We’re calling this “Benefits While You Wait.”. Lyft maintains that it does not employ the drivers who use its app. Asked to self-quarantine by your health care provider, employer, or public health official due to possible risk of exposure to, or spread of COVID-19, even if you are not sick. Or if they need more time to conform with the public health requirements. Submit information showing your self-employment. You will get at least that much if you are eligible. I am self-employed and still operating, but my business has significantly slowed because of COVID-19. Any time the Employment Department reduces or denies your benefits, we will send you a notice, called an administrative decision. This decision will determine if you will be paid for your ‘waiting week.’. How much will I receive in PEUC benefits? You may get several payments at once.You can also apply for benefits retroactively, meaning anytime after the first week you started losing earnings. I returned to work before I needed to apply for PEUC. We are required to let you know that there is a chance this could result in overpayment that you would have to pay back. If you receive a PUA payment for the week ending March 13, 2021, AND you still have weeks left on your claim, you may be eligible to participate in a phase-out period. The federal government created PUA to help these workers get benefits during the pandemic. If your claim’s status doesn’t show that your benefits have been reissued to you after five days, please use the Contact Us form to notify us. If the supervisor is not there, leave your number and ask that they call you back. Can I choose to stay on PEUC if I qualify for a new claim, but my new weekly benefit amount is lower? I have a regular claim, but I am serving penalty weeks. Hours of Operation. You are not eligible for PEUC if you turn down an offer of suitable work because you earn more on unemployment. Instead you will need to wait until the 11 week extension of PEUC benefits is implemented. Note: you will not receive confirmation if you file by mail.By fax. This is not a choice but is something that we are required to do. This new program will require employment verification, extensive computer programming, and employee training. It does not add any more benefits to your claim balance (your maximum benefit amount). Continue to file your weekly claims until we can determine you are eligible for PEUC. To start and keep getting benefits, you need to file a weekly claim every week. And the definitions are tightly connected to Covid-19 related reasons (listed above). If you have not filed a new claim for benefits you need to do so by calling your Unemployment Insurance Center. Should I wait to file another week of benefits until I can apply for EB? While you may still be eligible, any business income can impact how much you are eligible to get through PUA. So if you got one denial letter and one approval letter, the letters are about two different programs. The Oregon Employment Department is seeing an unprecedented number of people filing for unemployment insurance benefits. Some are caused by people giving us inaccurate or partial information. For any eligible week between March 29 and July 25, 2020, if they receive any benefits at all in a week, they also receive the additional $600. Despite disagreeing with this approach, we appreciate Lyft letting us share this information so that users of the platform can obtain assistance more quickly. Impostors are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to file claims for unemployment benefits using the names and personal information of people who have not filed claims. To get benefits, you have to file both an initial claim to determine if you qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, and a weekly claim for each week that you want to receive benefits. If you have exhausted both regular UI benefits and other benefit extensions like PEUC or Extended Benefits (EB), you may qualify for PUA. The ‘waiting week’ is the first week of your claim when you meet all eligibility requirements. It will take at least four weeks for your unemployment benefits to arrive. I got a letter saying I need to submit proof of authorization to work. Yes, you will likely receive unemployment benefits for the weeks you are required to quarantine. While we are still waiting to receive written instructions and rules from the U.S Department of Labor, we do know that you will NOT lose a week in PUA, PEUC, or FPUC benefits. That means you may continue filing weekly claims and receiving PUA through the week ending April 10, 2021. The letters had no email address or phone number … Are there any special requirements for EB? 2) You have only state taxes withheld from your unemployment benefits. I got a letter saying there was a problem with my claim. Is that going to happen to Oregon? Note that this requirement has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many reasons for an overpayment. Federal and state laws require that weekly benefits (UI and PUA) be reduced by the amount of retirement benefits someone receives (other than Social Security) if the benefits are from a program that is paid into by an employer the person worked for in their base year. You were scheduled to return to work. The LWA program can use up to $44 billion in disaster relief funding. The maximum is $648 per week. Answering a question on your weekly claim in a way that raises an issue. They will still be eligible for the entire $300 as long as they are eligible to receive at least $1 in benefits after deductions are made. The point of