Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. She can revive when killed with potency up, which she should have every other turn. Just be careful if they decide to put Wat in the team, as whoever gets the blastech weapon mod will prevent revives on anyone they kill. Jyn is a very fast toon so she opens up with giving Mothma 100% tm, at the same time Baze assists givinf Chirrut 10% tm. However, she has a TM removal ability on a 2 turn cooldown, and most importantly, she can gain taunt on basic. She's not only the fastest in the faction, she's #7 in the game excluding GLs. be Palp lead with Vader. CG recommends a team comp of MM (L), Pao, Wedge, Cara, and Chirrut. Join the Kyber Club VIP+ Program! GAS - GAS has a powerful AOE daze which will probably render this team useless, and his sheer damage and revive prevention will make it difficult. He is probably not the best in slot for this team, but he provides Chirrut 10% TM on basic which could work if you already have him geared up and want to slot him into this team. I found the newly released character Mon Mothma to be very interesting, so I wanted to make a post to discuss some of my ideas around the character and various team interactions and see if the community has any input. Mon Mothma is the Best Non-Legendary Team for Light Side Geonosis Territory Battles - Consistent 4/4 ... Hellenix SWGoH Hynesy ANZGC Indigo SWGOH Its Just Ian Kiaowe • … It seems very possible that a tank isn’t necessary, but I would want a super fast Jyn in there to give you the best chance of getting first turn. Cassian's buff immunity will probably come into play here. He will have constant offense up from Pao, but won't be subject to the damage reduction that the rest of the allies are. Bistan - Bistan's frenzy ability can really pair well with the TM train of Pao and HRS. I don't see a definite use for him other than removing AOE daze or other problematic debuffs. Thanks for feedback, I’m sure you’ll be able to build a functional team. Cassian's 1st special is on a 2 turn cooldown, and Cassian gains 20% TM for each debuffed enemy, causing him to be able to take a lot of turns, feeding more TM to Pao, perpetuating the TM engine of HRS. She could work well in combination with HRS by allowing allies to gain lots of TM while pulling back the enemies to perpetuate a TM train. This would pair excellently with Mon Mothma as she can revive her rebel fighter allies. What team would you use with a Mothma lead? (By solo nest i assume you mean when this team is on def), And id really recommend it on defense, since its viability would increase since you win on timeouts instead of lose. Out of Faction Interactions: There are just two out of faction interactions that I believe are worth considering. The fact that Mon Mothma is untargetabble would make this team very difficult to bring down without some kind of revive prevention. Malevolence. The MM team really lacks single high target damage, and Cassian's 2nd special can provide that on a 3 turn cooldown. He has a strange zeta that causes him to gain 1% protection anytime he takes damage, which will probably end up being useless in most encounters, but against Geos it could have value. She also has very high protection at 69k. Protection up being counted as courage, critical hit immunity, and high single target damage are the perks to using this team. There are lot's of options that you could easily skip Pao if that's want you want to do. I've been theory crafting ever since she was released so it's nice to see what's been mentioned here or there throughout the sub, concisely in one place. He can apply some critical debuffs with his 1st special, and hit very high special damage with his second special, concentrating all debuffs on a single target. Personally I'm likely to run Mon Mothma/Scout/Pao/Cara/Bodhi as it doesn't take anybody away from the B and C Rebel squads I sometimes use already (zJyn/Leia/Fulcrum/Chaze and Wiggs/Lando/Cassian/K2). Private streams, emotes, private Discord server, and collect Kyber Crystals to show the galaxy your UNLIMITED POWER! Excellent overview of the main elements in play here. Genevieve O'Reilly (born 6 January 1977) is an Irish actress known for her work in the Star Wars franchise as Mon Mothma, having portrayed the character in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One, as well as her voice role as Moira in Overwatch. Those are my notes on this faction, i'm not sure how C3PO or Threepio and Chewie could fit into this team, but I definitely think there is a lot of theorycrafting potential here. He also has an easier revive precondition, he just needs any buff, which he should have constantly. Contents. Best Mon Mothma Team? Move Set Explanation: Basic: Diplomatic Disagreement. Plague. This is not a complete list of all units that could work well for the event, but a list of units that are either needed for the event or another event. MM will just revive them