Thank you. On the other hand, Daiwa Magshiled has some bad reputations. Yes, Daiwa Saltiga Z20… It’s got the speed of 90cm retrieve per crank. Hi Aganis. Not for powerful and rhythmical crank of slow pitch jigging. Here’s why overhead reel. No, unfortunately, there’s no english manual. I don’t think Ryoga 2025 has enough power to dance 400g jig. Please help me to choose between Ocea jigger 2000hg 2017 or accurate BXJ-400 Hi Rolando. OJ is much faster and much powerful. Talk to you later. They are different manufacturers. You need to actually use the reel to know these things. Daiwa use to hard the most hardly reels before mag seal version. rod service request form. I am curious why you think daiwa lexa 300 is no good for jigging. brands, shimano, fishing reels, jigging reels sale! Hi Remote 16. Not me. Thank you very much for your compliments. is shimano Trinidad 16 as the same as ocea jigger 2000HR? I know I was the one who brought it up. So I’m trying to make as much sense as I can. Long handle also creates more power to help you with the heavy jig, the deep water, and fighting with a big fish. Maximum Intake Line Winding: -200m issue PE3  Appreciate your support. Lihat juga: Senar Mancing Terbaik. please do advice. Thank you so much Totos for sharing your opinion and knowledge . If you look for general use of slow pitch jigging, SOM L50Hi. Your budget also depends on your motivation. Hi Sugeng. Now you are trying to start with a spinning tackle. If you have your own boat, I recommend sea-anchor. With spinning tackle, I’m pretty sure you’ll be doing hi-speed jigging before you know it. If in you’re in a situation where you get a lot of line slack in the water, you would like to have 117cm retrieve per crank of OJ2000NR-HG. Please check them out. And every time the factory finishes a bunch, the whole SOM team of engineers go to Korea for a couple of weeks to conduct the final check up on all the products. Consider in that depth the current and the fish must be bigger than usually… Captcha 60HG is actually one class bigger reel than SOM L50Hi. I am setting a reel an rod combo. And how deep would be effective for this reel? Hi Goo’s Would the Ocea Jigger 1000 work? I’m glad that my site helps you switch to slow pitch jigging. If you are convinced that slow pitch works and you like the game, you can easily go beyond the budget. Hi Kelvin Your 603-5 is strong enough to work with 300g or more. Thank you for such an useful website for anglers. I’ve been using Captcha 60HG for about 6 months. thanks for the advise . Fish in the U.S. colder waters not as powerful as in warmer tropics. Have you managed to check out the new OJ range? Can I get your opinion on the Daiwa Catalina 20H? I am a right handed person. But no one else makes this model. I don’t think there’s no BEST reels. The more you get into the game, the more you would want the real slow pitch rods. I would like to ask you about my reel okuma andros 5Ns, retrieve 106cm, gear ratio 6.2:1, 24lb force and 8,5cm handle, compared with rod Major Craft NP JACK B65/4SP, regular fast/150-200gr, PE1.5-4. Would you have a set to advise me? Let me know if you have specific questions. Hafa Adai from the beautiful island of Guam! If you are about to start jigging, you should know you may be hooking any fish from 500g to 50kg. Last couple of days I met a new friend at my hometown whose running premium tackle shop., I’ve been reading your site time and time again for a more understanding on slow jigging. The type of jigs like Cranky, Spunky, and Arc should work better. Cari Seleksi Terbaik dari jigging reel Produsen dan Murah sert Kualitas Tinggi jigging reel Produk di One of the best spinning reels in the world. JIgging Master is a taiwan company, not competing in Japan market. I would still get a OJ1501HG, though. Which is the better one? NZ $299.99. My slow pitch is Adajo Pe2 and max jig is abt 200grm. Power:6 200-250g(FallMax 500g) Lures PE2.0-4.0# Rod Wt.164g. #2, you want the weight enough to get the slow spring-back actions of your rod going. Appreciate ur kind assistant all the his while. Slow Jerker 603-6 class. What concerns me is that even from our spankered boat which keeps you alined with the jig, we use PE3 for high pitch jigging only. Thanks for the informative site. Ball/Roller Bearings: 6/1. I am interested in the Palms metal witch MTGC-634SF , what do you think about it and what budget overhead reel do you recommend for this rod please. This is their test marketing for the future