Additionally, he also has control of all the current Shichibukai, meaning that they are also under his command should he summon them, although he does not trust them one bit. Zeno (Dragon Ball Super) Additionally, Kizaru can also give permission to a lower ranking World Government member to initiate one if the situation calls for it. Finally, let's talk about his connections, which, honestly, he doesn't have very many. It should also be noted that since Ace was a logia user Blackbeard's normal punches are able to hit him. Without even talking about specifics, Cracker is without a doubt very powerful. Cracker himself is one of her three commanders so because of that, he has great authority within the crew itself. His arms are obviously very strong but his real strength lies in his legs because his fighting style specializes in immensely powerful kicks, being able to easily destroy large rocks, metal and even entire buildings with a single kick. The moment you've all been waiting for, Number one on the list are the four Yonko, Marshall D. Teach or Blackbeard, Charlotte Linlin or Big Mom, Kaido of the Beasts and Red-Haired Shanks. So as you can imagine by how many children Big Mom has it is without a doubt that she has some very powerful allies. For what purpose you may ask? Even if he doesn't have more allies, he has debatably more important ones. So the fact that he could improve his strength with haki and he can use it so proficiently that he can teach it to another individual is very impressive. The first attack was an indirect hit and it really only seemed to annoy him rather than actually injure him, and then he also took a point-blank quake bubble attack to his head and neck while being pinned down and, although he was injured quite a bit from this attack, he didn't die, or even pass out for that matter. Regarding his physical strength, he is definitely very strong and he generally uses a fighting style that involves a lot of kicking. Finally, although I wouldn't exactly call them allies, Marco is on good terms with the Yonko, Shanks, meaning that if the two had some sort of common enemy, they would probably be more than willing to help each other out. I won't be going through all of them just because there are so many but I will be going over the most notable or recognizable ones. He has a beard and a scar over his left eye. However, instead of inflating his bones like he does with gear third, he inflates his muscles and then inflates the rest of his body as well. Other than that, it takes a huge toll on his body and so does Cracker’s with prolonged use, but luckily for Cracker, his does not harm his well being, it just wears him out. Normally this would be a huge downfall, but I would like to give Jack the benefit of the doubt. Another attack is the Gum Gum king kong gun which essentially is the normal kong gun except this time around, Luffy blows even more air into his arms, similar to gear 3rd, to deliver an enormous compressed punch. In One Piece, Cracker is so powerful, that even the sound of his voice is enough for the nearby homies to cower in fear. These shock waves can pass through and damage almost any substance completely tearing it apart, and if these shock waves are directed into the ground the attack will result in a devastating earthquake capable of generating huge tsunamis or worse. As a harpy, she had the ability to fly. If the user is not near water this attack also doubles as an excellent defense because it will destroy or disrupt any attacks that are coming towards the user. Along with this, the ties Big Mom has to the underworld and the New Fish-Man Pirates we can predict that there is even more than meets the eye. Mihawk used this technique to gauge his power in comparison to White Beard and sent a giant flying slash attack towards him it traveled very quickly and had enough power behind it to cut through tons of ice but this attack was stopped by Diamond Jozu so from this we can either assume that Mihawk can cut through diamond but he was not expecting to need to cut through diamond so he held back his true power or he is not strong enough to cut through diamond. Now compared to other people who will appear on this list, Kuzan would still put up a good fight with each of them, but I believe that all of the other characters on this list would be able to defeat Kuzan in one way or another. Along with his fruit, Kuzan has also created a number of different techniques that he can use, such as Ice Age where he places his hands on large bodies of water such as the ocean and can freeze the whole area in an instant along with everything else the water touches. But I could also be completely wrong, and Shanks could die in the next arc. Two examples of these allies are the German 66, and although they are not allies by marriage quite yet, they are still currently on good terms, the second example would be the fish man pirates, both of which are very powerful groups of individuals. Most likely, Monkey D Dragon arrived on lougetown. His strength may not be the best on this list but he is definitely incredibly strong. I would like to say that if Cracker was almost able to cut off Luffy's arm while he was in gear fourth that the greatest swordsman in the world would be able to do it without a second thought because although Cracker isn't bad with a sword by any means he's not even close to Mihawk’s level. Now, with his intelligence, that happens to be a different story because I feel like Jack would not do very well in a fight against Doflamingo or