Further explanation on how to get the short-man counter to work! 29 Don’t Waste Crystals On Mega-Pack If FTP. Start farming your pilots. In this video i will be talking about how to level up fast in swgoh (starwars Galaxy of heros). I'm in the process of making some updates for the Ships area due to the added crystals and also the introduction of Chimaera. 10 Best Light Side Characters In Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes. When I started, I used that Cantina site that hasn't been updated for ages, and I farmed Sidious, Daka, and all that. Good catch! For specific character mod guides scroll down to see each character’s page. Scourge of the Old Republic is an Ancient Journey event that requires five specific characters to go through six tiers in order to unlock Darth Revan. Are rewards better for 3 staring a battle, should I save or spend bronziums, where to best use sim tickets, etc. SWGoH is a very complex game that is continually changing. Develop your SWGOH roster and take on the most challenging content in EA / Capital Games' hit mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes I'm level 70 right now and last night was 48th in the arena and 2nd in ships (this has all been done FTP), which meant I pulled in 525 crystals yesterday. When the game first presents itself, there are loads of options available, with dozens of characters to choose from, not to mention the ones that are given for free. You might also want to mention crystal drops for top 20 rank in ship arena. Character Comparison Tool - Allows you to compare two of the same character across different accounts.. Fleet Strategy. Your first focus should always be a strong team for the Squad Arena because the Arena is the place that will offer the most free crystals in the game. Not only will this take ages to accomplish, but by the time a player gets to this point, the game could (and most likely would) shift between different raids and newer characters. Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer, Change Log: Hes a sacrifice to farm either place. A Level 30 player should not be focused on creating a team meant to solo Phase 4 of the Heroic Tank Raid. I got Thrawn at 5 stars (level 70 is a smidge too low level to get him to 6 stars). Gear and mods are far more important to a characters combat prowess than star levels, however some content is gated behind star levels. When I started I googled some of this and realized the data was a year or more out of date. 9/6/17 – Territory Battles farming added; Updated TL;DR lists Cheers! Great work!! SWGOH F2P Character Farming Guide (For Beginners) – 2018. Top Characters by Physical Damage Speed Health Protection Potency Tenacity Armor Physical Damage Critical Damage Special Damage Filters Character Name Ooh! ... you should always have a handful of weak characters you’re working on leveling up. Nice. 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Mods are included in the calculation and shown by the unit portrait. As you progress in the game, the four biggest features will be the Squad Arena, Galactic War, Raids, and Events. Thank you! BB-8 event is called "Pieces and Plans" not "Pieces Heist and Plans". http://gaming-fans.com/swgoh-101/swgoh-101-which-characters-first/characters-first-levels-51-80/, http://gaming-fans.com/swgoh-101/swgoh-101-which-characters-first/characters-first-levels-1-50/#First3Phases. Start farming ships to 3 stars (focus on PS ships). Step 3) Once you hit level 60 and get ships, you should have your PS at 7 stars and gear 8, along with a lot of credits because you've only been spending on them. Our personal strategy is to use Qui-Gon Jinn (as leader), Jedi Consular, Luminara Unduli, Geonesian Soldier and your next strongest DPS (Rey if you have unlocked her, likely Darth Sidious if not). I think I got a little copy/paste happy when adding that. 8/16/17 – Initiated, Use it for purchases at any Apple Store location, on the Apple Store app, apple.com, the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News,…, SWGoH: Territory Wars Character Priority List for Endgame Players, SWGoH: Geonosis Republic Offensive – Phase 4 Jedi Combat Mission Walkthrough, SWGoH: Geonosis Republic Offensive – Phase 4 GAS & 501st Combat Mission Walkthrough, SWGoH – Geonosis: Republic Offensive Phase 3 Combat Mission, Middle – Galactic Republic Jedi, 22,000+ Power, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Mod Views and In-Game Recommendations, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Dots/Rarities and Mod Levels, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Primary and Secondary Stats, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Understanding Mod Stats, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Speed, aka The Holy Grail, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Guide to Mod Slicing, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Mod Slicing – How To & Mod Salvage, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Mod Slicing – 5A to 6E