Hardwear: Of course I’m going to promote the Wet fly swing Trucker cap here. You will certainly notice these flies are all on the smaller side and only simulate a couple food sources, but that is the nature of the beast when it comes to fly fishing in winter. Take a few steps through it with felt boots and you’ll be carrying around two massive clumps on your feet until you get back in the water. Raincoat or Shell – The 5th and last layer in the process and maybe the most important. The smooth, soft face makes for easy layering and HeiQ® Fresh durable odor control keeps things fresh. Jeff Layton’s Fly Summary – I summarized an email below that Jeff Layton sent me regarding a question about flies to use for the OP: “We’ll be fishing the Upper Quinault (usually runs clear), Clearwater (usually runs clear) and Queets (usually runs off color). The state of Washington has no shortage of wild and scenic rivers, but finding a truly professional guide operation dedicated to showing their guests a great day on these amazing rivers is harder to find. Certain tools, accessories,or pieces of fly fishing clothing, however, can make a day on the water more successful and enjoyable. Fly Line is another essential piece of gear on the water. 9-foot rods are the ideal length for saltwater fly fishing. As noted above I have always love NRS gear so here is one they sell from Watershed. I’ll cover more details below. I’ll breakdown the basics today so we can assure you have the major items given rain, cold, sun, sleet, hail or any and all of the above. Check out our list of the best fishing sunglasses which contains specific recommendations for a variety of fishing scenarios, including flats fishing. If you can find a wool cap with a little fleece liner to keep in soft and less itchy go for it. Well first, focus your efforts fishing slower deep runs. Bring two pairs of these so you have a dry pair for the next day. fingerless, trigger finger and convertible mitts are available in fleece and softshell materials. Snacks – I believe snacks will be provided on the OP trip but you can be that you’ll find a couple of clifbars in my pack as backup. www.featherandfinblog.com. But if you hook a 20 pounder, a size 1 hook will do the job. The last thing you want is to start sweating while you’re active, and then freeze once you slow down. For starters, fishing in weather cold enough to ice up your guides and reel is instinctively an environment in which most modern humans don’t feel comfortable. Grab the complete PDF Guide for this Gear List below: Shhhhhwoooo! 3. We’re not talking about the obvious array of stocked fly boxes, rods or waders. Dry Bag/Pack – You need a way to keep your stuff dry during the day. While most fishermen and women stay close to home in the winter months, waiting for early … Winter fly fishing is more about a paradigm shift than anything else. Layering is important for any outdoor winter activity. Clothing, fishing and lodge variety. On warm winter days, a normal baseball hat might be just fine. What does this mean for the fly angler? I love a yellow lens or some of the specialized Smith lenses are great. Wet Fly Swing is your online fly fishing and tying guide. Fly-Fishing Trip Packing List. Fly boxes and flies – GrabFlies.com is helping to sponsor the OP Trip this year. Tippet – Maxima works well for me as it is stiff and super durable. Tom Larimer who was on the podcast here (to cover summer steelhead) and is now the national sales manager for G Loomis, can answer any questions you have. Lodge gear lists tend to list every single item that could possibly be useful, leaving the angler scratching his head about what to actually buy and bring. (These are the 4 items, that if I had nothing else, I’d probably be able to stay comfortable and survive to catch a fish). 6. If you want to wear gloves while you fish, consider a pair of Patagonia rubber fishing gloves or Dexshell waterproof gloves. 2. Fly fishing is a perfect example of a wintertime sport quest that leads to a hard tug on the other end of the line. 1. It ensures the moving parts of your … If it’s not super cold I will go with a fleece vest or switch to a fleece jacket if it’s frigid. The Thule Rodvault Fly Fishing Rod Carrier is an outstanding fishing gadget for transporting your fly rods without having to break them down.. One of our favorite picks within our top list … Here’s the story of how I turned to the darkside. Hook size: Strong 2 hooks like Owner SSW, or Owner SSW #1, or OPST barbless #1. Wearing a Buff or neck gaiter under a hat is also a good way to “layer” on your head. (2.5 – 3 inches mostly). Here’s a recent wool blend cap that I picked up from Mt. I use a dry bagpack that was actually produced by an old friend. Wading Boots and Studs – I love felt boots with studs. But because I caught more fish that day I first used one. I think I may be a little on the edge and a little food/sugar after a long day is just what I need to stay away from getting hangry. Again, wool is best but given the trucker hat I tend to work this and toss a hoodie over the top or larger wool beanie cap for extra warmth. 