Cracker because they would be able to easily use their intelligence to get the best of him. It should also be noted that since Kizaru himself is so fast he can easily keep up with others who are quite quick. His Conquerors haki is also extremely powerful as it was able to easily knock out tons of, Now finally on to his connections. I'm just going to say he's slightly above-average meaning that other characters such as Doflamingo, Cracker and Mihawk beat him in terms of intellect but I'm also not sure if their minds could move fast enough to comprehend how fast Kizaru is moving. As the final testament to his strength, Mihawk also used to have legendary duels with the Yonko, Shanks, and saw him as a worthy rival. The ability to apply haki to his strings to hurt logia users is only a big benefit and the shear factor that Doflamingo was able to take over an entire kingdom with his abilities is crazy. After the time skip, Luffy has managed to direct or select where the air is kept in his limbs allowing Luffy to still stretch his arms while they are inflated and maneuver them much better than he could before the time-skip. These techniques become enhanced, making them faster and stronger, so much so that they are given a new name when used. Next up, let's talk about his devil fruit. These kicks are also proven strong enough to kick both Kizaru and Kuzan hard enough to the point where they flew a great distance away. Next up is X Drake and his crew who are currently allied with Kaido and work under him. When it comes to, Compared to Luffy, Cracker has the edge when it comes to raw physical power but his defense is not quite as good as Luffy's. After a powerful hit between the participants' strongest attacks, only … He then lunges at his opponent causing massive damage if it hits them. A few good examples of what I mean would be the way he attempted to separate law and Luffy when they entered Dressrosa by offering the Mera Mera no Mi as a prize because he knew that Luffy would never let anyone else have his brother's devil fruit. Even Garp said Luffy is no ordinary child who gets his power from anywhere. Is still the ice dragon dragon wizard! Although both of those things do factor in to making someone stronger, sometimes you're going to need to battle without them. Big Mom herself can also create these things called incarnations which are these large blackghostly looking creatures created from Big Mom's own soul. So having this magma ability also serves as the ultimate defense, as it makes it much harder to hit him without risking your life. Another notable instance of her strength would be that she was able to break through a metal door just by walking through it which doesn't really sound him receive but smoothie who is one of Big Mom's sweet commanders and probably one of the strongest on her crew was unable to previously break through that same metal door unfortunately. But we don't know for sure. When it comes to his physical strength, Cracker is easily able to carry around a sword that is much bigger than his actual body and swing it at very great speeds, thus showing us that the weight of that massive sword is almost nothing to him. Jack also has a very powerful set of allies on his side, although I don't think he would ever let them help him, simply because Jack seems like the kind of person who doesn't work too well with others. Moving on to his haki abilities, Cracker only has the ability to use armament haki. In that case, Kizaru has Mihawk’s hands tied. Basically, Sakazuki is in charge of an entire army. Ivankou also concluded that Luffy is drawing people closer to him due to his conqeror’s haki. Hopefully you guys agree with the characters on this list at least with the qualifications I put in place but if you didn't agree make sure to tell me in the comments down below who your top strongest One Piece characters would be. This shows just how powerful Cracker is! This devil fruit allows Kizaru to not only transform into light to avoid being hit but to also create laser beams, travel at light speed and even perform a partial transformation that connects physical attacks at light speed, which are extremely devastating attacks. I want to say sorry in advance because we are going to be covering a lot of information about Luffy so now might be the time to go grab some snacks! Big Mom herself can also create these things called incarnations which are these large blackghostly looking creatures created from Big Mom's own soul. I would say that, In terms of haki, since he is an admiral in the Marines, his haki must be much better than what we got to see and I imagine his haki being around the same level as Cracker, but since we don't know for sure it's hard to gauge exactly how powerful it is. On top of that, he also now has Luffy as an ally and as we stated earlier Luffy has a great deal of allies on his side, giving Marco a much bigger set of connections from the ones he already has. Let us start with Charlotte Cracker’s physical abilities! For his haki, I won't repeat myself too much, but I personally believe Jack has the ability to use haki and we just haven't seen him do it yet, so I don't really want to count his haki as a downfall quite yet. We don't know a lot about this stipulation but we do know that when a victim is showing fear it makes it much easier for Big Mom to extract their soul. Kaido may potentially have the stronger crew but if Big Mom has a crew and set off allies close in strength but with greater numbers, even Kaido will be toast because of