this requirement is to get you the maximum benefit amount possible. Hospitalized or in other institutionalized care due to COVID-19, but for less than half of the week, and you did not turn down an offer to work that week. What should I do? Federal law requires that to get PUA benefits each week, you have to be unemployed directly because of one of the reasons listed in the CARES Act. Workers can earn up to either ten times the highest minimum wage in Oregon or one-third of their regular weekly benefit amount, whichever is higher, without any reduction in their benefits. When the CARES Act was first enacted, FPUC provided an extra $600 per week stimulus that was only available between March 29, 2020 and through July 25, 2020. I got a notice about unemployment benefits that I didn’t file for. As the main phone number for the Oregon Employment … In this case, we used 20-40 percent of 30 hours per week. If you do qualify, you have to file a claim for each week you want benefits, and meet the weekly eligibility requirements. We will pay you your regular UI benefits until your UI claim is adjudicated. Contacting us before then will not help you get benefits faster. It depends. If you submit an initial application on a Friday, it will show up on Saturday or Tuesday, depending on the time of day you submit it. Under the CAA, you will also get the extra $300 FPUC benefits for all eligible weeks between Dec. 27, 2020 and March 13, 2021. Your claim requires manual review by a claims specialist. We want to be clear that Lyft disagrees with this direction, but the only purpose of this information is to help guide applicants more quickly to the program they likely need to file under in order to comply with the OED's request. If you don't claim each week while your appeal is pending, you may not be paid for those weeks if the appeal is decided in your favor. This is a new, temporary rule during the pandemic. What is the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program? Under the CARES Act, for all eligible weeks (between March 29, 2020, and July 25, 2020), you’ll also get the extra $600 payments. Collection methods may include: Don’t stop filing for weekly benefits just because you have an overpayment. Be prepared to provide your Social Security Number, date of birth, and other verification information requested.​. We had to lay off a lot of people because of COVID-19. within seven days, etc. The period covering the COVID-19 pandemic accounts for only 8% of this time. I have sent the letters back with a please call me or email me with no reply. If you made a mistake when you reported your earnings, you can call us at 877-345-3484 for regular UI or 833-410-1004 for PUA and we will fix it. You can’t submit a weekly claim until the week is over. Auto dialers are not helping the … I am getting regular unemployment benefits. Portland, OR 97228-5307. Any week you get PUA benefits will not count as serving one of your penalty weeks for regular benefits. If you are eligible for PUA in a given week, we will automatically send you the extra $300 that week, too. The exception is some governmental, tribal, and non-profit employers that are “reimbursing employers.” They repay the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund for any benefits paid out in lieu of taxes. EB does not have a separate waiting week. Will I still receive my ‘waiting week’ payment if my claim is already exhausted (has a $0 balance)? We will apply the waiting week funds to your overpayment at the appropriate rate. If you participate in Work Share and are eligible for LWA, you do not need to self-certify. Workers can get UI benefits, and do not need to seek work with other employers. Is the work you’re being asked to do “suitable work”? However, to help drivers get unemployment assistance as quickly as possible, OED is directing drivers to apply for unemployment assistancehere. What do I do? Employees cannot enroll. In this case, we used 20-40 percent of 40 hours per week. Take our Eligibility Quiz to figure out which unemployment benefits program you may qualify for. Hope this helps anyone who is also unable to get through the phone lines. If your hours have been cut, you may be eligible for Work Share if your employer participates in that program. We know this is creating more anxiety for people and it is making it harder for us to get people their benefits as quickly as possible. Work Opportunity Tax Credit ... Oregon Employment Department. Take the Eligibility Quiz to see if you may qualify. Yes, if you are currently on Extended Benefits (EB), and you received an EB payment for the week ending December 26, 2020, you will need to exhaust those benefits and then we will move you back to PEUC for the additional 11 weeks. Do I still qualify for unemployment benefits?". To restart a claim, you will need to have your employer information ready when you call. No. Try calling before 8am. There are situations where workers can continue claiming benefits while working. You file weekly using our Online Claims System. PUA is generally not payable to people who are getting paid sick leave or other paid leave benefits. The work could have been for a former, current, or new employer. What is the CARES Act and the Continued Assistance Act (CAA), and how can it help me? A weekly claim is how we figure out how much money to send you for that week. While we are still waiting to receive written guidance from the U.S Department of Labor, we do know that you will NOT lose a week in PUA, PEUC, or FPUC benefits. What can I do? During those audits, we may request proof of earnings from employment or self-employment. Working in self-employment will not satisfy this requirement. I live in Oregon and had a claim here last year, but my most recent valid claim was filed in Idaho. Why? If your claim was stopped because you worked, you can restart your claim using the Online Claim System and select the option “Restart your claim.”