and nest would just time out. Below I will break down the characters that I see as viable additions to the MM lead Rebel Fighter faction, I won't cover every character if I don't think they have an obvious large contribution. Cara has the second highest speed of any character in this faction at 177, allowing her to possibly get first turn. Vulture Droid. Nute (L) Seps - A currently popular defensive team. Maybe switch out wiggs for jyn and cassian, who knows. Yeah I don’t think I would put this team on defense for the simple fact that Wampa exists. | SWGoH Home; Search; Live; Content Creators; Smaller Creator Videos; Podcasts; Recent Videos; Trending Videos; CONTENT CREATORS. Perhaps if the MM team could get around the Magna taunt early and target B2, it could resist this one, but it seems like a poor matchup for MM. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. What will likely counter Mon Mothma lead RF teams? Empire - Pretty obvious one, as CG stated, Cara is designed specifically to deal with Empire teams. Join the Kyber Club VIP+ Program today by becoming a member to the channel! I haven't done it yet, but I'm planning SRP, bistan, and wiggs. Here's an idea: In a perfect scenario Jyn leads with Truncheon Spike, not only removing speed from the fastest enemy but gaining second turn herself, which she uses to give 100% turn meter and advantage to Bistan, who then Frenzies. There may be some RNG, resisting of effects, outright mistakes, or other holes in this theory as I havn't tested it thoroughly either. This can cause him to hit quite hard on his assists, and especially hard during his own turn. Expose on basic can allow this team to do some incredible % health damage with all of the assists taking place. Mon Mothma complete Gear list for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. Cara can gain critical hit immunity when an empire enemy is killed, but this is a very niche interaction and likely won't be a common occurrence unless Empire somehow becomes a staple defensive team. You'll want to focus on applying debuffs or gaining beneficial effects on basics rather than raw DPS, but overall it's hard to make a bad Mon Mothma team. Ithekro, Mar 1, 2017 #98. Might be a tricky matchup, but with the revives and shared stats, I could see MM coming out on top. Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Hoth Rebel Scout: I recommend the use of Critical Damage and Critical Chance … The U-Wings were just barely getting made when the Incom team defected? Summon. This character can double or triple the amount of turns that the team will take throughout the course of a battle. Bodhi also has a unique that causes all allies with offense up (which should be everyone always, thanks to Pao), to gain 50% defense. Threepio and Chewie - Threepio and Chewie would be assisting along with the rest of the allies. It's a small increase, but over a long, drawn-out fight, the 6% protection recovery he gets from Mon Mothma's basic will steadily increase in terms of raw numbers. Baze - Baze has mediocre stats, but he has a pretaunt, and gains taunt passively from his unique when an ally falls below 100% health. He also allows the team to put buff immunity up on their target w/ his basic, and healing immunity up with his 1st special. You'll need Pao and Hoth Rebel Scout there. 40% TM gain on his offense up ability, plus reduced cooldowns from every allied rebels basic, and 5% TM gain from each allied rebel basic makes him gain 65% TM from each of his own turns, plus at least 25% TM from each of his allies turns. His stats are also mediocre, not as bad as Cara but not as good as SRP. Yea I'll probably never gear Pao, or HRS. She will be your best chance at getting 1st turn. What? Considering Mon Mothma deals no damage, the assisting characters could hit really hard in the end every time it's her turn even without the Rebel Trooper assisting. I think we have a high banner team designed for niche counters in 5 v 5 GAC/TW. She has lots of different teams you can put together all of which have different strengths and weaknesses. GG - Because B2 gains a bonus turn whenever an ally takes damage, and the MM team hits so many times, B2 will interrupt any TM train and boost his allies TM and allow GG to unleash his super high AOE attacks. I can’t help that think Cassian works so amazing in this team though and seems vitally important, but perhaps I’m overestimating him. Pao - seems to be a no brainer, he is a 100% required component of the Mon Mothma lead team, his ability interactions are too vital. Subs: (no subs, this team comp is used for a specific purpose) Specific Strategy: Highly recommended to use against a 7 Relic General Skywalker. But the difference is magnificent. Attackers: The Mon Mothma team lacks high single target burst damage, which is necessary to get through certain common defensive teams like FO, SE, and Nest. Wedge - Wedge gains +12% offense and +9 speed for each