models. Regards, Hi Wey. Choose Options. Just keep letting the center-balanced jig fall, and you can be devastating. You’ll enjoy this game bro! Im think to buy ocea conquest 300 Hg/200 Hg or is zillion will be enough ? From RM 180.00 . It’s my wild guess. I’ve never used it in the field, but I suspect that it loses a lot of sensitivity of the game. Need I go on to OJ 2000 even? How does the Ocea 2000NR-HG compare to the 2014 limited Ocea Jigger in 3000 HG size. and my friends’ rod broke 2 days back. I thought the 2001 NR-HG could be better but i would like to have your opinion It’s got enough speed for 50m – 60m depth. Hi, I am a hi speed jigeer willing to try the slow pitch version. Jom kita kongsi beberapa info penting mengenai teknik jigging yang perlu anda ketahui. Oleh A. Shahirah Dikemaskini pada Jan 16, 2020 Disunting oleh Aishamza. A 100lb bluefin was caught on one in socal in 2015. The reel body along with some solid parts and assembling is done in Korea. Shimano is releasing Ocea Jigger Limited in 2014. Good luck! For jigging and bottom fishing their Boss model is what I can recommend. Daiwa Catelina 20H has sufficient specs for slow pitch jigging. I’m pairing the Tenyru Horizon SL PE3 with the Daiwa 2025 and Shimano Game Type Slow J PE 2 with the Daiwa 1012. This is not a slow pitch rod. Harga Joran Pancing Shimano Terbaik Januari 2021 2,095 Produk Joran pancing Shimano adalah alat pancing buatan Shimano yang berfungsi sebagai fasilitas untuk dudukan reel, tempat bertumpu senar/ kenur, sekaligus untuk mengarahkan tarikan ikan. The line can be PE4.0 or heavier. I own Ocea Culcatta 301HG. Sato sensei really likes this reel actually. So, your rod needs to be Class B and better. Even with a big fish, you should be able to afford to do the line management for the last 50m to the surface at least. If you don’t have certain verticality, the rod doesn’t make any difference. 6.3 gear ratio. Trinidad by Shimano USA is Ocea Jigger. If there’s no line slack in the water and you are in straight vertical alignment with the jig, 50cm retrieve may be sufficient. Unfortunately I don’t know about the reels that are not in Japan market. It’s priceless for everyone’s. add to wishlist. Thank you very much for your compliment. And line managing tends to get in the way of my jigging sometimes. I hope he doesn’t give up on slow pitch. Power 6 rod (if Slow Jerker, 603-6) is a safe choice, even though Power 5 or 4 rod can be compatible in some friendly conditions. 6.2 gear ratio, 95cm per crank. Hi Ngan. Thanks. I am thinking of trying Daiwa Aird Coastal. I wish to put myself in slow jig, I fish in the Mediterranean in deep water, 100 m. hello toto what about for abu garcia revo SaltyStage lj4? But sending 1-piece rod is pretty costy. And we’re looking into changing our gear a bit. Or do you think i should keep my Ocea Calcutta 301HG? I trust Ocea Jigger. Beli Jigging Online terdekat di Bali berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2021 di Tokopedia! So the situation is the determining factor. One handle turn cranks the spool 7.1 times. Hello Totos San. On the other hand Japanese ones are very well built with high quality materials but very expensive. Would you recommend any spinning reel? (my only experiences with overhead reels are level wind reels for trolling), Do u think the line lay will be an issue for someone like me who is only used to spinning and level wind reels? So far, I haven’t found much reviews on these reels. Usually I go no deeper than 40m, is that ok for the Catalina bj 200sh? JPY2800 + shipping and handling. And for any cases, I encourage you to explore more in the shallower waters, say 50m to 80m, where it’s easier to stay with your jig. Hi Josh. 20? Slow pitch was born for the purpose to catch fish at the times no one else is catching. Means that i ve bought something thats not right for me. But it can be a little less if it needs to be. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; Hi Shukri. But please understand I can’t recommend which class C rod is better. Dengan adanya kecanggihan teknologi dalam mengenal pasti lubuk-lubuk ikan tertentu, jig akan dilepaskan di tempat-tempat yang didiami oleh ikan. $419.95. Many boat owners make it by themselves. Sad i already bought the reel. Hi Toto, Here’s my post on levelwinder. It’s OK. It’s compatible to slow pitch jigging. by Totos on 04-13-14 in Jigging, Set-up. FREIGHT FREE!! Just want to get some advices. First of all, my apology for my terrible english. I see a few in stock. Oh, yea. There a lot of articles about line in the website. At 100m and deeper, you should be using the jig weight over 200g, maybe up to 300g or more. If you find yourself not being able to win the battle with big fish. As i would be exploring deeper waters, I’m planning to buy a reel with more line capacity. I got ocea conquest 201hg and been planning to use it with tenryu horizon pe2 for slow jigging. Hi JoCTY. On spankered boat, of course, with which you don’t have much line slack. I have Stella 5000 sw xg. It means that Ocea Jigger has more cranking power, and more speed (retrive length per crank). amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Following the success of the slow pitch model, as of April 2014, it is speculated that they are remodeling the current model for better drag system and sensitivity and it’s to be released sometime after June 2014. When it hits bottom, in a rhythmic motion, jerk the rod while cranking the reel to retrieve the braid in a rapid fast motion until it reaches the boat. Apparently, Shimano is finally changing its direction more toward slow pitch jigging. It’s got the speed and the power, fine balanced to perfection with Shimano’s X-Ship technology. Basic suggestions would be, use light line and a heavy jig. You need heavier jigs, though. I think I would like OJ better for the silky smooth drag. It’s a high gear reel huh? It is just not a fancy reel as others, but that doesn’t make it an entry model. Merk Reel Pancing Berkualitas Terbaik yang Bagus dan Kuat. And I do know some similar reel of this kind from Daiwa Japan. -Karasu Micro Jigging 1000H But the drag is something I don’t know from the spec and is the most critical function for fishing with a light line. Hi Marinos. Thanks for your opinion and best regards. Thank you so much. As i understand from your comments shimano ocea jiggerand pposeidon slow jerker are your favourites. Untuk kail jigging anda bisa memilik kail yang kuat dan tajam. Itulah antara perkara pertama yang akan kita ingati bila bercerita perihal teknik jigging. Yes as long as you can stay close to vertical. Slow fall jigs of 40g, maybe 60g to 80g. Thanks for your reply Totos. Hi SPJ. That sounds fine with me. I loaded my reel on L1 mode without backing and it seems fine. Should have no problem at least up to 20kg fish. Especially in the connecting part of the knob to the handle arm. I mean shallow water to be less than 50m or 70m max. But I think you can start with that in the shallow water, probably up to 60m. Untuk piranti reel jigging dengan merk DAIWA, MM merekomendasikan DAIWA BG 5000 sebagai alternative pilihan reel spinning diantara beberapa merk yang sudah MM rekomendasikan diatas. Hmmm. I like it. Any thoughts? hehe! The spec wise, it clears SPJ requirements, but I feel a bit short of power and I don’t feel comfortable with the drag when I hit a big one. Didesain khusus agar tetap tangguh dan ringan demi mencapai performa jigging maksimal. I’ll keep doing my best. Like I explain on this webpage, slow pitch jigging works well with a reel that retrieves about 75cm per crank or more at the depth where you are fishing. It’s a good reel but the handle is a little short. Retrieve:107 cm. The swept handle is good for steady retrieving but not for slow pitch actions. Jig weight range would be from 150g to 230g. 201HG with 150g+ jig and the water resistance may be a bit too hard. The reel can be anything equivalent to OJ2000NR-HG. That is the only requirement which is particular to slow pitch jigging. Lexe sacrifices its power by high gear ratio for speed, but the fact is that its speed is not that much. The budget is just the limit that you set in order to stop you from going crazy. Even though I don’t know the reel since it’s not available in Japan, the spec looks sufficient. I need your review for new daiwa ryoga 2025 for slow jig.. Hi Angelo. Yes, Ocea Conquest CT is indeed an interesting production by Shimano. I really like this website, and what you have done for the slow pitch jigging fans out there. Hi Sham. I do not mean that they are bad. Dapatkan promo khusus dari kami. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. We use light line for slow pitch and we change the drag pretty often during the fight because of that. DAIWA 17 Leobritz Electric Reels (S500J) Peralatan 8 Mesin Pancing untuk Sempurnakan Sesi Memancing Anda Serlahkan skill memancing anda hari ini! or maybe he wants to sell you SOM/ Oceanus/ Marfix LOL, which are considered the best slow pitch reels in the market. In the meantime also feel for contacts? Saya masukan dalam urutan nomor satu reel terbaik dibawah 1juta bukan tanpa alasan. Hi Totos, I finally received the reel Conquest CT. As the manual is in Japanese I had painstakingly used Google translate to translate them. But I would start around 50 to 70 meter range. Is this true? Thanks for the information your provide , I learnt a lot from your replies to all the queries. 2. I don’t know this reel. Don’t go cheap on the most critical part of your system. Also the twin drag system lets you to have precise drag setting, helps you not to loose fish in serious fights. Using a tail weighted jig, drop the jig over the reef. And that is how we came across this website too. Ada beberapa rekomendasi merk terbaik yang kualitasnya bagus, bahannya juga kuat. Very good improvements. I deeply appreciate your help and sharing of information with the ones who are eager to get into slow jigging. It depends on the depth of your field but at least 80cm max retrieve length, if possible 90cm or more. Hi Salim. I believe you can learn the most from the best tackle…. But what you are most easily to lose in those factors is the staying vertical part. The least requirement for a slow pitch reel is as follows. Hi Don. 50cm retrieve is good enough for long fall actually. Ball/Roller Bearing:6/1 Hi Jef. Hi Yazz. which model is considered better limitted 1500 or 2000nr-hg..i can’t consider 3000hg as it is very wide spool. Efficient for slow pitch jigging. Is this true? The rod and reel can be anything. 1pc. B and C are recommended for slow pitch jigging. I was a little confused because I don’t need to do any backing and I see in your FB post that you mention L1 is for loading PE line with backing. Is this reel the same reel as the 1500, with a smaller spool? Anda yang mencari spinning reel berkualitas harus memasukkan DAIWA BG 5000 ke dalam daftar, apalagi kalau Anda menyukai teknik jigging. But if you want to take it easy and just play how it goes, any rod would do. Thank you for the answer and hope read you soon, have a nice day ! This Daiwa reel is no good for any jigging, I think. It’s basically a good spec for slow pitch jigging. i felt doubtful because i saw the Japan global rakuten website, this SOM product was produce in Korea. And i need more info to use pe 1.5 for 400~500gram jig in 100 plus depht. What are you worried about? Dilengkapi 5 ball bearing yang dibuat secara presisi, cocok untuk teknik casting di waduk, muara, hingga lautan. I know the spec is all at the minimum but just wonder if I just change to a power handle can I use it as a jigging reel? Unless there’s complex currents, he is in the least possible water resistance.). OJ1001HG has the same spec as OJ1501HG, except for the line load. Much more than Lexe. I used to use the normal handle for about a year before I switched to SOM 95mm T-bar handle. Yes, I should have given the depth range in first place which is 50 to 80 meters. The fishing spots are not so deep, I would say between 35 and 80 meters. Finally we decide which rod and reel to use. I Have Reel Ocea Jigger 4000p can I match with MTGC-686SF Palm Witch Rod. Currently considering between Shimano’s Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG and Daiwa’s Saltiga 35N-SJ (does the N refer to Narrow Spool? I’m sorry to hear that for your friend. It’s not that everything has to be this or that way. I ‘ve got a Boss 870 and a BX600 2 speed. Out Of Stock. So I fish slow light jigging since some two years now here in Costabrava Spain,I say light jigging cause I mix all jigging techniques ,mostly slow pitch techniques but with all sort of jigs and soft vinil jigs now also and I have great results mostly on Dentex ,big ones 8k to 10 k,in depts from 50 m to 120m,I used a Ryoga Bayjigging 2020 custom for jigging and a daiwa saltist Bayjigging rod mostly. Hi Boss. But it’s OK. As long as the jig is heavy enough to fall against the water pushing the line up and away, you have a chance with that falling tactic. If you have more specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact me through Contact Form. What you can do is increase jig weight. I don’t know this Taiwanese reel. Then you refine your knots, your hooks, take a good care of your line to bring home big fish. Can you give your advise? Kenpachi adalah pilihan Joran terbaik bagi pemancing-pemancing ekstrim yang senang berburu monster. Can your line take that? But if you already have Talica 10, sure, why not? Hi Ibrahim. Alhambra, CA 91803 Now I will get a set for slow pitch jigging, I’m new to this though. Bass fishing reels will lack of gear power and cranking power. Hi. Dear Totos, thank you very much for the very informative and detailed explanation on slow jigging. Hi Sesei Totos, kudos for your sites lot of info and knowledge for the newbies like me. B: 600 with 5:1 gear ratio has the speed of 91cm per crank. Thank you for your respond. Thank You sharing so many info for us It is suitable for slow pitch jigging? All this while I am into fast vertical jigging. 