When you purchase a titanium ring, you can expect it to last you quite a while. (Contrary to popular belief, a titanium ring can be cut off a finger in case of an emergency.) Make a new one, titanium can not be resized by any method that I have access to. If your finger ring size is 6 but the dream ring you just purchased online is a size 5, then you need to have the ring resized up. Titanium is a high strength metal. Then I set the diamond in the tube. These include the eternity ring and bands made of titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten. Joan’s ring needed to be a size 9 to fit over her knuckle, but a size 7 once resting on the bottom of her finger. If the difference between the current ring and the size you want it to be is more than ½ size, you should probably see the jeweler to help you. However, many jewelry stores offer re-sizing warranties that will cover the ring if one should need it to be sized. How to Make A Ring Smaller With Professional Resizing. It's different than gold or silver because titanium isn't flexible and cannot be cut and welded (as other metals). To resize a ring to make it smaller, use a coffee stir stick to apply silicone sealant along the inside of the ring. What you (I mean a good jeweller) can do is cut a bit of material off from inside your ring. And our rings are crafted from a solid piece of titanium that is set to perfectly match your ring size. Ring resizing with a one year guarantee. How much metal needs to be manipulated 4. It is easier to make titanium rings bigger than it is to make them smaller. You might have to pay a lot of extra money to resize titanium rings. You could cut it but then you would need to MIG weld or maybe laser weld to close it up. Compressing a ring with an inlay is usually ok for about one size. If it has a precious metal inlay set into the outside, it is probably better to take a skim out of the bore to make it bigger. The weight of these rings makes the wearers feel that they are likely to slide off when their hand is pointing downward, so for the same ring size, you might feel that a tungsten ring is looser than a titanium ring because of the weight. How much bigger or smaller it needs to be. I could send the original ring back, but what they do is shave downt the inside of the original ring to make it bigger. If a ring needs to be enlarged by more than a 1/2 size or if it needs to be smaller, then a new ring will need to be remade. Compressing a ring with an inlay is usually ok for about one size. Purchase a ring guard if you want to consistently wear your rings as one unit. As we outlined above, Titanium Rings can be resized - just not to the same extent as softer metals. You won’t be able to shrink any of them. 5. BUT only slightly. The problem is the ring is too tight to pass over the joint. Resizing Titanium Rings. Some ring types are too difficult or impossible to resize. If it has a precious metal inlay set into the outside it is probably better to take a skim out of the bore to make it bigger - stretching will normally cause the inlay to split. To expand your ring, lubricate it with dish soap and slide it onto a mandrel. Titanium rings can’t be resized. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your favorite ring fit correctly: Use a ring guard; Glue an elastic band or a band-aid inside the ring When I make a ring, I hammer strips of metal, then solder them into rings, then "touch up" the area that was soldered by hammering using a mandrel(a wooden dowel the exact size of the inside of the ring would work for you). Hot glue is nontoxic and this method is less visible to other people than twine or tape. You might have to spend more money to recoat the ring. The difference is even larger when comparing tungsten with titanium. While titanium is surprisingly strong for how lightweight it is, it can still show signs of scratching and other wear. A jeweler will add extra metal to enlarge its band. If your ring has a fairly simple design and only needs minor adjustments, it could cost less than $50. Allow to dry. Compressing plain rings depends on the outside pattern. Yes, you can make a titanium ring larder. Wearing the ring should not cause any discomfort, and the ring should sit snug on the finger without spinning. Narrow style bigger ring I had brought my own titanium jewellery was 3.2mm BCR (8gauge) with 22mm diametre. As the chemical wears off the black colour can become dull and faded. Pless went online 4 1/2 years ago to give people an idea of the kind of rings he makes.