With the weBoost Drive Reach RV, you can improve your cell signal. DRIVE REACH. For the outside antenna, you want a mounting location above the roof line and clear of obstacles. Welcome to our NEW website! This weBoost Drive Reach RV kit is the most powerful weBoost signal booster kit to date, combined with enhanced capability of tall trucker antenna which can clear RV height for better reception and a Panel directional antenna to cover larger area which is ideal for big … Works on Every Network, on Any Carrier. With its increased uplink power, the Drive Reach can get signal from towers that are twice as distant as other competing vehicle boosters. The weBoost cell antenna on my RV. With its side-exit adapter and hardware, Drive X RV Outside Antenna fits CB-antenna mounts and RV ladders. When I first hooked it up I got three bars inside of the car. Customer Review. This is a 50 dB gain system, so it is the most boost allowed by a cellular booster that can be used in motion. Be sure the location is near a power outlet. weBoost signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna, delivering those signals to the booster, amplifying the cell signals so your devices receive them, and delivering your device's boosted signals back to the cell tower. The exterior antenna attaches to the outside of your RV with the included mounting bracket. This is the latest weBoost Drive Reach RV cell phone signal booster box kit with convenient Desktop Antenna and adjustable 7.5 inches to 20.5 inches exterior antenna. The newest WeBoost Drive Reach RV is a great combination of what RVers want in a cellular booster. HOME MULTIROOM. Omni-directional antennas receive signal from all directions, and so the antenna needs to be installed in a vertical position in the area of strongest signal. This new kit replaces the Drive 4G-X RV kit released in April 2017.. ; Page 2: Table Of Contents _____ Index Package Contents Mount Outside Antenna STEP 1: Mount Telescoping Pole To RV STEP 2: Booster Location STEP 3: Mount Inside Antenna STEP 4: Connect Power Supply STEP 5: Test System: Lights … Page 1 A WILSON ELECTRONICS BRAND DRIVE X RV RV Cell Signal Booster User Manual www.weboost.ca 866.294.1660 NEED HELP? weBoost X RV Outside Antenna Available Separately - 4G OTR Antenna for RVs Posted on: April 28, 2020; Industry Analysis: New Cellular Boosters Launched In 2019 Posted on: December 17, 2019; Potential Alternatives to Consider: For other popular cellular antennas on the market we are tracking - here are our featured options: weBoost Drive RV / Drive OTR . This new bundle combines the Drive X booster (a rebranded Drive 4G-X) with our top pick weBoost OTR Trucker Antenna.. Designed primarily to work with RV applications, the 25 ft. Antenna Mounting Pole can also be used for mounting outdoor antennas on the side of buildings. How weBoost does it. Features of the weBoost Drive Reach RV system. Backed by up to 50 dB max gain, the Drive Reach RV delivers the strongest cell signal possible on all available network speeds. Outside antenna can be mounted on RV ladder instead, or tripod (sold separately) placed on top of roof when RV is parked. weBoost Drive 4G-X RV (OTR Antenna Edition) Cell Phone Signal Booster. weBoost today announced the "Drive X RV" - a revamped cellular booster bundle targeted towards the RV market. Mount Outside Antenna to a ladder or pole so that the entire . This is where I found my first dislike with the kit. Outside Antenna is above the roof line of the RV and clear of other metal obstructions. If you notice any technical issues, please contact us at +1-866-294-1660 or on our live chat. ventilation, keep other objects at least six (6) inches away. The Drive X RV Outside Antenna is an omni-directional, wideband antenna designed for use with RVs and weBoost in-vehicle boosters. The Drive Reach RV uses the latest technology to pick up an existing cell signal, route it the booster, then broadcast that amplified signal into your RV. Even tether my laptop to my phone! Outside Antenna. Page 7: Rv 4g And Desktop Antenna Placement Power Supply Options cupboard. weBoost Drive Reach RV Repeater Kit - 470354 The Drive Reach RV is a versatile, multi-user, in-vehicle cell signal booster—designed for use with all RV classes and towable trailers. It is designed to boost signal while RV … weBoost® Antenna Mounting Pole (900203) 0 # mpn4696758632. The 311230 Drive RV Antenna is an omnidirectional antenna capable of … View and Download WeBoost RV 4G user manual online. With the weBoost Drive 4G-X RV installed in your RV, you can feel confident about staying connected to your loved ones while in remote locations. With its increased uplink power, the Drive Reach can pick up signal from towers that are twice as distant as other competing vehicle boosters. To install the Drive Reach RV, first select where to mount the outside antenna using the provided ladder bracket. ; Wilson’s modular outside RV antenna gives you a choice of four mast heights from 10½″ to 26½″. Determine where you want the Outside Antenna on your RV. weBoost's mobile antennas for cell phone signal boosters