Slicing, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Mod Slicing – When to Slice & TL;DR Quick Tips, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: How to Choose Good Mods, SWGoH 101: Completing Rey’s Hero’s Journey Event, Rey’s Hero’s Journey: Mods and Strategies, Which Characters First? I remember a couple faqs that were helpful for me as a new player (but seem to be absent, outdated, or hard to find) with info like:. I've written a lengthy guide to help newer or even "mid-range" players focus their farming efforts as they progress through the game. This website has a collection of useful tools and resources for people playing Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). For me it was R2, so I knew that I would have time to work on his event while maintaining my arena team. QGJ and not Boba from Cantina store? This is not when your team is redlining - It's when your healer can just about max out your whole team. Most cost effective way to buy gear from any store in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! Cheers! Geonosis Separatist Might is a Territory Battle that requires Dark Side characters and ships. Include Sabine and Boba in your pilot farming. At the very least everyone should get 1 7-star character ASAP so that they can leech in raids in their guild. Character focus will differ depending on player Level, i.e., Beginning (1-50), Mid-Tier (51-80), High-Tier (81-84), End-Game (Level Cap). This guide is pretty much all I could ask for in a 101 guide. Thanks! As this is a constantly evolving project, I'm open to feedback and suggestions. I'll fix shortly. Raids reward a decent amount of gear. Tier 7: Phase 2/3. Swgoh gg counter ; Swgoh 5v5 GAC The strategy is all that matters sometimes.. After my last TW/GAC guide showcasing how to beat Padme very easily with Jedi, many asked what I use against Grievous now ... Swgoh Relic Guide keithslater / SWGOH Relic List. 3) Take note of your character's special abilities and discover the best time to use them. And, you're definitely right about the 0-4 vs 1-4 on zetas, as I experienced this weekend...Updates coming asap! I recommend getting one character to 7* and find a guild farming hPit and possibly hAAT. The Which Characters First guide will always be updated through the life of the game, with regular updates for accuracy and new updated content. Ironically, Sidious ended up a good farm soon after. 8/25/17 – Updated TL;DR lists for Territory Battles characters I've just started about 5 or so weeks ago, and I got super lucky and pulled chirrut from my first chromium and then bought a few more once I decided I liked the game and got even luckier getting baze. Use Jedi Consular’s heal first if possible as it is on a shorter cooldown. SWGoH is great to play in short bursts throughout the day, ... as the AI will automatically use their abilities without a strategy. Throwing Thrawn in the middle of the month kind of threw me off, as I would have been good to 7* him next week, but oh well, thats the nature of the beast. I think my original logic in not including Boba in Cantina shipments right with QGJ was that it seemed faster folk newbies to get Boba from both Guild and his Hard Nodes and let the Cantina Store farming go towards others, but now that I realize Boba's not in Guild Store, he definitely does need to be listed in the Cantina farming. r/SWGalaxyOfHeroes: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and … A guild must have a minimum of 80 million Galactic Power to play the event. Personally I farmed Magmatrooper to 6 stars to make sure I had a 5th for R2 - I stand by this but I wish I could have spend those GW tokens on ships and Biggs instead. Below is a summary of the monthly login characters in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes View the full database of SWGOH Charactes with the most Speed, Protection, Health, Armor, Potency and Tenacity! com/channel/UCVhBzQv Darth Revan complete relic tier list for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! on the other hand my first 7 star was Kylo and i don't regret it for a second. A big question for those starting out in SWGoH. If so then go untill they are 7*? Thank you! For example if you have a healer, you want to wait for the optimum time before using his ability. /shrug. I do not recommend this, and I got QGJ before Boba when I started. Stats displayed are for unit at max level with max stars. 3/3/18 – Add JTRey Legendary; updated Credit Heist, Palpatine, Thrawn, and BB8 events Gaming-fans.com hopes to create a larger SWGoH 101 series to guide players from their first forays into the game all the way through advanced gameplay; this is one of the first major efforts. SWGOH Monthly Login Characters. Which characters should I work on first? I just hit level 59 and I know I'm in a pretty good place but I'd love to have a better short term strategy. All you need is a single 7* character to contribute and get rewards in a Heroic raid. swgoh.help - Gives a progress report for various in game events based on level, gear and zeta status of units.. Mod Optimizer - Suggests optimal mod layouts for characters based on customizable criteria.. Press J to jump to the feed. Visit swgohevents.com for more tools and information. May I suggest a quick faq page and a link to that page at the beginning of the 1-50. 