Conditions must be right, water must be perfect, while being a very aggressive fish in the aquarium and especially towards other males of the same species. Predam Tropheus duboisi maswa - [14.12. -tropheus moorii orange bemba -tropheus duboisi maswa -tropheus moorii chipimbi red -Melanochromis maingano -Aulonocara stuart granti -Aulonocara dragon red -Otopharynx lithobates black oranz dorsal -Ancistrus multispinnis -Šnek Piskořka Věžovitá ZDARMA!!! The Tropheus Cichlid is an African cichlid species while will really change the way it looks in your aquarium! Hi I picked up a colony of these guys today off a friend. Tropheus duboisi 'Cape Kabogo' Maswa duboisi . Order for delivery or pickup in store now in Oakland, CA. Cichlid Aquarium Cichlid Fish Fish List Lake Tanganyika All Fish Salt Water Fish Cool Tanks African Cichlids Beautiful Fish. Tropheus duboisi has 3 sub-species, the "Maswa", the "Karilani Island" and the "Kigoma".Tropheus duboisi was one of the first Tropheus first brought into the United … Rams(Ramirez) 3.5 cm $14.95. Healthy, beautiful Tropheus duboisi "Maswa". Tropheus Duboisi. Napište mi. ลูกเพาะ นำเข้า ครับ. Quality: Mod de adresare * Numele tau * Recenzie * * Campuri obligatorii. Tropheus Duboisi – Maswa The Maswa variety is debatedly the most popular with tropical fish keeping enthusiasts because of its noticeably wider yellow band. Tropheus Duboisi 3cm; Hover over image to zoom. 2:38. Watch Tropheus duboisi maswa - hk1979 on Dailymotion. Like others in the genus, Tropheus duboisi is something of an enigma in the aquarium hobby and despite it’s popularity, is not a good species for the beginner. Cena Dohodou Zadavatel - Kontakt. Combate entre macho murago y macho ornatipinnis. 2020] Predam 5 kusov Tropheus duboisi maswa 5 - 8 cm. 125. nevim proč a z jakého duvodu mi umírají Duboisi, už se mi to stalo dříve ale moc jsem potom nepátral,myslel jsem že to k začátkum patří.Mám akva200l tanganiku osazení je takové 6ks Bemba, 6ks Duboisi,6ks Red Rainbow,6ks Altolamprologus, 1kspřísavka thaj. Tropheus duboisi “Burundi” develop a white band just behind the pectoral fins, while Tropheus Duboisi “Maswa” develop a wide yellow band. First, they are very hard to own and breed. Tropheus Maswa Duboisi (inner richmond) $11 JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - California | FOR SALE - San Francisco and Bay Area, CA Wed Jan 20 2021 10:43 pm Be the first to review this product . mrazek.dalibor (další inzeráty od tohoto uživatele) 777060499. Tropheus brichardi "katonga" Tropheus duboisi "maswa" Tropheus moorii "katoto" Tropheus moorii "mpulungu" Tropheus sp. Tropheus are from Lake Tanganyika and are divided into 6 species.T. "black" Bulu Point" Tropheus sp. I have heard they are hard to keep. Two Whisper 2 power filters and a Hydrosponge IV try to keep up with the waste these herbivore cichlids produce. Varibilichromis moorii . FAYDALI VİDEOLAR. V akváriu je T. duboisi poněkud méně agresivní než ostatní druhy rodu. $10 per fish. Může se proto bez obav chovat v nádrži s jinými druhy Tropheus. Calvus Gold ปลานอก เหลือ 1 คู่ ผุ้เมีย คับ Saved by Mark Humbarger. "kaiser" and T. moorii. Anuleaza Trimite check_circle Recenzia a fost trimisa Comentariul dumeavoastra a fost inregistrat si va fi vizibil de indata ce va fi aprobat de un moderator. Tropheus Duboisi Maswa. Cortejo duboisi maswa. Tropheus Duboisi Maswa juvenile fish. Tro Duboisi Maswa 4-5cm $39.95. The Tropheus duboisi Cichlid should be maintained in an aquarium of at least 50 gallons, in a large number of the same species, or with other smaller semi-aggressive Tanganyikan or Malawian cichlids. I have a Nice group of WC Duboisi "Maswa" and they have produced another batch of fry that ready to go. Pelea de hembras. Tropheus duboisi ‘Maswa’ My 14 Tropheus duboisi ‘Maswa’ live in a 55 gallon tank simply decorated with lava rock and gravel. Tropheus. AULONOCARA KORNELIAE 4 cm $29.95. Komedi Eglence. The Tropheus Cichlid is an African cichlid species while will really change the way it looks in your aquarium!