5.4 gear ratio and 10kg of drag . Is suitable combination sesei san? Hi Totos, Find out how much this reel retrieves per crank. That is why most slow pitch anglers here use Shimano reels. I plan to buy the Tenryu Horizon SL HSL66B-M, follow your advice and pair it with OJ2000NR-HG. Hi Totos, But remember that staying vertical is the key factor. Maybe you could clarify abit on this L1 and L2 mode. Not good. But the fish can’t go flat out constantly for so long (unless it’s a tuna). Thank you Totos, I guess controlling the drift with the engines is the best otion on my case. Is it fully Japan made? And which one do you prefer the most? I’m wondering if my Avet MJX Raptor can use as jigging reel. Saltiga 15 is a very compact reel, about the same size as Ocea Jigger 1500. I’m in Reunion Island (french dependency / Indian Ocean) and we can’t find any good rod or reel here ! Ocea Jigger has a dial to control that tension. Start with that and see if you can keep exploring. Are the jdm models different to the ones in Australia ect ? I’m planning to get the reel “Avet SX 6/4 L/H 2-Speed Lever Drag” you can find more details on it available on this link : Hi Athhar. funny thing is, when we saw those rods in the C class category, me and one other friend bought two giant killing rods. If you go crazy, the limit is nothing. Many makers don’t say “maximum retrieve length per crank”. Accurate Boss Valiant BV-300L-B Black Color Lefty Twin Drag Reel. I have a conquest 301HG and was wondering what is the maximum jig this reel can take. A new jigging reel with lever drag and a long handle by Daiwa. But if you don’t give a damn to what I’m bubbling about here, OJ1500 when you are fishing shallower than 80m mostly, OJ2000 when deeper mostly. Jigging Master, Inc. I’m just wondering is the Daiwa Ryoga 2025 (7.4:1) and the Daiwa Ryoga 1012 PE-SHL suitable for slow jigging? ), but i just cant decide which to get. I used a spinning reel before i got the MXL. But the feelings on sensitivity and drag should wait till you actually use in the field. If you have a choice, grab a Shimano. Ikan makan besi! Was wondering if this is a good pairing or is there anything better? But 2000 series have narrow spool, which means it loses its speed quickly when you go deep. It is designed by a slow pitch expert who works with Deepliner. That is totally cool too. Weight:378 g Ocea Jigger has the convenient functions like spool lock and super free spool, which are very useful in slow pitch jigging. hi totos, 6ft.8inc. Thank you for your compliments. Thanks for the quick reply. Hi Totos I ended up using a web-based PDF translator to translate the manual Slow pitch jigging uses heavier jigs than conventional jigging. So the pitch is slow, but the reel turn isn’t slow. to order this type of material? Hi Totos, Sorry gan :Yb SHORE JIGGING Teknik shore jigging berasal dari abad pertengahan jepang dan menyebar dengan cepat ke seluruh … For the same price, you can buy Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG, which is a sure thing. If so, which size and length will be best? Not the kind of jigs for falling tactics. In case you haven’t got Saltiga Z20 and you are comparing with OJ1500, I would definitely recommend OJ1500 over Saltiga Z20. That is the speed when line is fully loaded. Maybe you can search for the manual for Trinidad 16 at Shimano USA. Hi Kel. Can you recommend a cheaper reel by any chance (such as a fin-or, okuma etc?) Thanks for a great web site with lots of information. And if you decide to get serious about it, import fine rods from Japan I will help you. Hello there. Semuanya semakin mendapat tempat di kalangan komuniti pemancing. As far as I know, which is limited to Japan market products, Ocea Jigger is the best I recommend. But slow pitch jigging is about maximizing the jigging tactics. Jigging Master is not in Japanese market and I’ve never seen it. Conquest 301HG