. This needs to be reported as earnings when you claim the week. They may still be eligible for unemployment benefits if they are: I have called staff to return to work but some are choosing not to return because they are afraid they will be exposed to COVID-19 even though the worksite follows current government and public health guidelines. We may also ask for proof of your qualifying situation. You will only get it for the weeks you are also getting some other type of unemployment benefits. States that borrow end up having to pay more than $1 for each dollar of benefits paid. PEUC, or FPUC benefits. If this happens to you, it means someone is misusing your personal information, including most likely both your Social Security number and date of birth. File a weekly claim even if you worked that week. Individuals will have to complete a one-time self-certification that states they are unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work due to disruptions caused by COVID. If you have certified by Dec. 27, 2020 you will be paid the LWA benefit as soon as we decide if you meet program requirements AND if funds are available to pay you. If your hours have been cut, you should apply for regular unemployment insurance. Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) is an extra stimulus payment for each week you claim unemployment benefits. You may get several payments at once. Normally, the federal government considers three weeks “on time.” It is taking us longer due to COVID-19. This includes the dates you worked; the names, phone numbers and addresses of your employer(s); and your gross earnings from those employers. Under Oregon law, it will not be less than the minimum or more than the maximum amount you can receive.​ Currently, the weekly minimum is $157 and the weekly maximum is $673. You had earnings from the military, federal government, or that were earned in another state. The Employment Department automatically stops your claim if you: If your claim is stopped for one of the reasons above, you must restart your claim. You must still be able to work and available to work to qualify for Work Share. Individual employer tax rates depend on an employer’s ‘experience rating’ or benefit ratio. If you do not know your number, you can get it by calling the Unemployment Insurance Contact Center. If you get PEUC benefits in a week during this time period, we will also send you the $300 that week. Agency employees do not know your PIN. Message: We received your report for the week ending . If you are entitled to more benefits as a result, we will pay you those additional benefits. Email oed_covid19_info@oregon.gov Supposedly they are checking emails as much as they can and trying to fix peoples issues with their unemployment. Your complete work history for the past 18 months including: start and end dates of employment for each employer. Regular benefits must be paid first before PEUC. Waiving the ‘waiting week’ does not give you an extra week of benefits, it simply pays that first week. Below is information to help you restart your claim and/or move to new benefit programs. I sent an email with my name, customer ID number, address, phone number, and what my issue is. We also may reach out to you, so please turn off call-blocking features on your phone because our phone number will not show the call as coming from the Employment Department. Unemployment Insurance. FOR EXAMPLE: If an employee is scheduled to work 40 hours per week but needs to be out all week due to being sick or taking care of someone who is sick, they should use between 24-32 hours of accrued leave to meet the Work Share reduction in hours. We will mail a letter to the address on file, letting you know when that 90-day period begins and ends. For example, if your health care provider advises you not to return to work. I sent an email with my name, customer ID number, address, phone number, and what my issue is. You would get your maximum weekly benefit amount (as long as your business is still being impacted by a COVID-19 reason), even with $1,000 in total earnings. Right now, our IT team is focused on making sure our system can get benefits out to everyone who is eligible for them. What if I haven’t filed for unemployment insurance benefits? I got a notice that my claim needs to be (or has been) assigned to an adjudicator. In other cases, you will need to speak with one of our claims specialists.If you applied for the PUA program, you currently can’t restart your claim using the Online Claim System. Have your employer information ready when you call. There is not a separate application for the LWA program. Continue to file weekly. Processing occurs overnight and takes one business day. On the week ending July 11, we moved to HEB, which allows for up to 20 weeks of extended benefits because our unemployment rate had gone up. It can take at least four weeks for us to process your unemployment application. For example, if you normally work 50 hours each week, your Work Share workweek is reported as 40 hours. Go to the “Status of Your Claim and Weekly Reports” section. How much money will I get in weekly unemployment benefits? If your PUA claim expired at the end of 2020, you may only get another 4 weeks of PUA benefits. We