rebel ally at full health, and +15 speed for each ally below full health. Mon Mothma is a creatively designed character who was released in July 2020, just a few weeks after another fantastic character design in Threepio & Chewie.Her role in SWGoH is to breathe life into a dead segment of the Rebel faction as the Rebel Fighter category was … Edit: After a bit more testing, I’m really amazed at Wedges basic damage and I’m starting to think he may be a more integral part of the team than I originally realized. Due to the sheer number of basics on this team, the entire team will have crit damage up in a few turns, amplifying their damage. Bodhi Rook - Bodhi has a lackluster basic and long 4 turn cooldowns on both specials. I would say use who you have geared definitely, but I think Cara is probably most useful, with SRP out performing her in some areas, and K-2SO being a slightly worse but reasonable replacement. I just hope this team is good enough for some 4/4s in lstb and a good offensive gac team though. JKR - Mon Mothma will not be targettable and thus can not be marked. This team will no doubt be incredibly useful in PVE with the TM engines you've mentioned. Unique 2: Summoned This unit's stats scale with the summoner's stats. Genevieve O’Reilly (The Matrix Reloded) will reprise her role as Mon Mothma, which was made famous by Caroline Blakiston in Return of the Jedi.The other actress confirmed is Denise Gough (Robin Hood), who’s character details are being kept under-wraps. ... About SWGoH Help Wiki; In the Chandrilan winter of 31 BBY, at the age of fifteen, Mothma fell in love, discovered smashball and her parents' imperfections. Wedge - probably the best offensive option Biggs - to go with Wedge K2S0 - Taunts every time he attacks, assists or counters Hoth Scout - Stun ability ... here's a Rey Skywalker for the SWGoH community. What bothers me about Jyn is that she hits like a noodle... there are tanks/healers or support character which hit harder. At least we have Y-wings. He has a strange zeta that causes him to gain 1% protection anytime he takes damage, which will probably end up being useless in most encounters, but against Geos it could have value. FO (Kru + OG Kylo namely) - it will be difficult to damage Kru, and the team will end up just scratching OG Kylo while he charges up a very powerful AOE and nearly one shots the whole team. I don't think he's as required for the team as people tend to think. If a Rebel ally is revived, Mon Mothma gains Foresight for 2 turns with a 50% chance to grant a random Rebel ally the same buff. Carth - Mon Mothma would do a pretty good job at keeping debuffs off her allies, Zaalbar would be difficult to take out though due to his stacking armor. This is typically 5 allies, but after MM's summon it will be 6 allies, increasing Wedge's damage/speed. You can delete characters very quickly. They're all pilots, should have pretty good single target damage, and some tm manipulation. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I hope we get to hear Mon Mothma's speech to the Emperor in Rebels. This guide shows all required and recommended units that are safe to make investments in for Galactic Ascension, Epic Confrontation, Ancient Journey, Hero's Journey, Legendary Event, Fleet Mastery, Advanced Fleet Mastery and where to farm them. I know it's a lot of info, but I wanted to get all my thoughts about this faction out there for public discussion. 1 Units that utilize Summon. R2 and 3PO come to mind. One of my favourites currently is MM, HRS, Cassian, K2, Chewpio. I would advise trying out Hoth Rebel Scout though, he really makes this team fun because Pao will be gaining a potential 90% TM from each of his turns, and a potential 55% TM from each of his allies turns, which is insane. They are a solid team but their zeta's and overall stats are outdated many of them not having a Zeta at all. And with her specials she's potentially giving you many turns before the enemy team. He also gives allies +75% crit chance during these assists. Mon Mothma Team Theories. Keep in mind Mon Mothma can provide taunt and Crit Immunity for 2 turns with her rally special that is on a 5 turn cooldown. Special damage is very valuable as enemies almost always have less resistance than they do armor, allowing Cassian to punish them. I really like your team breakdown, I think in TW that has to be the most effective way to build 3 capable squads. I am running it as a TM train for offensive use. SWGOH Grand Arena Championships Mon Mothma Squads Based on 1,960,329 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Just a few weeks after adding Threepio & Chewie to the game we get Mon Mothma, the leader of the Rebel Alliance. SWGOH Mon Mothma Counters Based on 4,205 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Jyn sits at 183 base speed, and can give an ally 100% TM meter to start your TM train. And their zeta's grant very little in comparison what other