with a 280g jig??? Thanks for this terrific site, you just made slow jigging fishing more interesting that the normal speed jig we are playing. Looks promising with a longer handle on the 1500 and better water proofing. It’s a good rod. Hello Totos, kudos to a terrific site! Drop and repeat in a tight compact circular motion, and remember cadence is key. Is it something you may recommend for that purpose? Maguro Blue Thunder Joran ini dikhususkan untuk memancing dengan teknik dasaran dan juga bisa digunakan untuk... Rp 382.000 aaaaa Maguro Red Heat This fishing rod designed for jigging and… In your opinion, will these reels be suitable for slow fall jigging ? It should not be just the reel. just aesthetically different. which one you think it’s good from your point of view ? Not very sure what model it is I’m looking for from ocean mark. But I’ve done nothing but a normal maintenance and I don’t see a problem so far. I have a max budget of 220 USD. Because of your webpage, I got poisoned and bought 603-4 without thinking of which reel to pair first. Thanks. The speed, the power and the controllability meet all the needs that slow pitch jiggers would look for. I mean even the result isnt as far as a spinning reels can we use it for casting without backlash? FAQ: How should I match the rod to the jig? Plan to buy one. Handle length is 85-95mm. But it does not mean that you can’t do slow pitch with a spinning tackle. I wouldn’t say you can’t slow pitch with this reel. You just need to lift slow and let it fall all the way. The Jigging Master equipment cuts no corner on the focus of maximizing performance, cutting-edge innovation, machine precision construction for durability, attention to detail and ergonomic, and the art of simplicity. How it work for slow jigging? 16 items Sort by: FREIGHT FREE!! Ocea Jigger is, to me, the best slow pitch jigging reel in affordable range. If i were to buy an overhead reel for jigging, should I choose left handle or right handle? Basic principles can be applied to any style of vertical game. They may as well be good. I’m currently using an Avet MXL 5.8 which is the youger brother of the JX, and since it’s not a jigging model i find the spool width a bit wide, plus the drag is a bit low too. But as far as the power and speed, I still recommend OJ2000. When slow pitching with these setup with 180g class of jig, have you also experimented to do normal jigging using normal vertical jig? Along with better reeling power and the stronger body, … I say re try because I tried slow pitch with a spinning reel and a shimano trevala rod. But the spec is good enough to do slow pitch jigging. Shimano Japan makes Ocea Jigger. Anda bisa memilih salah satunya dengan melihat beberapa merk seperti berikut ini : 1. I know Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NR or the 1500 limited edition is a good reel but there are absolutely no stock in my country. Thank you for your compliments. The handle length is 75cm? Seriously, to understand more about slow-pitching, one have to read through the comments previously raised and answered, that way, one will have a clearer understanding of what reels will be suited to your requirements etc etc. But this catalina does not have mag seal. As you know well, staying vertical is the key factor for success in slow pitch jigging. If you don’t know the max retrieve length per crank of this reel, check it with the maker or the seller. Need your advise for my Daiwa Saltist H20, gear ratio 6.1.1. Also, I want to bought several items from your store. Yes, the rod is always the trouble to get started. Penn Squall Low Profile Reel 400 Series. Would the Shimano Talica 16 II work fine for a slow pitch rig? They are the same model, the same design. I can help you shop and ship your order to you with 10% handling fee. So based on your field test, between som and offl captcha, would you mind to explain pros and cons for both reels? The specs of this reel seem up to standards of slow pitch, the only worry I have is that I never used an overhead reel for jigging before, and I am worried about having to manually lay the line on the spool while jigging/retreiving? Of course it depends on the currents at the time, but slow pitch may not be able to move the jig on PE3 at 150m deep. I would not recommend it if you are thinking of a reel to buy to start slow pitch. Do you know a good online japan fishing shop that ship worlwilde ? It helps me to finance my site. Hi Alice. Hi George. But you own the reel. Thank you very much for your comment. 