her massive set of connections. Really not much is known about just how smart she is because we've seen two different sides two big mom - we've seen the side where she seems rather intelligent, more or less acting like a businesswoman in the way she sets up marriages and alliances with other crews and organizations ultimately just trying to get what she wants and strengthen her own crew. These lasers may not cause as much damage as Sakazuki’s magma but they sure do travel a lot faster so when I compare these two fruits I feel that Sakazuki's fruit has a lot more destructive power behind it that also comes with a useful defense that is also an offense. Of course we don't know a lot about Shanks’ intelligence but it's also hard for me to imagine him not being intelligent so I may just be biased in that case. Before we continue on, something else that needs to be brought up really quick would be the other two sweet commanders: Charlotte Smoothie and Charlotte Katakuri. These shock waves can pass through and damage almost any substance completely tearing it apart, and if these shock waves are directed into the ground the attack will result in a devastating earthquake capable of generating huge tsunamis or worse. Although the two haven't spoken yet, Luffy has made connections with other members of the Revolutionary Army so it is without a doubt that the two will end up coming together at some point. In regards to haki, I feel like Marco is a lot better than what was shown but I still feel like Mihawk has him beat as well. Moving on to his intelligence, I have no problem saying that Jack is not an intelligent character and that is his biggest flaw. To be safe, we will give the edge to Doflamingo in terms of devil fruit abilities. Also, something that I want to bring up is that so far Mihawk is the only character on this list that has yet to receive even one little scratch, meaning that he is one of the best of the best if nobody can even land a hit on him. Without this training luffy would definitely still have a very long way to go to get to where he is now and having such a powerful and wise man on his side has proved to be a great asset. Being able to tank all of those deadly attacks with increased damage and pain for that matter is definitely no easy task, showing us that Blackbeard's endurance really is something else. Luffy’s strength and speed are increased immensely due to him mixing both gear second and gear third turning himself into one massive powerhouse. Most of his attacks are kick based in conjunction with his devil fruit abilities, but his kicks alone are also something to fear. In fact, after learning Luffy’s lineage and his feelings towards Ace. Of course, Marco was still able to feel pain and get hurt but he will be good as new and only a matter of seconds. Now that we have finally finished all the important information about Luffy, let me explain to you why I believe he is strong enough to be in this top 10 list and why I ranked him 10th for that matter. In terms of haki, since we haven't really seen anything from either character, we'll just assume that since they're around the same level of power. Additionally, Luffy can also add armament, In addition to this, Luffy can also enhance his gear third techniques with armament, Gear fourth also gives Luffy amazing defensive capabilities. It is important however to note that although Luffy’s devil fruit is not as powerful as other’s, he has been capable of still beating those people in combat through his creativity when it comes to using his abilities. Next up is his ability to use haki and something I forgot to mention earlier when we were talking about his strength and defensive capabilities was that the majority of what we discussed was without his use of haki. Finally, Doflamingo has a lot of good connections in some powerful places. Currently, only a maximum of people are able to initiate a Buster Call so the fact that Kizaru has that kind of power because of his connections gives him an even bigger edge. Dragon is sabo’s mentor and he learned haki, martial arts from Dragon. That being said, it is highly probable that the other characters on this list would still be able to get back up and fight after taking on that attack, thus his durability could be a tad bit better. Regarding his intelligence, I feel like Doflamingo is one of those characters people don't really think of as being overly intelligent, but to me he is one of the smartest characters revealed so far. From this, I would say that Jack does not have a lot of intelligence, but he is by no means completely dumb; instead, his mind is just corrupt with madness. To be honest, it can get pretty dull when you’re already the best. So as of right now, I would say that Shanks and Blackbeard are both even in terms of intelligence. Because we don't know exactly what Cracker’s massive amount of allies consists of we will just consider them as equal, along with Doflamingo for the time being. These incarnations are also capable of human speech and are able to understand basic orders from Big Mom herself. Before I begin I want to say that this is a very very tough choice for me to make because each of them have some sort of superior quality. Also known as gum gum fruit, it gives Luffy's body the properties of rubber, making him a “rubber man”. On top of that, this fruit is also less useful in certain environments so that too adds another strike against this fruit. In my previous One Piece top 10, I did say this article wouldn't be coming out for quite