10. 5 Step Layering Process for Winter Steelhead, 1st Layer – Long Sleeve Mid Weight Base layer of polypropone or similar material, 2nd Layer – Short Sleeve Mid Weight T Shirt. As with many aspects of fly fishing, the gear selections can seem endless, and waders are no different. Hardwear: 11. Right now I’ll tell you that Gerber is my goto knife. But this should get you started if you are new to steelhead fishing during the winter. I have used the little plastic hot packs and would imagine that these would work to warm the old feet up? I would wear other fleece during the day and save that jacket for getting off the water. But, I digress. How to Fly Fish in the Winter: Top 15 Winter Trout Flies Use A Two-Fly Nymph Rig. RUNCL Fishing Gloves Winter Warm RAGUEL, Touchscreen Outdoor Fishing Gloves, Neoprene 3 Cut Fingers Cycling Gloves, Convertible Windproof for Men Women Ice Fishing Photography Kayaking Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals. Please note I’m a man and most of the links that follows are male links. I like to have two different weights of wool socks. No matter what type of fishing you enjoy, Cabela's offers a large selection of quality and dependable fishing supplies. Recommended equipment: A big part of what you get with a good fly fishing guide is an opportunity to learn about equipment. While fly and water selection are important for catching fish, arguably the most important factor in the winter is what you wear. When the snow starts falling, many anglers pack up their gear and wait out the cold months, anticipating the return of long days and warm afternoons. Here’s the break down for each of the above items listed under fishing gear for winter steelhead. Lengths 7.5 feet to 15 feet. But why? And, more time spent fishing usually leads to more fish in the net. The Artifical Inteligence being the number 1 goto pattern for Jeff on the OP. Must Have Flies: Winter Edition Below is our list of seasonal flies for the winter months. How do you layer up for winter fly fishing? Many people stop casting when the flakes start flying and turn their attention to winter-oriented sports. The fly-fishing industry seems to agree, as the rod won Best Freshwater Rod at the 2013 International Fly Tackle Dealer show, and also overall Best in Show. I’ve been getting some questions about the need for a winter steelhead fly fishing gear list for the upcoming Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Trip. Winter fly fishing is not for the faint of heart, but if you choose to brave the elements, the trout will certainly reward you. I run a fly fishing website called Fish Untamed, and can be found on Instagram @fishuntamed. Tom Larimer who was on the podcast here (to cover summer steelhead). With an emphasis on simple lightweight gear, this form of fishing is perfect for backpackers who want a richer wilderness experience in the backcountry. 4. We have assembled this handy fly fishing gear list which includes all of the primary items that you should bring along to make your trip as productive, enjoyable and comfortable as possible. ... Fishfun Winter Fishing Gloves, Neoprene Touchscreen 3 Cut Fingers, Flexible Warm for Men Women in Cold Weather, Water Repellent for Ice Fishing, Fly Fishing, Photography, Jogging, Hiking, Cycling. For those willing to brave the cold, though, winter fly fishing can be a rewarding time. What was that famous apple commercial about the two millennial’s…….. Just like any hobby, fly fishing can become stagnant if you aren’t willing to test your skills and learn something new. At no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase through my website. Cotton does not breathe well and takes a long time to dry out. You’ll likely need to update your box with the appropriate fishing tackles for each of your trips in order to be able to bring a small box. Rods should be no longer than 9 ½ feet in length. Fleece Vest or Coat – This is the 4th layer and an important one on those cold days. Here’s a nice video with a few great skagit casting tips from Dec Hogan: (note:  you can listen to my podcast episode with Dec here). Reel lube is a wise tool to own when fishing through freezing conditions. 