Sunry's wife, Elora, is stationed right outside of the jail where Sunry is being held. Judge 5 gains 1 point, while Judge 1 & 2 lose 1 point "Sunry was a Republic war hero, wasn't he?" look at the recording in the republic base. Personally I have always turned in the recording of him killing that Sith girl on principle, but maybe others among us feel differently? Jolee will be required for this mission. Taking place in the Old Republic era of Star Wars, around 4000 years before the events of the films, Knights of the Old Republic is a third-person turn-based RPG where players travel the galaxy as a mysterious Republic soldier, racing against time to thwart a massive Sith fleet. Sunry's Murder Trial. Finding Sunry guilty by submitting the data recording as evidence: This one is easy as well. It's time to decide whether I cover up Sunry's murder for the sake of the Republic or not. once you find the real evidence it shows that sunry is guilty. Missing Selkath Youth. Sunry Murder Trial After speaking to anyone in the hotel, a mysterious man appears in the corridor outside. When you leave, he speaks to you, advising you to seek information from both the Sith and the Republic if you want to get to the bottom of the murder: Important evidence indeed. Judge 4 gains 1 point, while Judge 2 & 3 lose 1 point. In the mercenary enclave area of Ahto west you will automatically be approached by Shaelas who asks about where your loyalties lie. As this side-quest cannot be initiated without Jolee, it has been moved here. 'Course she was a dark jedi if that helps, but the reasons he killed her didn't have anything to do with that. Could he have killed Elassa?" He'll be found guilty and you'll receive 300xp. Sunry Murder Trial. "Sunry was a cripple. So, I was wondering what were all your thoughts on the Sunry murder trial. Once you go to West Ahto, Elora will ask Jolee to help her; her husband, an old friend of Jolee's, has been arrested for murder. Prevents Sunry from lying about his relationship with Elassa during the Trial. It takes very little to get her to admit that Sunry was having an affair with Elassa. Finding Sunry guilty without showing the data recording: Simply go through the trial without showing the data recording as fast as possible without asking questions. Sunry's Murder Trial - Thoughts? You're eventually introduced to your Arbiter (he'll be to you what you were to Sunry earlier). If you get sunry to go free you're allowing a murderer to go free. sunry is guilty.