10/9/17 – Updates for Territory Battles, BB-8 Legendary, Core Farming, and TL;DR lists To obtain 300K+ damage, you need to maximize the damage at the door stage. ... Separatist Support who specializes in sabotaging enemy strategies In addition, do not miss our Relic Amplifiers section where we review and analyze Relics for key SWGoH characters. Heal early and heal often, whenever a character dips below 2/3 health. A couple small edits: on the 51-80 page the BB-8 event is called "Pieces and Plans" not "Pieces Heist and Plans". Choosing characters should always reflect full teams meant for any of these areas. As a level 70 with no 7* chars, but guys at gear 7 and 8, should I focus exclusively on getting character shards for a while? Bravo! If you get a new character you want to replace a member of your squad with, spend zero resources on the toon you are changing out, and then pump all your resources into the new character until it is on par with the rest of the team. Apart from the Squad Arena, your overall game focus will shift depending on your level in the game. Fleet Meta Breakdown - November 2018 I got EP at 5 stars (this was when I was level 60 or so). I enjoy these types of projects, because they are done with the goal of helping new players who aren't familiar with the game. If you don't mind taking a quick look at my squad, would you still recommend going all in on Phoenix? Territory Battles, Which Characters First? A 6* G11 Lvl 80 character is going to be stronger than a 7* G8 Lvl 85 character. This guide shows you where the best place to buy Kyrotech, Carbanti, Stun Cuffs, … Want to hang out with me on a monthly basis ? Had i only read this guide back in march when I began, would i possibly have had an easier time overall. Anyway, that's just my opinion, but I put it out here as my experience, and something that's worked well for me over the past 7 weeks. Thanks for putting this all together. The Which Characters First? SWGoH 101: Which Characters First? Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. This guide focuses mainly on character farming to help folks avoid wasting time and resources. Hey there. There are numerous "newbie" guides littered across the internet, but many have been abandoned, left outdated, or get lost deep within various forums. I'm wondering now if I've been wasting time with so many resources put into gear as opposed to improving my star rating. Galactic War and Mid-Tier Arena, Which Characters First? Hopefully this explains things a little better :). Toss some refreshes towards modding up. I just hit level 59 and I know I'm in a pretty good place but I'd love to have a better short term strategy. My general advice is to always take characters straight to 7* if you can. Helpful details before we begin, be sure to note SWGoH Common Terms and Abbreviations, By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire The core of where you’re gonna farm ships is Galactic War and the Fleet Store. Nicely written, great layout, and some very important information right up front for the beginning player. Edit: I basically went this route because of all the advice on how weak a 7 char with gear 5 is compared to low* chars with higher gear. Updates are forthcoming. Step 2) Around level 55, get your Health mod challenge to 3 stars. As for the "zeta a day", that is technically correct; the best kind of correct! After getting the first 1915 currency you could farm one each day for the next 22 days without skipping a day not including any ship currency gained by achievements or events. A big question for those starting out in SWGoH. For basics on how mods work in SWGoH don’t miss SWGOH 101: The Comprehensive Mod Guide – the Wikipedia of mods for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Also the chance for zetas from the challenge is 0-4 not 1-4. guide includes: Farming with regard to GW and "Mid-Tier" Arena, Planning for advanced play, with a meta "history". The SWGoH Arena is very competitive and to reach and stay within the Top 100, which offers a guaranteed 100+ crystal payout (up to 500 crystals at Rank #1 daily), a player must follow the Meta and, in some cases, even attempt to predict the next Meta characters. Cheers! Also in the CLS event section Farmboy Luke can be obtained through Guild Store as well as the stated Cantina nodes. The best way to play the game is to progress naturally. SWGOH Tools and Guides. The guide is designed to help players gradually create an in-depth roster that will help across multiple facets of the game. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I hope that makes sense. That's about it. I joined SWGOH a few days after May 4th this year, so thought I'd post an "almost" 6 month update on what the game looks like for early players, as well as some general strategy tips beginners should use to find success in the game since I've seen some threads asking for it over the past few weeks. I spent some time on jawas and ig86 and some other guys I will probably never use. So I've gone with a combination of things I've read including this guide which I found when I first started but I feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions. As you progress in the game, the four biggest features… I want to have it as a visual aide to show all the interconnections between each toon that people farm and where they are useful. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes contains a huge variety of characters in its roster, and these are the best to utilize from the Light side. Levels 1-50: Between Levels 1-50, creating synergy between the characters on your five-person team will not be as important as just having a suite of strong characters. The main reason for this is that everyone hits the gear crunch at G8 and the only way to get the good gear, and also unlock the OP characters like GK and Raid Han, is through Heroic raids. Boba's not even in the guild store, where you listed him. Last week, the Emperor's Demise event came to us. Which characters should I work on first? Some notes to consider: This guide is meant to help players get the most out of their games, without wasting resources, all while having the most fun doing it. SWGOH. Solid Guide, one thing that I really thought about as a new player 3-4 months ago that may help: What Legendary event just happened? I have to keep DS guys up to progress in the DS battles but then also trying to stay somewhat competitive in arena with the guys I have, and then also trying to figure out what to farm next whether it's Phoenix or Resistence, or more rebels. When the game first presents itself, there are loads of options available, with dozens of characters to choose from, not to mention the ones that are given for free. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. All fully FTP, and all spending a minimum amount of time each day. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Max Damage 4942. There are several reasons this is your best strategy. Players should always focus on a single character at a time from any set of gameplay areas. The main gameplay areas are Light/Dark Side Nodes, Cantina Nodes, Cantina… Hurrying from one set of toons to another depending on an upcoming event results in overall less progress and general disappointment. Check out all the latest SWGOH Characters, stats and abilities on the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes App for iOS and Android! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ideally, you should be able to do 250K+ damage just at the door and 75K+ after. Are you going to address the gear grind, though? I'll be ready to get R2 at 5 stars. You should have Tarkin at 6 or 7 stars, and TFP at 5 or 6 (depending on how much you've been refreshing to get Hera, Ezra, and mods). Welcome to the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki, a resource site created and maintained by the community for the game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by EA and Capital Games.Anyone can contribute!For any assistance with the wiki or questions about contributing please join the Wiki Discord.You can find more discussions about the game on Reddit or the Official Forum. Music by Savfk. The first is completing the Galactic War. They are all conveniently spread out across the game and (except for Hera and Ezra) can be farmed at the same time. That being said, and please note this is purely a "MY OPINION ONLY" comment, but based on my recently starting a new account, hitting level 28 and entering the arena shard around August 20th (a roundabout way of saying I've been playing this alt account for 7 weeks), I would STRONGLY recommend the following order: Step 1) Get all members of the Phoenix Squad (except Sabine) to 7 stars. In SWGoH 101 you will find more early and mid-game content. In the Level 81+ section under zetas you say that a zeta can only be farmed every other day. So huge kudos for putting this together. You can only borrow characters which were not a part of your team in your most recent battle within that area. I'm also planning future articles that will focus on getting through the gear grind, but to answer your specific question, it would be best to take at least 5 of your highest starred and geared characters straight to 7*. View the full database of SWGOH Character Stats, Speed, Power, Ability Damage and more! Empire in "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" As a fan of the movies and the franchise, when I started playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, I immediately got started on my Empire team.I wanted to have every type of Stormtrooper with Darth Vader leading them into battle crushing Rebels under our feet. This is very helpful to a noob that inherited his sons' old account.