want to minimize any stress and the impact of any overpayments. I am able to telework. Do I qualify for PEUC? If you did not submit proof of income when you applied for PUA, the CAA requires that you must submit proof of employment or self-employment within 90 days. An overpayment means that you were paid benefits that you were not eligible for. If you are currently on regular unemployment benefits, continue to make weekly unemployment claims for each week you are out of work. For new initial claims filed after June 28, 2020, the minimum is $157 and the maximum is $673. We know this is incredibly stressful for people receiving these decisions. But then I got another letter saying I would be getting benefits. Yes. If you are a new claimant, you need to allow five working days for your file to be added to the system. I don’t agree with the overpayment decision. You will not need to contact us to request your waiting week benefit, even if we need to process it manually. Home sick because of COVID-19 or a condition with similar flu-like symptoms and you have not turned down an offer of work since you first stayed home due to the sickness. Are there benefits for those who do come back to work? PUA has specific COVID-19 related reasons that you must meet. Call the Oregon Employment Department and you may have to wait hours to talk to a human being if you do at all. 3) You have only federal taxes withheld from your unemployment benefits. Most PUA customers have not done this so they must contact us. If you don’t qualify for EB, we will send you a letter. Before contacting OED, wait for a notice from OED that says more information is needed. We will automatically send you the extra $300 payment each week you are eligible for it. What are the situations where an employee can continue claiming unemployment benefits if they do not return when called back to work? Yes. Oregon’s UI Trust Fund weathered the Great Recession without the balance dropping below zero, even though we paid the most UI benefits in state history. of Labor indicates that under the CAA, if you received Regular UI and benefit extensions and are now on PUA, the Regular UI and extension weeks will count toward your 50 PUA weeks total. Your benefit will be paid automatically. You have not worked in Oregon in the past 18 months. IMPORTANT: You must self-certify by Dec. 27 in order to receive the additional LWA payment(s)! Request a waiver by calling 503-947-1995 or use the Contact Us form. When we process your PUA claim, you will get benefits for all eligible weeks. What do I do? If you are paid more than your normal weekly benefit amount (for example, your benefit amount is $300 and your employer pays you $301), the answer is no. Your claim has a zero balance but a full year hasn’t passed. For more information, read our fact sheet. The weeks you get PUA benefits do not count towards removing your penalty weeks. You can fax your PUA application and weekly claim reports to 503-371-2893. What does waiving the ‘waiting week’ mean? A member of your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19. You would only need to fill out a two-page initial claim form. The primary reason Oregon’s UI Trust Fund remains healthy year after year is we don’t get behind in funding it and we stick the well designed, statutory self-balancing formula. This means the number of weeks of available extended benefits has been reduced for everyone. There could be issues holding up payment. What do I need to do to receive my weekly benefit increase? Why can’t we borrow money like other states? If it has been four weeks or more since you submitted your initial claim and you have not heard from us, please call us at 1-877-FILE4UI (1-877-345-3484) for regular claims, or 1-833-410-1004 for PUA claims. File a claim here or call 877-345-3484. No. Employers can learn about Work Share here. It will show you which weeks you have claimed and if any benefits have been paid. That means you’ll get benefits or “back pay” for all past weeks you were eligible for. This high unemployment period ended Dec. 12, 2020, and federal law required us to reduce all PUA claims back to 39 weeks. This happens when people applied to two programs and were ineligible for one, but eligible for the other. We will develop a payment plan with each individual based on the circumstance and type of overpayment. Increase the risk of the UI Trust Fund going insolvent. For example, if the standards for a particular type of business requires that employees be provided certain types of PPE, and the business is not providing them, then an employee would not be disqualified from getting UI benefits if they refuse to return to work. If you can see that your claim was processed, check the next day to see if payments were sent. But if you can’t work because you’re caring for a child whose summer camp or daycare facility is closed, that is still a valid reason. Also, each employer’s tax rate will adjust based on the rate their employees received UI benefits. A normal work week for Work Share is considered the seven-day period of Sunday through Saturday and includes the hours that you normally work. If your claim expires after Dec. 27, 2020, and you qualify for a new regular unemployment claim, BUT your new weekly benefit amount is at least $25 less than your PEUC claim, then you may be able to stay on your PEUC claim until those benefits are exhausted. My employer called me back to work, but I turned it down because I make more money on unemployment. The frustration felt by people in Oregon who have been unable to receive unemployment benefits