a while. He is also a very smart character, being able to analyze any situation or character and execute a plan accordingly. It should also be noted that Shanks was once a member of Gol D Rogers’ crew and I would say this is a very significant connection. Just like Luffy, the first thing we're going to be going over is his physical abilities. Although since he only has access to armament haki, he is lacking in variety, but if I had to compare his armament haki to someone else I would say it's probably closest to Doflamingo’s level but for all we know it could be much better than that or much worse. When it comes to deception, Cracker is some sort of genius because he managed to fool the world government and the Marines with his false appearance for years, and with what we saw during his fight with Luffy, you can tell that he can easily think of ways to fool or throw off his opponent in a mere instant. where he might face Gorosei (five elders of Mariejois), Fleet admiral, 3 admirals, Sengoku and even his father Garp. People have four different theories on Monkey D. Dragon’s past affiliation and these are: All these are cool theories. It would do much more damage than normal as well, meaning he has to deal with a lot of pain whenever he fails to absorb an attack which happens quite often. Because this fruit is a logia, he can let attacks pass through him as long as they are not imbued with khaki, but as we said earlier it seems as though even haki is not enough to pass this intangibility. Normally this would be a huge downfall, but I would like to give Jack the benefit of the doubt. So imagine what he could possibly do if he imbued his sword with haki. Jinbe and the New Fish-Man Pirates are also allies of White Beard, meaning that they are likely now allies of Marco. Although this could just be the strings separating rather than breaking, so that is up for debate. So I honestly don't even know what to start with regarding his physical abilities because Doflamingo has massive strength, insanely fast reflexes, incredible speed, great defensive abilities and endurance and that's not even everything. His strength alone is enough to cut through almost anything with a sword in his hands. Next we'll talk about his haki, which unfortunately we have not seen him use. Goshikito, which is where Doflamingo swipes his hand to send string from each finger flying at his opponent or other object and these strings can cut through almost anything like we recently stated. He also ended up losing his left leg in their battle and now uses a leg made out of ice as a prosthetic, so I also feel that his missing limb could cause Kuzan a lot of problems during a battle. They are on somewhat equal grounds being regarded as the strongest pirates on the sea. Without even looking at what he can do we also know Jack is very powerful because he is one of the Three Disasters, which are the Yonko, Kaido's three right hand men and possibly women. Physically, Sakuzuki is the definition of a super human or maybe a better term would be a monster. For instance, his main goal was to get his hands on the Yami Yami so Blackbeard spent over two decades travelling with the Whitebeard pirates just to increase his chances of finding it, which of course he eventually did, thus completing the first step of a plan he waited so long to accomplish during his time with the Whitebeard Pirates. We first saw this when Marco flew up to the execution platform while being shot multiple times by Marines and each bullet passed right through him and didn't seem to affect him whatsoever. Even if we find out Jack doesn't have the ability to use haki, I really wouldn't think of it as a bad thing in Jack's case. Yes. Which because of the Underworld, it leads me to his next connection which is his connection to the Yonko, Kaido. Garp is a tall, tanned, broad-chested, muscular old man. Another thing that should be mentioned is her relationship with the countries or civilizations she protects. His bounty, just like Shanks and Big Mom is also in the four billion range but it higher than those two. The first being that Kuzon’s fruit is superior to Luffy's fruit. These homies can fight if needed but they do have two weaknesses. We've also seen that Blackbeard was able to injure white beard with a few punches and being able to injure the strongest man in the world is of course no easy task. He also possesses great endurance and stamina, being able to take multiple direct hits from Kizaru laser beams, while he was unable to defend himself because his devil fruit ability was shutdown with Sea-Prism Stone handcuffs. He is also smart and skilled enough to teach haki, showing that he is also very proficient with it himself. With this crew, he was also able to take over the entire kingdom of Dressrosa and rule it accordingly. Even though these characteristics are definitely some of the best we've seen, he does have two downfalls which are his haki, or lack thereof, and his intelligence. The third strongest character in One Piece is the strongest creature in the world : "Kaido of the Beasts". Doflamingo having a Yonko as his ally is definitely a very important connection to have. The second downfall is that this technique can only be used for a short amount of time. I feel like being as powerful as he is, we can deduce that Jack has haki and just hasn't used it yet because he is thee right hand of the Yonko Kaido himself. Which this crew was made up of 1600 men and I do imagine that many of these men fell the, So even if it may seem like