How does a clinical doctoral program prepare for APA accreditation? TCSPP’s Chicago program, which was founded in 1979, was accredited in October 1987. Learn more at Q. TCSPP has been an innovator in the field of psychology … The self-study report was submitted to the APA’s Commission on Accreditation (CoA) in April 2013. Can APA program accreditation be denied? CHICAGO, Jan. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) is pleased to announce that its Chicago Campus' M.A. The Chicago School began its path toward accreditation even before its first students enrolled in the clinical doctoral program in 2008, when the Los Angeles Campus opened by developing a curriculum in alignment with APA standards. The components address themes of continuous improvement, capacity of an institution, and educational effectiveness. The D.C. site visit occurred on February 6, 2017. By accreditation type, the school has 2 Institutional accredited programs. Statement of Accreditation Status. The mission guides the implementation of the Institutional Learning Outcomes and Program Learning Outcomes. The team commended the institution for its accomplishments and practices. Have any students graduated from the Los Angeles Clinical Doctoral Program? What is the difference between APA program accreditation and regional accreditation? A. We are also pleased to report that an additional 10 students from the 2008 cohort, will have degrees conferred in July 2014. In Spring 2017, the Site Team visited the D.C., Irvine, Chicago, and Los Angeles campuses to meet with TCSPP representatives to follow-up on preliminary findings of the Offsite review concerning both compliance and improvement. Q. A. A. Must all clinical psychology programs seek APA accreditation? The team met regularly to review their progress toward the submission of the self-study. program under the name The Chicago School of Professional Psychology-Irvine/Argosy Teach-Out is ‘accredited, inactive’ by the Commission on Accreditation of the APA. Other TCS ES affiliates include Pacific Oaks College, The Santa Barbara & Ventura Colleges of Law, Dallas Nursing Institute, Saybrook University, and Pacific Oaks Children’s School. Graduates can apply to sit for the national licensure examination, the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), as well as the State examination, the California Psychology Supplemental Examination (CPSE). Accreditation by APA is not awarded by schools or campuses, but rather by program. 707 Wilshire … The … A. Fax: (510) 748-9797. Regional accreditation covers entire institutions. College of Nursing and Advanced Health Professions, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards. After the visit, the site visit team may have some additional questions for the program to answer, and, following receipt of answers to those questions, the team submits a report to the CoA. The process of collecting data for a self-study report can take many years. A. This website uses cookies to deliver our services, analyze site traffic and personalize content. There were nine components in the Institutional Report linked to four WSCUC Standards and 39 Criteria for Review (CFRs). Is APA program accreditation guaranteed? Q. If you continue browsing, you accept our use of cookies. The Chicago School began its path toward accreditation even before its first students enrolled in the clinical doctoral program in 2008, when the Los Angeles Campus opened by developing a curriculum … The report is made available to the campus leadership team for review and comment. The students were given a form letter to provide prospective employers that explained the accreditation status and likened the program to the Chicago campus, which has been continuously … For instance, information sessions, department meetings, and brown bag lunches are held at least three times a year on the APA program accreditation process. A. An institutional written response to the Team Report was forwarded to the Commission panel along with the team report and confidential recommendation. The clinical Psy.D. Once the class was enrolled, the Clinical Doctoral Psy.D. Clinical Psychology program bases its training on the practitioner-scholar model of education, integrating core competencies informed by the educational model of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) and the American Psychological Association Standards of Accreditation. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission. This page was last updated February 23, 2018. Finally, the Los Angeles site visit occurred on March 21-23, 2017.