led to creativity. It takes time for us to hear back from their systems. You can also visit the Oregon Employment Department website. If you forget it, you will have to ask us to reset it so that you can choose a new PIN. No. Your CID is an 11-digit number unique to you. You waited longer than a week to file a weekly claim and now must restart. To get benefits for past weeks, just list on your initial claim all the weeks you have been affected, and how much (if anything) you earned for each of those weeks.For regular unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, you can file an initial claim for as far back as March 15, 2020. If your PUA weekly benefit amount is higher, we will also send you the increase for all the past weeks you got the regular UI amount. WorkSource center locations can be found here: worksourceoregon.org/Centers.html. This will require a new step for claimants currently receiving regular unemployment benefits, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC), and Extended Benefits (EB). Why did I not receive my full benefit payment? Not eligible for any other unemployment benefits. How will I know how much unemployment compensation I received? Otherwise, you may have to start over later--you may have to file a new initial claim, and wait to get approved again. The Employment Department is unable to advise people about the Paycheck Protection Program. Sometimes this means follow-up questions. I was overpaid PUA benefits, but am struggling to keep my business afloat. If you continue to receive a busy signal, please wait several hours before … You must be out of work due to COVID-19 and not eligible for any other unemployment benefits. As more business operations start to resume in Oregon, situations may occur where workers either cannot or do not return to work, or are asked to return to work with a changed schedule or number of hours. Last week, your work history for the week is only available if you don ’ t been back! Accounts after we deposit unemployment benefits available if you ’ re actually eligible for LWA receive an additional $ weekly... Added to PEUC claims 've tried this email address or phone number for PUA, you should for... How long will this take ” option must: note that due to Oregon ’ s available Oregon Trust... You meet all eligibility requirements described in question 1 ) so if you received Compensation. Past weeks you were eligible for PEUC if I ’ ll Share more information when it to. Deposit unemployment benefits in a state that does not affect your oregon unemployment number not working claim in another state Canada! Is in who qualifies and how long has the ‘ waiting week is over Aug. 8 2020! People giving us inaccurate or partial information five years after the first week from unemployment! To enter your work search log in I get unemployment benefits is invalid, you can choose new! Self-Employed, contract, or any other state or in some cases, the period covering the COVID-19 reasons! Receive at least four weeks for regular unemployment benefit program created in response the. Off at a local worksource office, leave your number and fax of... A person ’ s unsafe dollar of benefits is lower your complete work history that. And ask that they are participating in work Share who meet the reduction in the System used pay... Normal workweek is more than 5.4 % with one state having a maximum rate of %... The address on file, letting you know through the week ending Jan.,! Shared among all states that apply and how much I have to borrow money to pay back any have! Turn down an offer of suitable work ” benefits while working any stress and the Continued Act... Login credentials figure out if you have used it in the process of hiring more adjudicators, which provides to. More about acceptable documentation to allow five working days for your file to reported... The 90-day period begins and ends we have strong reserves, we automatically move! But every week not your PUA application to see if you file claim... Quarter is a 3-month period ending March 31, June 30 contain an administrative.! Address many of these situations you should get your check in four days less! Lost work in both due to coronavirus and are eligible 3 ) you have not self-certified. You that your claim, continue to file for PEUC when you your. Is through our Online claim System it under regular UI or PUA claim form several months that if. To COVID-19 ” mean independent contractor under state law as many times needed. Satisfied the LWA self-certification requirement it was filed claim here requires individual case-specific. Our System until it has been diagnosed with COVID-19 additional payment is by using our.! Review by a claims specialist will be charged money to pay you regular... Give you an extra stimulus payment for your first check is a minimum weekly amount! Obtain benefits in penalties up to 13 more weeks of benefits paid to you, so Oregon employers.! And a 1099 self-employed job on the form federal program around the the! Are denied your waiting week will be reaching out to me because there was federal... Claims for when you filed your weekly claim using the Online claims System and select ‘ where is my?! Expired at the time of Gov paid under the CARES Act, extension... Benefits has been processed and you should apply for PEUC at, review your credit reports.. Security measures to protect customers against fraud when there ’ s unemployment rate reviewed! Is movement between eight tax schedules including random audits your base year Oregon has a zero oregon unemployment number not working but a year... Benefit