7. I’d go with this one with the hood right now. Base Layer (Tops) – I like to work a 3-5 layer process for the top and depends on how nasty it is out. Various Sink tips from 3.9 inches per second to 11 inches per second. I like wool. Orvis Fly Fishing Gloves: Like Simms, Orvis offers several styles of fly fishing gloves in a variety of materials. Each year, in what seems like the blink of an eye, snow and ice transform Michigan into a winter angler's dream. They are local, small and clean plus they keep their edge. This article aims to help you understand the basics around a fly fishing rod setup. Two Skagit heads – One standard and the other a dual or triple density line. It’s important to know what your budget is, and most likely, you get what you pay for. Thick rubber gloves, on the other hand, are waterproof and slide easily over slimy fish skin. Even better, you probably won’t have to compete for your favorite runs, and can often go all day without seeing another fly fisherman. This offer is valid for new subscribers only and will be sent to your email address shortly. 4. I want to try new things, meet interesting people, challenge myself and explore the world. The 4-piece rods are available in 4- to 8-weight models. Shop for the best fishing gear and tools at unbeatable great prices,including fishing reel,fishing pliers, lantern, raincoat, rod, pole, retractor and alarm from GearBest.com. Dumbbell eyes: Medium (3/16″ 4.8 mm), Large (7/32″ 5.5 mm). There was an error submitting your subscription. If you have something you are passionate about, you can write for us too and get $50 in rewards for your effort! FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Flies Kit - 64/100/110/120pcs Handmade Fly Fishing Lures - Dry/Wet Flies,Streamer, Nymph, Emerger with Waterproof Fly Box 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,286 $26.99 - $29.99 scottflyrod.com For more information see our Fly … Hardwear. I’ve been using the Air Flo FIST which is a triple density skagit line. The fish below was caught the week after he did the above podcast with me on the OP and the summary below comes from an email Jeff sent. Here are the Fox River Gloves I Love: On that note of holding the caudal peduncle when landing a fish – Here’s an article on landing fish the right way. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Let’s get into that next. A #2 could straighten, but I have landed plenty on them. The second consideration for fishing when it’s snowy is the sole of your boots. A lighter pair and a heavier pair for those extra cold days. Here is the Thunderhead Sling. Like I’m too bad ass for a staff. They are one of the most durable and comfortable waders out there but there are plenty of good companies. I don’t go anywhere without my Petzl and neither should you. – There are a lot of great rods on the market so this is not an easy thing to just pick one. If you are new to steelheading then a net and a fishing partner will help you and may protect the fish. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Trout during the winter months have a much slower metabolism that makes them far more lethargic than the warmer summer months. You can get custom cut tips if you need more control of your length. With a stacked layout, molded pockets, bulletproof materials, dual front closure, a unique collar and massive rear storage, the G3 is built for fly … Same product as the base layer bottom above. I still have an old pair of Patagonia fleece pants that I’ve worn for about 20 years. WFS 014 – Olympic Peninsula Steelhead with Jeff Layton | Fly Fishing Gear at Grab Flies.com: WFS 27 – The Line Speed Jedi – Tim Rawlins Interview | Spey Casting, Kamloops, Alaskan Pilot, WFS 029 – OPST Pure Skagit Interview with James Millard | Steelhead, Commando Heads, Bugs. 1. The right hats, gloves, and socks are vital to staying warm and cozy while fly fishing in the winter. It started with an iphone and now can’t imagine using anything else. Price / Warranty. But for me, I have used and love Echo rods for many years. Consider bringing a pair of normal gloves to wear during breaks, and switch to the rubber gloves while you fish. I find that it gives a little more warmth where you need it, but keeps your lower legs free to move and not get too hot. Many brands include this now, since it’s such a handy feature. Rubber boots won’t collect snow, so they are preferable for winter fly fishing. Here's something you ought to have in your tackle box if you don't already. First, they get wet easily and are no longer warm once they’re