zeta's grant to most characters. Yeah, based on that it leaves me thinking Mon Mothma needs offense and health mods with speed secondaries, and everyone else modded for health and CC. No real disagreement here with the addition of Mon Mothma and the use alongside Pao, just be sure not to completely ignore Potency and Speed. It's what i've been most interested in to explore though. there are many options that are all great: Cassian for buff immunity chance on basic, Cara Dune for imperial stuns and being a great Tank, Chirrut and Baze for Taunt, debuff, health equalisation, potency up, I understand that he is great there, just I have lot more Rebel Fighters farmed and (semi)geared, while my Pao is still only 2*. But in GAC where you may not get a chance to utilize your B or C tier teams, perhaps it would be best to aggregate them into 1-2 stronger teams. Mon Mothma and Rebel Fighter allies have +15% Critical Damage and +30% Tenacity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Biggs - Biggs pairs well with Wedge, also gaining his bonus speed/offense. He also has an AOE blind, and most interestingly has a revive that causes him to revive when any other ally is revived. Light Side • Leader • Support Rebel. Dark Side • Attacker Nightsister. | SWGOHMon Mothma is heading to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! Supports: There are only 2 in-faction supports worth considering, each for niche uses. I like Cara as a character and B.) She definelty needs a slight re-touch which increases her offensive abilities... however i think generally the whole R1 is in need of re-touchs. hide. This would have Pao and Scout certainly on the team with a tank of your choice and then either Bistan to enhance that TM engine further and add decent DPS or another tank to add more sustain. Let me know if you have any ideas or if you've done any successful testing with this team/faction. 3pO takes damage out of the equation and gets to work reducing cooldowns. Additionally, Wedge deals 2x damage on basic if the enemy is inflicted with defense down, which he inflicts on his basic as well. Geos - This may be a slightly difficult matchup, but the constant taunt and superior TM train should allow MM to come out on top. Although we'll see; if Chewpio turns out to be better on this team than anywhere else, Bodhi might get dropped. Vader massively benefits from the 6th enemy character through merciless massacre and gains an additional 48 speed to get things started. 890. However they could be important components of certain variations of this team. level 1 K-2SO - K-2SO may have a valuable contribution to this team. Keep that in mind when considering the following characters. Mon Mothma is GREAT on GAC Defense + Why 3Bacca is (basically) a Rebel Fighter | SWGoH 1; Home; Search; Live; Content Creators; Smaller Creator Videos; Podcasts; Recent Videos; Trending Videos; CONTENT CREATORS. Press J to jump to the feed. I am thinking MM, Pao, HTSc, with Churro and Baze, mostly as I have them all 12 G12 (well, except MM). You'll want to focus on applying debuffs or gaining beneficial effects on basics rather than raw DPS, but overall it's hard to make a bad Mon Mothma team. share. That may make both/either of them slightly more attractive options. Thanks for reading. My team is as follows : MM*3 , Jyn R4, Baze R3, Chirrut R5, Cassian R3. He keeps the whole team with offense up which amplifies the constant assist damage. It may be worthwhile to bring SRP to get offense down on Boba/Jango. (Cara vs Empire or teams with frequent dispells, SRP vs teams w/ less frequent dispells, K-2SO is kind of inbetween, he has the constant taunt but no revive and mediocre stats). Maybe swap out the last two for Wiggs for burst damage. This team/faction will almost definitely prove useful for LSGTB, and may even trivialize the tier 3 rebel assault battle challenge tier. Probably still not optimal for PvP situations (except Geos, as you say) but might make him more useful in multi-wave PvE battles (TB, mainly) than he first appears. Mon Mothma can create a solid second Rebel team to use in modes that require multiple squads If the first ability that is used during the turn (calling allies to assist) does not deal damage, her leader ability allows the assisting allies to deal more damage Mon Mothma. so back row it in GAC behind Ewoks and Geos. 79 comments. Attackers: The Mon Mothma team lacks high single target burst damage, which is necessary to get through certain common defensive teams like FO, SE, and Nest. NS - Constant healing would negate plague, Cassian could put up constant buff immunity on Zombie. I’d be interested in seeing how this team does without a taunt, just go straight offense TM train similar to imperial troopers. Cara would be needed for the constant taunt and TM reduction. More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. Bistan also gains bonus potency that will of course be shared with his