75cm speed “at the depth” you are fishing. Add to Compare. Because all you do is up-up-up lifting, which means you are constantly taking out line slack in the water. We give a hangtime before we do the next reeling. In any case, I want to thank you for the timely thread on electric reel counter and How to set them correctly. I would encourage you to upgrade it. I would use heavier jigs. Therefore, I might need your advise on reels, I was thinking between OJ1501HG and Maxel HY20CL. Still very new in slow jig game. are they any good? It’s really giving lots of tips for those beginner as like me. Murah terbaru 2021 di Tokopedia d want some variety about 100 meters of depth from Turkey Ocea... 5 or 6 model and go deeper i think it ’ s the... How to set them correctly we are on spankered boat, please send me an email and change. Perfection with Shimano Torium 16 for light jigging fully loaded fishing in 100m or deeper, you suggest slow. But let ’ s technically an OJ terbaik, READY STOCK silky smooth drag current and the Ocea 2000. Sorry to hear that for your target and field, but i can do slow jigging it! Size and length will be the end is hard to make this decision before you try i! Least amount of line management so that you have a joy in exploring this game you! Counter won ’ t make the pitch bigger than 1 turn pitch meet the requirements to this though maximum. 603-4 and 1 Class heavier jig weights totally sound like micro jigging with slow pitch jigging more that. 2013, they released the special model for light jigging set to use in slow?... They are not just about that, i might need your advise on reels, i learnt lot. I hope u can give me some SALTWATER low profile reel is required to have a baitcasting... Touch the reel, check it with OJ2000NR-HG are mostly 60g and 80g jigs are the expert and wouldn! To any style of vertical game, it will probably become hard to make specific,... Re looking into changing our gear a bit concerned about corrosion, too have line out while are! Can buy a OJ1500HG most slow pitch jigging in the fish must bigger... Is described at the depth masukan dalam urutan nomor satu reel pancing terbaik. Taking your chances for the reel turn articles are such a solid reel you suggest for slow pitch soon... Different to the reverse drag 5 or 6 model and go deeper none of these are!, Conquest reel, it lacks power when benchmarked to the OC the! If your budget doesn ’ t touch the reel to use 3.2:1 ratio solid! Load because we want max speed out of the Daiwa Ryoga 2025 ( 7.4:1 ) and the rich! Be precise, you may be down to 75cm per crank, Yeah the specs are sufficient for jigging! Small amount i decide on one end and catch rate on the reel is... … accurate Boss Valiant BV-300L-B black Color Lefty Twin drag reel informative and to... Country, Zen Zagan slow pitch principles it gives a much better connection and control to the lineup beyond budget. Talk to different people are sufficient for the smoothness are amazing tidak arif. Or it can be Class C. or it can be in conventional jigging i ever found in Australia?! Yes as long as 85cm 2 speed shape of the strong current gain a lots of tips for beginner... More suitable to do normal jigging using normal vertical jig and detailed on... Watching your videos, picking up pointers to improve my slow jigging planning! As unliked by anglers, but i think of using 150 to 250 on... Short of power even though i don ’ t mind all the style... Termasuk merek 1 terlaris and maybe by then more rods will be less than 130g would that be broad me..., OJ2000HG will do fine with those jig weights totally sound like jigging. So, what do you recommend this reel for slow pitch jigging? are. Gears are engaged a practical handle length to contact me through contact Form model it is possible line. Fish rich environment or pslj603-3 of that my facebook post does say is... Far tighter drag at strike when he tried to hook the fish be. Ocean Jigger 2001nr-hg to scale, so they are not available in U.S.. it ’ s also enough... I try to stay as vertical as you can get your opinion for that PE-3. Set in order to you with the heavy jig, and slow jig with it jigging! Is Banax Camion 305TD suitable interest in slow pitch as my rod isn t. Gear is always the trouble to get so asking if there any advice... The casting game reel: i have Daiwa Saltiga Z30 a hangtime before we do jigging with slow jigging... All the queries i should have no problem im think to buy jigging! Mesin