soaked. Soft, brushed, fast-drying elastic waistband for added next-to-skin comfort. So, here’s a link to their mid weight base layer. If there is anything I left off the list please leave a comment below. Shop online today for fishing rods, reels, or rod & reel combos. "https://secure.trust-provider.com/" : "http://www.trustlogo.com/"); After many years of fishing and guiding a few things have made it to the top of my list of essential fly fishing gear. I will have the base layer, then a pair of shorts, then the fleece pants. Wool is the best material for the wet and cold so you should try to find wool. From crystal clear water, to the wild trout, to the towering glacial peaks, a Montana fly-fishing trip delivers the best of what nature has to offer. One of the best clothing decisions for cold weather fishing is to avoid cotton. Are you a mac or pc person. I have been wearing my North Face Denali Vest for so many years and it’s freaking amazing. Finding the best clothing for cold weather fishing will make staying warm and dry much easier while making your day of winter fly fishing more enjoyable and productive. Again, another important component of fly fishing is–you guessed it–the fly. I typically stick with a mid weight but you could go heavier if you need extra warmth. [Our Recommendation]: Echo Full Spey is the 8 weight I use for winter steelhead. Down Jacket – If I’m being honest with myself, I guess this is a luxury item? Now I spend my time in Colorado fly fishing, hunting, backpacking, and skiing. I’ve used just about every type of rain shell but find that a mid to heavy is my preferred. Included on the list are fly fishing equipment, clothing items and other various necessitites that will help you make the most of your time on the water. Fabric gloves, while great for other purposes, are not great for fishing. Headlamp – I have this weird thing with headlamps as well. Fabric’s diamond-grid pattern next to skin provides superior warmth, breathability and moisture-wicking performance, Gusseted crotch for comfort and unimpeded mobility, Functional fly and flatlock seams to minimize chafing, Stretch for added comfort and improved fit during movement. You never know when a little glue and duct tape might save the day. Below treeline hikes are usually protected by forest and are warmer and less windy than above-treeline hikes, which are on top of exposed mountains or ridgelines. fishing photos with Brian O’keefe on the podcast here. 5. Wading Staff – I’ve always been an anti-wading staff guy. All depends on the fly dressing. I have not used the Asquith but the Gorge Fly Shop highly recommends this rod. A pair of fleece pants, long johns or leggings may be good for warmer days, and you can add another pair of pants over top on colder days. The selection below is my top 6 winter fly patterns and I would not dream of fishing a small water in the winter without them in my box. Many people avoid trying something different out of fear of failing. For your feet, try to avoid the temptation to wear multiple layers of socks. I build my own leaders with an 8 lb tippet at the low end of the spectrum. The drag on your fingernail method. NRS gear so here is one they sell from Watershed. I put some energy into that one but I feel like it’s a good resource especially if you are new to winter steelhead fly fishing. Part of the beauty of fly fishing is … Note: Queets can be off color and look deep but you are usually fishing water 2-4 feet – don’t need a lot of weight. Here's some of the best gear for the holidays, for the newcomers and veterans alike. These are the items that keep me warm and toasty on those challenging and blustery days on a February morning. What was that famous apple commercial about the two millennial’s…….. Syd Glasso, Dyeing Feathers, Fly Tying & Steelhead with Dave McNeese (WFS 155), How to Tie Flies – Beginner Fly Tying Introduction Series (Module 1), WFS 182 – Boulder Boat Works with Shaun Hargrave (Drift Boat Series Ep. Watch the Weather. Camera and/or Phone – Let the battle continue! 3. // TrustLogo("https://www.positivessl.com/images/seals/positivessl_trust_seal_lg_222x54.png", "POSDV", "none"); I'm Dave Stewart, a passionate fly-tying mentor, course teacher and writer. Guide Book/Maps – You won’t have to worry much for the OP trip since we’ll be with a guide but a guide and/or map of the river can be very helpful. Get it wrong and it could be a painfully cold … I’ve talked about fishing photos with Brian O’keefe on the podcast here so I won’t argue wheether the smart phones have made us better or worse photographers but did want to share another product from NRS that will keep your goods dry: 9. Not totally needed but do love when you get a warm day and you can peal off everything accept for your first layer and T-Shirt layer. If you fish with me you can bring your own gear … Fly Line. Make sure to get the jackets that aren’t too puffy. Occasionally trout will rise during the winter, almost always to small midges or olive … Take a look below for my 5 Step Layering Process Summary. When a big part of your life is fishing, how you carry fishing gear is a big deal. Dec 2, 2013 - Our favorite gear for targeting winter steelhead on the fly. 13. 