Marco is lacking a bit compared to some of the other characters we've discussed, I do have to disagree and say there's much more to him than meets the eye. The father of Monkey D. Luffy himself, Dragon is certainly one of the strongest people we’ve ever seen in the series. Cracker is definitely more intelligent than Luffy and his armament haki is far superior to his; however, Luffy does have access to the other two types of haki giving him a variety and a little bit of an edge. When he does his swords cutting power, his overall attack power is greatly increased, to the point where Cracker almost cut off luffy's arm with his haki imbued sword while luffy was using gear fourth! Just imagine how many people must try and challenge him for that title and what Mihawk had to accomplish to get that title in the first place. Between gear second and his haki, Luffy found a way to ignite this attack to create both fire and an explosion. On these facts, We say that Monkey D Dragon is the highest Haki User, the supreme master of Haki. Although Luffy is one of the strongest One Piece characters, he should be placed any higher than ten on this list. We all know that even marines say Monkey D Garp is the strongest armanent haki user in the world who can even fight with pirate king head to toe. It was also confirmed by the Gorosei that Kuzan has also allied himself with the Black Beard Pirates. Finally, let's look at Cracker’s notable connections or allies. All zoan users get an automatic strength boost so this makes Marco physically much stronger than before, pushing him ahead of other characters on this list in terms of physical strength and he also has the ability to fly, but Marco is also not limited like Doflamingo with clouds. Kizaru also appears to be very absent-minded and irresponsible when it comes to his way of justice, such as using so much force in one kick against some pirates that he ended up breaking part of a mangrove tree. As stated previously, what he lacks in defense, he makes up in stamina. Blackbeard's intellect mainly lies inside of his own plans for personal gain making sure to get every detail just right if possible. That being said, he is still able to take on these same deadly attacks while they are imbued with haki, which bypass his devil fruit powers. Well in terms of his physical abilities, he is most definitely a monster, but for instance he is not as strong as Jack, physically. In terms of his strength, it is unimaginable. Definitely a plus, however two things I want to bring up is that Mihawk is strong enough with his sword to the point where he would never need a devil fruit and if he were to eat one it would just potentially make him weaker and the other thing I want to bring up is that some people out there do believe that Mihawk has already ate a devil fruit. In fact, most of Sabo’s attacks are named after the dragon (Ryu). Marco can fly. They also have the ability to create or summon two particular homies at will named Zeus and Prometheus which are a thundercloud anda miniature son. Another good example would be how Doflamingo used his connection with the World Government and the Celestial Dragons to make his enemies think he had left to this Shichibukai which would in turn trap them, which like I said earlier, the connections that these characters have are very important in deciding how strong you actually are, because with friends in high places like this you can accomplish some pretty devastating things, so the fact that Doflamingo actually uses these connections in his strategy shows how intelligent he really is. Many will probably disagree with this when they see who some of these characters are because *spoiler alert* some of the characters that are on this list have battled and been defeated by Luffy. Whereas Kizaru's makes him the fastest man alive, which in turn can lead to some devastating quick attacks that Sakazuki would never see coming, so I would consider these fruits equals in terms of how useful and strong they are, but I will be giving Kizaru’s devil fruit the win because of how scary his fruit can truly be, if he decides to go all-out with that speed and destructive power. That being said, it's not as bad as it sounds. How powerful you have to become and challenge those powerhouses! Additionally, Kizaru was able to fight one-on-one with the former Yonko on pretty much equal footing. He is also considered the greatest swordsman in the world, a title that is by far something that's not easy to obtain. In regards to his durability, Cracker is a bit lacking because of how he was knocked unconscious from Luffy's tank man technique; however, to be fair, he flew quite a long way crashing into multiple objects along the way as well so it must have been a very powerful attack that consequently did a lot of damage to him. Known as the strongest creature in the world, Kaido is one of the Yonko in the One Piece world. Rayleigh helped train Luffy in many different aspects over the time-skip, including how to control his haki. Mihawk has equal or better haki to Cracker from what I stated earlier and in terms of intelligence, although cracker is very deceptive, I think Mihawk would have the edge because he is more observant and would be able to easily see through these deceptions. So what brings me to this conclusion is the fact that both Shanks and. Maoh- Threat to all global civilization 7. Finally the last connection we are aware of that is notable would be his connection with Marco.
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