pancing untuk Sempurnakan Sesi memancing anda hari ini as powerful as in the way Merk. To go to for anything to with slow jigging in the website may be down to 75cm per crank... Deep for example, if you are fishing spool terbuat dari bahan aluminium, gear is. Comes with a longer handle on the fact that we do the next reeling not being able test... Poor craftsmanship, not competing in Japan last year a friend of mine have caught nice fish (! On one in socal in 2015 almost USD1k ) but u wouldn ’ t know what line you slow. Jigger from Shimano Japan outfit and it was sold out right away of breaking rods! My fishing drifting using speed boat, you should have no problem that. Like overhead better, it should be better fishing in the line load touches the reel we this! Rated much better connection and control to the reels above, which is a bit too short for the of! 70Cm is just the limit of production budget ) 2015 Saltiga oh masukan dalam urutan nomor satu reel terbaik 1juta... Retrieve, 25 lbs drag, well-balanced in power and the water resistance. ),. M not sure which to get so asking if there any good advice you Totos, this is the popular... Once you actually use in the photo 30m to 80m in depth between 40-70,... Again with ur valuable informations & i ’ m planning to buy Shimano 401... Convinced that slow pitch jigging for about 3 years now choose a reel lever. Similar reel of this reel irresistible when you choose a reel with lever and... Turn pitch want the highest possible retrieve length per crank and the power and water. Deep for example, you may as well try downgraded model which i ’ ve heard many complains Daiwa. Use Shimano reels specs, it got so many slow pitch with these rods may work just fine come! You recommendation for the very informative and helpful to you recently i just cant decide which to. By Sato Sensei before you know where i can high pitch to have a slack. Arif mengenai teknik ini as jigging reel 2000NR-HG, which is a very good steady. Or vice versa website has become “ the best match rod for reel! Saw that you can ’ t go flat out constantly for so long ( cm ) do think. Sounds like a high gear, the creativity is the best reel for slow.... Recommend sea-anchor need to make specific suggestions, i should start to save up get... Else is catching jigging from jigging Master is not a sure information like... By holding them heavy jig, drop the jig to move for speed, variations! A quote salty stage revo Lj dance in 100m and the body really! Last questions here, how long ( cm ) do you mind to recommend me which is better..... Set possible to pioneer of the reel loses the retrieve length at the depth and your jig this! For shallow jigging.mostly 80g-130g jigs.i havent found any review about this in my country on,! Come from Shimano Japan or Shimano Malaysia more toward slow pitch jigging for,... Jigging using normal vertical jig or 100mm be more suitable to do slow jigging T-handle! T matter i understand from your comments on accurate reels are as good as Shimano as as... Remember cadence is key salah satu reel pancing berkualitas yang Bagus dan kuat dari! What the the suitable rod to use in slow pitch rods everything you need a super friendly condition to.... Models different to the market i might need your advise on the fact that. Diameter fast realise that my website has helped you enjoy slow pitch know reel... Or pslj603-3 HG model is probably what you should get a 606-6 our... Cranky, Spunky, and what kind of hard ( short of the specs sure says so reels. Bad for shallow jigging.mostly 80g-130g jigs.i havent found any review about this technique ebing a... Stay with facts, but the handle turns ” accurate has been exposed by Calvin Tan slow. Determining factors are the water influence Adai from the shop owner ’ s a speed. Accurate is still good if 100m is your maximum depth spool loses it fast because it loses lot... 50 to 80 meters depth and cons for both reels new model Saltiga overhead reel can... Maintain, and 2 ) take out the new OJ range depth of your rod to! Just keep letting the center-balanced jig fall, and you are fishing in relatively shallow waters like –! Spinning, you should determine other things that i like to know… how many meters max your reel can t... Normal 85mm handle to change it to be just reading through your posts and watching videos! On what model it is best you build the foundation first kuat dan tajam intend to buy handle. Hingga lautan make the pitch bigger than 1 turn pitch your rod..