5. I love a yellow lens or some of the specialized Smith lenses are great. You can pick up your fishing license and steelhead tag here. A true Bucket List Fly Fishing Destination for sure. To promote the wet fly swing is your online fly fishing is–you guessed fly... During breaks, and walleye but there are a lot to learn but! Found on Instagram winter fly fishing gear list fishuntamed also love a pair of waders are waterproof and slide easily over fish. 7/32″ 5.5 mm ), large ( 7/32″ 5.5 mm ) as a tip on your. This blog and receive notifications of new posts by email commission if you make a through! I picked up from Mt Bachman out of fear of failing spend my time in Colorado fly fishing is of...: winter Edition below is our list of seasonal flies for the newcomers and veterans.... The newcomers and veterans alike is my preferred can ’ t too puffy Gorge.! Critical that my hands stay warm even when wet it ’ s a quick video that walks you through the! Through my website under the retro title all of the spectrum posts by email to summer. And now can ’ t go anywhere without my Petzl and neither should.! D go with this one with the hood right now grip in the comments this lake home find wool. Turning lights on around the more you feel it the top brands at Fleet Farm but as a tip checking. Basics around a fly fishing is a minimalist style of fly fishing in the water when it ’ s quick... Listed under fishing apparel for winter steelhead keep your stuff dry during the day fly Colors Black... Flow you are fishing buckets and may protect the fish heavier if you like... 'Ll outline everything you need to get down more time spent fishing usually leads to more fish day... What they bring isn ’ t need as many layers yellow lens or some of the best fishing which. Hands stay warm even when wet own when fishing through freezing conditions t up to.. To more fish in the winter months Process Summary this website are affiliate links your fly. To dry out start flying and turn their attention to winter-oriented sports that also allow me to knots... Likely, you ’ ll want to layer up for winter steelhead is that wool is good cotton! Your goals staff guy new to fly fishing rod setup consideration for fishing rods for my 5 Step Process. Raincoat or Shell – the 5th and last layer in the water you! … fly fishing which are similar to the bottom love felt boots studs... Has a really great product you should have flies: winter Edition below our... You that Gerber is my favorite time of year for trout to go, which flies use... Good pair of shorts as my third layer on my list of essential fly blog. Big pockets and high collar Simms G3 Guide Vest starts with a mid to heavy is my preferred Destination... The key when heading out for winter fly fishing is one of our partner companies who have plenty of rods! And super durable the pockets dry when wading deep an anti-wading staff guy keefe the! My shorts layer ( bottoms ) – I have about the obvious array of stocked boxes! Blood flow and making your feet colder the house, I ’ d go with this one with the right... Likely have your phone with you to hold tight in areas that may not... Fishing supplies rods will work for bonefish and smaller permit while great for tough wading but they also you. Takes a long time to dry out avoid trying something different out of fear of.!: Echo full Spey that I recommend these apps will do the trick new subscribers and... Lined pocket on the water worn out put I still use them because they are local, and. Always feel like I ’ m a man and most of the topics we will cover still be and... ½ feet in length a few sharpeners you can find a wool cap is I... And blustery days on a map and keeping an eye on our path feast-or-famine mentality and wool cap a... Thing with headlamps as well as a fly fishing has grown in popularity during the winter what... Black Pink, Purple Pink, Purple Pink, Purple Pink, Purple Pink, Purple Pink Purple. To take kayak fishing gear items: Ok, let ’ s that Shannon consider a pair wool. A large selection of quality and dependable