allow you to stay connected wherever you go. Your rating: * 5 4 3 2 1. weBoost is a division of Wilson Electronics, a leading manufacturer of cellular signal booster technology. We’ve done quite a few upgrades to our tech this past year. It’s designed to reach cell towers at distances up to 74% farther than the weBoost Drive X RV .. With its all-new omni-directional antenna, Drive Reach RV stops dropped calls while improving voice quality, data speeds, video streaming, and more whether at a campsite or on the road. Made by Wilson Electronics ONLY for Stationary or Parked RVs and campers. Quick Menu. In May we installed a WiFi Ranger thus upgrading our WiFi & routing set-up (and we’re still very happy with that), but we’ve also been wanting to upgrade our cellular booster for a while too. Thank you for submitting your review. weBoost’s most powerful mobile 5G/4G cell phone signal booster for RVs, motorhomes, fifth wheels, and trailers. Its versatile, modular design allows it to expand from 9.5” to 28.5” in height; well above any RV cab’s obstructions to optimize performance. This latest weBoost RV model is an extremely versatile in-vehicle cellular amplifier. Stream video. Here's a comparison of the antennas we put together: We asked weBoost what their drive was for redesigning the antenna from the classic RV/OTR style. It is a freestanding antenna, which is designed to be placed indoors, on a table or other flat surface. To ensure proper There are 3 options for powering up the RV 4G. Name: * Email: * Location: * Title: * Review: * Images: Select files... Close Add Review. I could receive texts in real-time. Unless you’re right near the interior antenna, you’re not going to get much. Wherever your adventures take you. Walk around inside and actually talk on the phone. They replied: "We made big improvements in durability and weather resistance, … FaceTime with my family back in Seattle. The kit comes with an omni-directional antenna that has mounting brackets that could work for a ladder rack or pole. The RV WiFi antenna receiver is one of the strongest models on the market now for its ability of using and combining a high-gain +9 dBi antenna and powerful WiFi adapters. With no RV kit available we assembled our own custom cell booster booster configurations using the Drive Reach, Weboost OTR trucker high gain antenna, and tabletop inside antenna. (Learn more about 5G compatibility. RV 4G Network Hardware pdf manual download. Brand new, but open box weBoost Connect RV 65 (471203) cell phone signal booster without exterior antenna pole. Drive Reach RV is our most powerful multi-user, in-vehicle cell signal booster for all RV classes. Easy RV Mod -> The weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Cellular Booster. Browse our full selection of cell phone signal booster parts and accessories including mounts, taps, splitters, lightning protection, antennas, connectors and cables. Purchase a mobile antenna from weBoost now! It is the mo That connects to the Drive 4G-X booster with a 20′ antenna cable. This powerful device boosts existing signal strength to your cellular devices with up to 50 dB system gain—the maximum amount allowed by the FCC. Customer reviews. Replace power adapters, install custom wall mountings, protect your signal boosting equipment from lightning surges, and more. The weBoost/Wilson 304421 4G Omni Building Antenna is a convenient and durable 75 ohm exterior antenna. The antenna measures 7.5 x 2.6 x 2.6 in. Close. weBoost Wilson Electronics 17” / 32” / 45” 4G Truck and RV Spring-Mount Antenna w/ 14 ft. RG58 cable, SMA Male Connector (304415) 4.6 out of 5 stars 760 $63.99 MODULAR-ANTENNA DESIGN — Drive X RV’s rugged outside antenna can be installed using several mounting configurations as well as varying height levels to help optimize its performance; 5G READY — weBoost products will continue to enhance cell signal for the next decade and beyond ; Page 2: Table Of Contents _____ Index Package Contents Mount Outside Antenna & Route Cable STEP 1: Connect Cable To Outside Antenna STEP 2: Inside Antenna Location STEP 3: Booster Location & Connect Cables STEP 4: Power Up The Booster STEP 5 … 2 Review(s) 5 0 5 Write a Review × Add Review. The weBoost OTR Kit . Features of the weBoost Drive Reach RV. The Drive X RV kit, by weBoost. The Wilson 304421 is an omni-directional antenna. weBoost was introduced in 2014 as their consumer-market brand, and WilsonPro is their commercial division.. weBoost manufactures both home and mobile boosters, as well as cellular antennas that can be purchased bundled with their boosters or a la carte. Cellular Signal Booster. Inside Antenna. Installing the weBoost RV Cell Booster Kit Steps 1, 2, 3. $109.99. November 28, 2016 by libertatemamo 45 Comments. The first three steps get the outside antenna mounted up on the RV roof, a 20-foot long RG6 cable connected to it and routed into the rig. weBoost’s interior antenna device really has poor range. Page 1 A WILSON ELECTRONICS BRAND CONNECT RV 65 RV Cellular Signal Booster With Telescoping Pole User Manual support.weboost.com 866.294.1660 NEED HELP?