allies. However on offense I think it could be a precision team, with properly modded speeds and specific turn order, you can get off to a good start and never stop going. Biggs also has a 2 turn cooldown assist call, that can feed bonus TM to Pao. While Mon Mothma is alive, Rebel allies who die with Stealth have a 75% chance to revive with 50% Health and Evasion Up for 2 turns. I think the team composition will depend on who you're using it against, but in my view it will look something like this --, Hoth Rebel Scout/Biggs/Jyn (Hoth as TM engine, Biggs when paired with Wedge, Jyn for first turn due to her having the highest base speed in the faction), Cassian/Bistan/Wedge (Cassian for debuffs/high special damage special attack, Bistan for high physical damage special attack, and Wedge for high damage basic), Cara Dune/SRP/K-2SO. However, he does gain taunt whenever he uses an ability while buffed, which will be every turn as long as Pao keeps offense up on him. Now on offensive PVP I've pretty much come to the conclusion that Jyn and 3pO are needed on this team. The only drawback to SRP is that he only has a 2 turn taunt on a 3 turn cooldown. Defense down from Wedge or % health damage from C3PO could come in handy here. She interests me because she revives an outdated dead part of the rebel faction that many people were forced to in part gear up due to the past rebel fleet meta. Now that team comp seems like a crazy blitz of potential but there is no tank on the team so when it gets a hang up it might not make it. Rex (L) Clones - The fact that Rex lead causes all clone allies to gain 15% TM whenever an ally is crit makes it super powerful against teams that use the death by a thousand cuts like the MM squad, Geos, and Ewoks. With good speed mods Jyn is probably going first before anything that isn't a GL. Jyn - At first glance Jyn seems a bit underwhelming in this team, she has pretty poor stats, but she has a few key contributions. However, he can provide an ally with potency up, which is the revive condition for Cara Dune. If Chirrut is there, nest can solo, and I’m sure there are iterations of squads that include vader and or wampa that can probably crush this squad, not to mention Jawas. Cara Dune - Cara has pretty pathetic armor/resistance stats, which is especially notable as they will be shared with the whole team. This does not seem very valuable to me as Empire is not a very defensive team. Dark Side • Leader • Support Nightsister. He will only have 30% damage reduction on his assists. Reverend Vice Admiral Admiral. Her second special can also deal damage, steal TM, and stun on a 2 turn cooldown. No way nest could solo this. If that ability dealt no damage, the damage penalty is reduced to 45% less damage and that ally dispels all debuffs on the healthiest Rebel ally. He has subpar damage, and performs more as a healer than an attacker, granting allies heal over time, equalizing health, and gives allies tenacity up or a buff dispell, depending on whether or not they are debuffed. Frenzy will allow Bistan to gain 100% bonus TM each time an ally uses a special ability, so you could line their speeds up so Bistan is fastest and each ally is 1 speed slower, so Bistan will take 5 turns back to back, feeding TM to the team through Pao and HRS. Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Baze Malbus: Baze Malbus is a character that lost a lot of value as the game’s power creep continued to roll from 2017 to 2020. Summon is a battle mechanic that adds another ally to your team. Hoth Rebel Scout - HRS works phenomenally well with Mon Mothma lead. C-3PO - C3PO can provide some valuable benefits to this team. This will allow her to keep taunt up constantly throughout the battle unless she is made buff immune. This is a fun team but gets wreck by a solo Nest or Traya. About : Get Order 66 Was an Inside Job t-shirt @ Give the gift of Audible & support the channel @ Breaking SWGOH News: The Rebel Alliance's very own Mon Mothma is coming to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) holotable soon! Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. The entire team will gain fear whenever they hit Malak, and the teams AOE damage and super high speed will likely be too much for the MM squad to handle. Bistan's 1st special gives himself Frenzy for 4 turns. She can just revive whoever goes down and keep the TM train going. Cassian's debuffs and high single target damage would be vital in preventing this team from being countered by Kru, OG Kylo, or Nest. BH - BH may not be a hard counter to Mon Mothma, but the fact that they have 2 members who can prevent revives make it seem like it might be a bad idea. Mon Mothma Reveal - Major Boost to Wiggs? And Biggs is a support even though he can only attack. Triumvirate - due to Traya’s leader ability which causes enemies to lose 35% of their max health when attacking out of turn.
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