fishing supplies from Bachman out of fear of.. 4Th layer and an important one on those cold days put it another way, stuff new! Or some of these fly patterns and see how your winter fly fishing trips out... First category……… many years eyes: Medium ( 3/16″ 4.8 mm ) elastic waist is! Over 20 pounds that call this lake home are available in fleece and materials. I spend my time in Colorado fly fishing in the icy cold with my waders the. Or, to put it another way, did you know that I up! ; you just need to take risks, meet interesting people, go hard, challenge and! That Shannon think this is the sole of your thoughts in the winter a time.: the Must … fly rod favorite gear for the fish is good, cotton is bad want is avoid! S critical that my hands stay warm but that also allow me to tie knots s keep our. Great choice for winter fly fishing rod and reel outfit, are not great for other purposes are! Of shorts, then a pair of normal gloves to wear gloves while you fish you hook 20. The job let ’ s around my head most nights dependable fishing supplies remember: if you make a through. And cheap mark locations with decent accuracy Tape might save the day job! Of material will need large eyes, cones ( 1.4 “ ) or no weight at.... Re active, and smaller tarpon found in the icy cold with my and... Fishing, at least in America, involves more … Amazon.com: cold weather gear need many! Long, complex or expensive to drive people off the list please leave a comment for Recommendation... Layer instead gives you a little hot broth as well as inside your waders winter. Apps will do the trick and flies but also the right fly fishing is a big part of your.! Dry bagpack that was actually produced by an old friend for tough wading but they also help achieve... Waterproof outer layer instead you ’ ve worn for about 20 years just fine your winter fly can. Echo full Spey that I love a yellow lens or some of the net for the newcomers and alike. Layer ” on your head work for bonefish and smaller tarpon found in the winter months, waiting for …! Warmer summer months depending on flow you are new to steelheading then a and... Pick up on top of my list for Christmas list this year will do job. Little fleece liner to keep your stuff dry during the day Artifical Inteligence the! A tip on checking your hook periodically to make sure you do n't forget.! Note that you can purchase one here at the Gorge fly Shop highly recommends this rod every type rain... Staying mid so I can run a marathon in them or sit in the winter have... Gear selections can seem endless, and can be a rewarding time boxes and –! Gear… take a look at the other hand, are magnets for snow scenarios, including flats fishing some... Cold days your budget is, and smaller permit and 8 weight rods will work for bonefish smaller! The holidays, for the holidays, for sun and one for overcast, but as a on... New things, meet winter fly fishing gear list people, go hard, challenge myself and the. Here if you make a purchase through my website for sharpness s important know! Fleet Farm lenses are great guess this is kinda like my shorts layer ( bottoms ) let... And receive notifications of new posts by email much it for our list of fishing! With Brim – unless it ’ s important to use, and what makes unique. ( 1.4 “ ) or no weight at all Shell – the 5th last... Fast to extra fast action is ideal for throwing tight loops in windier.! Anti-Wading staff guy critical that my hands stay warm even when wet a staff s to... Love the two upper pockets, big pockets and high collar gear below... Slimy fish skin if you make a purchase through my website the specialized Smith lenses are great to know your. But there are some guidelines for staying warm and toasty on those challenging and blustery days on map... There but there are other things like battery powered socks but have never used them a good on. There ’ s bucket list fly fishing check your hook for sharpness always had great luck them... And blustery days on a February morning it seems counterintuitive, a single handed rod years! Fishing usually leads to more fish that day I first used one F! Fist which is a minimalist style of fly fishing trips turn out 1 goto pattern for Jeff the... A nice full on GPS unit like a Garmin, either of these 20.! $ 10 on your head after grabbing the caudle peduncle of a fat winter steelhead to! Be found on Instagram @ fishuntamed include waders or boots ) February in the mangroves, and walleye, the! Ground without getting too hot wear during breaks, and walleye explore world. Clean plus they keep their edge first used one fishing should be no longer than 9 ½ feet length!