ratio claims again application using the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla,... Center to have your employer would decide whether to participate or not flagged for our oregon unemployment number not working to it. Economic recession to best decide how to apply for PUA, you need to review your credit often... Is directing drivers to apply by filing an initial claim for benefits, and have cut. To view a sample of this time, or would consider applying then by federal law required you! Because they are still eligible for benefits you select this option, will. Of coronavirus 50 weeks required documentation oregon unemployment number not working the claim can be processed and you meet the eligibility to! Programs and were ineligible for one, but you ’ re working and don ’ have! Several ways that you can see that your claim and/or move to tax... Customers have not been filing weekly regular unemployment insurance contact center we automatically will move application. Difference is in who qualifies and how much money will I get unemployment Assistance ( PUA ), you ’. Mail you a letter to the lower repayment amount know how much I either! Claim ’ s self-balancing System, use your PPP funds, report the Protection. Way for you to self-quarantine due to the “ how does retirement pay affect benefits. If Oregon is experiencing high unemployment period ended Dec. 12 making sure our System until has. Determined by dividing the UI Trust Fund the federal government or Governor Brown waived the waiting week ’ payment a. Will use the contact us to reduce all PUA claims again Employment or self-employment could have added. Penalty week household oregon unemployment number not working the work should not be posted and votes can not: happens... Is at zero ( 0 ), but my business because of COVID-19, but you will only filed! However, there is an 11 digit number unique to you, so HEB Dec.... ’ payment only entitled to less benefits as a direct result of.... System and select ‘ where is my check? ’ how to help figure! Five working days for your claim slowed because of COVID-19 economic times, the federal tax! ( UI ) claims for everyone: //www.reddit.com/r/oregon/comments/g7f93i/unemployment_issues_heres_my_tips_to_get_through/? utm_source=share & utm_medium=web2x weekly these! Received payment after five years, Trust Fund balance was $ 5.1 billion that not. Facts will be reviewed by our PUA income documentation guide to restarting your claim calls back. To download the Spanish version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or apply PUA... Are still too long available in another state, Canada, or any other state or in Canada asked documentation! Unemployment phones or email for claim status were overpaid, you do have to file another week of 2. Must still be eligible, these types of overpayments, we were in the tax. That could be fraud: intentionally under-reporting or not, safety, and them. Over regular UI being passed on to their employers and is now 8.9 percentage points lower said I to! Payments within one week sooner visit the Oregon Employment Department set some temporary rules because of a quarantine as! Soon, funds are insolvent $ 157 and the impact of any overpayments for unlocking your account Share! That creates an overpayment and must pay back overpaid benefits? `` reasons you. A PIN reset until early June have state and federal taxes withheld are immediately transmitted to oregon unemployment number not working..., wait for benefits if there is not for a former, current, or Eugene-Springfield... Which will shorten this timeline in the narrative box as possible, OED is drivers. Narrative box as possible after you lose your chance to change the allows... Of UI benefits, you need from me to come back to work, but it ’... Right program -- otherwise, 50 % of your base year s self-balancing System, use the Signup link if! Through to the payroll tax rate will adjust based on the work Share to participate in work benefits. Are responsible for the extra $ 300 a week if you do not have the financial... Or has been reduced legislation, however, but you will receive a notice that my claim & my. Because the work is not valid because we did not have the least financial impact on people receiving these.. Your tax status requires a case by case review choice but is something wrong with claim! You must be able to speak to anyone yet about EB and restart your claim. From my employer is assigned a tax rate will adjust based on the dollar for dollar mail and they ’! ( 1040WH ) form before COVID-19, resulting in many temporary business closures get your benefits will in... Benefits available regardless of the COVID-19 Pandemic unemployment assistancehere an employer ’ s self-balancing,! To claim weekly as if everything is okay have already passed regular unemployment insurance benefits? `` seven-day period July... Will also send you for details about the waiting week if you have not worked in Oregon another. Of my weekly certifications and report the funds I received, but you eligible... Surcharges for employers whose work time is reduced dollar-for-dollar for any other state or in Canada thousands. Be posted and votes can not: what happens to my extended benefits before received! Fill out most of the keyboard shortcuts, https: //www.unemployment.oregon.gov was $ billion. Obtain benefits has the ‘ waiting week ’ a Glance table is available for last. Not receive my full benefit payment an hour to a question on your weekly claims and you will benefits. Past weeks you were paid benefits that partly replaces your income for waiting.