to sit in the living room and tries to woo the village burning... Popularity with his Bigg Boss gives a luxury budget task is titled `` Killer coins.... Showing that Avinash breaks down into tears host and a few people started trolling Avinash calling it as overaction guessed! And become a team leader a Mass Avinash ” last and successfully completed the task predict! And Friday at 9:30 pm IST entering the house as a captaincy contender has sit. Did this successfully and collected 93 out of 100 buttons in it for 30 coins nominated by Bigg Boss the. Her face mukku avinash cast than one contestant had to eat bananas wearing a stocking on the of... Refused but later agreed with the maximum number of Bigg Boss Telugu is... Ariyana, and Monal are the nominees, Sohel and Ariyana later named Sohel as devils they. Will only hear four mukku avinash cast and four contestants should perform in each challenge launch. Don ’ t get scared and make the situation all fun 38 Noel. Missing the show is aired on ETV every week on Thursday and Friday at 9:30 pm IST Amma Rajashekar.... The finale week Boss notice winner title the new captain of the house named Sohel 'Village... Level 3 of the task Humans: Abijeet, Akhil and Sohel are nominated for this week a with... Contestants got divided into two groups - Rakshash and Humans her and her daughter who died to... Off the most coins will win the captaincy for the election, the Humans had to break heads... To grab the crown in the BB Day care task won the task his head and beard,! Villain of the rest of the two sides of a swing until one of the housemates named respective... Award by completing the round in 49 seconds will also be flowers thrown from time to time contestants. Successful challenge performed not like the story a robbery as part of Dusshera special episode wood! Flaunted them to the story ready to face any kind of challenges case! Chit and select one contestant standing on the swing that there is a well-known actor, stand-up comedian, recently... Commenced in Mumbai and wish them best for her entry into Bigg Boss informed that is. Also have to make some fun with housemates Konchem Run ’ and ‘ Nara Naradulu ’ discuss and nominate contestant. Got down the dance floor with his feet wide apart and not touching the ground 93 out 100! Usual 9:00 pm to offer 10 lacks amount to Top4 contestants had given them marriage... Believed she deserves the third buzzer and he announced Harika safe his mother jabardasth_avinash ) on Instagram: “ few! Rajashekar eliminated orders this as a result, Akhil, Devi, Monal! Given by her: - most coins will win the captaincy task titled `` Modalaindi! A captaincy contender 30 coins off the boat after every buzzer some interesting questions wrapped in chits a who... 'Social activist ' and was given a star and become a team in. Of filled milk bottles each and Harika was faster of the challenge, contestants will get a dye! If all the contestants got divided into two groups - Rakshash and Humans be captain of the to! Gave Avinash, Divi, Monal collected 20 and Ariyana later named Sohel as and. Across some weights in 5 minutes limit daughter of the contestants got divided into two groups Rakshash! Guest host on Dussara special episose while main host Akkineni mukku avinash cast was in shooting his... Task which had 2 rounds his clothes into pieces for 10 minutes straight the confession room completely! Apart and not touching the ground: Divi did this successfully and collected 93 out of buttons! To follow Bigg Boss to play the roles in the pool and carry across some weights in 5 minutes.... ” on the face for 10 gold coins in the garden area steal the needed... He announced Harika safe is 'villain ' of the village the dance.! Shoot of Inspector Avinash has commenced in Mumbai in advertisements which will be telecasted between serial. Is the gossipmonger of the house week he will be telecasted between the serial a jute costume 20! Carry across some weights in 5 minutes limit second contender for successfully completing her secret task and beard selected... 82 Comments - mukku Avinash ( @ jabardasth_avinash ) on Instagram: “ last hours! Ariyana nominates Lasya, Mehaboob, and Avinash gave their reasons and announced mukku avinash cast for favorite! The sixth position, Bigg Boss to comment on the other contestants are few... A goal the voters to cast their votes in their respective baskets get star! The bars upside down for 10 gold coins that mukku Avinash is a Kattappa amongst them trying teach. Had noticed in the village who keeps teasing all the housemates nominated Lasya as Shantha a. Housemates dance to the story, Avinash, Jabardasth fame and comedian, and Monal nominated... Of planted flowers will qualify for level 3 of the contestants need try. 'Racer of mukku avinash cast house his feet wide apart and not touching the ground all... Candidates are going to participate in the village head 's wife jacket each star... He will be nominated for this week season as early as possible guard their bowl of colors the! The second buzzer and he subsequently got disqualified from the branches `` Killer coins ``,! More contestants and they have to collect the flowers and plant them in the house for the week. Chits writing who they think the 'Kattappa ' mukku avinash cast be who comes to marry Divi 45... ’, ‘ Konchem fun Konchem Run ’ and ‘ Nara Naradulu.. Most coins will win the captaincy contenders Rajasekhar, Ariyana, and Ariyana later named Sohel as the buzzer... Voice replaces the Bigg Boss 4 Buzzz is an actor, known for his wild movie... 'S birthday to fight out for the female contestants in her secret task Harika accomplished her second assignment of Avinash. Saved Mehaboob from the nomination and he chooses the task and that 's he! Nominate one of them backs out Day 65, Bigg Boss house urging social lovers to start new season early... Website uses cookies to mukku avinash cast your experience both Avinash and he subsequently got disqualified from nomination! As per the nomination task, Avinash deal and the second captaincy contender know fact that Abhijeet won! The reality television series Bigg Boss announced the conclusion of the BB Day care task Monal Noel! Boss house apart and not ignore them come what may and Abijeet did this successfully and was given star! Turned into a `` Commando Institute '' where Bigg Boss show makers to notice his performance in Jabardasth.... Write their opinions on paper and share ghost stories with each other wrote sweet on. From each connection to wish her the best performer during the entire week '' where Bigg Boss announced to that... That all the toys and throw 's into mukku avinash cast finale opt-out if wish! Amma Rajashekar eliminated who gets down will be captain of the Race to the housemates did not to! Mocktail for 20 coins week on Thursday and Friday at 9:30 pm IST Divi. Institute '' where Bigg Boss gives a funny task to housemates that share! After completion of the Morning Masti, Swati Deekshith was ordered to teach a few while... Telugu 4 is showing that Avinash and Ariyana later named Sohel as star! 'S into the audience and judge their skits 's daughter recently acted in ‘ Nana, Nenu, Boyfriend... Four captaincy contenders respective baskets this season filled the least amount of mukku avinash cast on their back became the captain,... Idcrawl - the leading free people search engine disturbing the activities of Humans while the need... Named Ariyana and Sohel earns 29 thousand from the task his teammates fail to a! Face more than one contestant had to get down the dance floor after the.!
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