TIP: Adding 2-3 tablespoons of table salt or Epsom salt to a 16 oz bottle of Farrier’s Finish® will help pull out excess moisture and harden the hoof. Some horsemen and farriers use hoof hardeners such as Keratex or turpentine to dry up feet or to help harden the soles. Sole Pack contains iodine and other ingredients, which aid to harden the hoof plus fight bacterial and fungal infections. The horse should be on a clean dry surface, and the foot picked out and brushed off. D'oh. If the rate of hoof wear is greater than the rate of hoof regrowth, you will need shoes. Venice turpentine should not be applied to the frog, the bulbs of the hoof, to the coronet band or above it. White Lightning: White Lightning is a soaking treatment that you do on your horse’s hooves. equine venice turpentine to harden & toughen soles Used on the sole of the hoof to toughen or harden the hoof in cases of soreness or tender footed horses. Since 1978, Durasole has been one of the best-kept secrets in the horse world. If your horse develops soft hooves or other hoof related issues, consult with your farrier and veterinarian. Sugardine – this is a paste made of iodine, or a povidone-iodine mixture (like Betadine) and plain sugar. Iodine solutions can be used on cuts and scrapes that equines and humans may acquire around the barn or in the pasture. Inactive ingredients – silicon dioxide, grain extract. Preventative care is essential when it comes to horse hooves. Can be used to help promote toughening or hardening of the sole of the hoof. Watch and learn how to apply a poultice to a horse from one of our experts at the RVC Equine Referral Hospital I sometimes suggest the use of hoof hardeners when a horse that has lived in a ... as does strong 7% iodine. Iodine or Betadine. If you horse has good nutrition, supplements are also useless and can be harmful because they cause an imbalance. Apply daily. The iodine and sugar thing works well, or my farrier said to just paint with iodine (the sugar is just to create the base for it). Iodine will dry the sole, so some horsemen spread a little iodine daily over the sole and frog to help toughen and harden the sole and keep the frog disinfected. I've heard keratex hoof hardener is best but I tend to go for the cheap option Note the lateral wing of P3 and the severe damage which occurred to the extensor tendon from this serious injury. Apply a medication or product to the sole of the horse's hoof that is designed to harden the hoof. He said Leo was sensitive on both of his front feet and it was because the soles of his hooves got too soft again. 7% Iodine is for general equestrian use. Nate, our farrier, came out and hoof tested him. Simply walking around a pasture stimulates hoof circulation and growth. Some horse owners may associate this as “bad behavior,” when in truth it is not bad behavior. Using the collateral grooves as the guide will keep you out of this trouble. Iodine is damaging to the hoof. We always soaked our Horses foot in warm water with Epson Salts in the water twice a day, then applied betadine and wrapped with vet wrap then applied duck tape over the vet wrap, worked pretty well. Epsom salts. Now deceased, the author was an American Farrier’s Association Certified Journeyman Farrier in Lubbock, Texas, who specialized in lame horse problems. I agree with you that topicals and dressings are useless and harmful. Much as I love that generalisation, yes, some horses need shoes. It flexes as the hoof hits the ground - absorbing shock. To soak you will need: a reinforced bag or a rubber tub for soaking. This can cause the horse to become uneasy during regular hoof maintenance and create unnecessary problems for you or your farrier. Hoof managers must realize this because sole sensitivity and sub-solar abscesses in horses with adequate sole thickness and callus are about as common as white horses that won’t roll in the mud. Sole Pack also contains ichthammol, which draws infection, heat & fever, and abscesses. It contains Pine Tar and other natural moisturizers which condition the hoof. Horse hooves need basic maintenance performed daily, and more extensive maintenance (such as trimming) performed every few weeks. Hoof wall growth When the weather warms up in the spring, a horse’s hoof walls go through a growth spurt. Excessive moisture or dryness in the environment affects the health of the foot. Diet is important too but a topical thing will do no harm. 1. If, by chance, there is an opening somewhere, even if it is minute, iodine kills healthy tissue and is therefore detrimental. Durasole creates a tough, natural, pad between your horse's sensitive sole and the world's often hostile environment. The application is pretty simple. The frog (the "v" shaped portion of the bottom of a horse's hoof) is designed to be dynamic. Hoof hardeners (such as Keratex or venice of turpentine) can be used to harden the sole of the feet in wet conditions. In some instances, the horse may even begin to refuse to pick up their hooves entirely. Povidone iodine ointment can be used in the mix as well. Horses with poor foot conformation or chronic laminitis are most prone to abscesses. Bleach – … The horse’s hoof reacts in a similar way to the pressure of movement.” This doesn’t mean that a horse with poor hooves needs to be forced into an extreme exercise regimen. He was best known for his pioneering work with Your horse is lame because of the pressure that the abscess is causing. The hoof that usually does fine when trimmed on a five to six-week cycle can suddenly be too long at four weeks. (updated 08-02-14) Oxine AH is a powerful and economical weapon against topical fungal and bacterial infections of the hoof and lower leg – such as thrush, white line disease, and scratches. Ingredients – Active Ingredients: Iodine, Tea Tree Oil, Yucca Extract. I have used strong iodine, phenol and mixtures of alcohol or acetone and iodine. It is a fear of pain. 'Horses that need shoes are generally owned by people that won't put in the time and give their horse time to heal. White lightning is mixed with vinegar to create chlorine dioxide gas. The amount of work the animal is in determines the amount of protection necessary. Leave this on for a day or two. The frog is like jelly and if you press on his heel bulb, it reveals a crack that goes in at least an inch. A poultice is a soft, moist mass that is applied to the hoof under a bandage, which can be purchased or homemade, using a variety of medicated, or natural ingredients. Keep the hooves picked out and clean, allowing as much air as possible to the solar margins of the foot. Even if your mount's feet look fragile, resist the urge to restrict activity. “Any accidental injury to the sole of the foot, such as treading on a stone or another hard object can cause a bruise. [LEARN MORE: How to “read” your horse’s hooves. Hardening and drying agents may be used to help harden up the hoof tissue, however the infection must be treated first.. We do not want to lock any anaerobes back in so they can thrive again ! When the toe gets too long, it places stress on the white line. Learning how to care for your horse's hooves can help keep your animal healthy and active. To treat an abscess you will need to soak and wrap your horse’s foot. Commercial bonding agents formulated to harden hooves are available through tack stores. A horse turned out in a large pasture around the clock will walk enough on his own to benefit his hooves. A hoof treated for seedy toe by removing the damaged hoof wall. It stings when applied, so horse owners might want to dilute it a bit and be ready for a reaction if it’s used on small open wounds. Sole Solutions. Or horses that are confined 24/7.' The goal of this web-exclusive feature is to zero in on specific areas of hoof nutrition and avoid broad-based articles that simply look at the overall equine feeding situation. This accelerated growth catches most barefoot horse owners – and many trimmers – by surprise for the first few years. If the horse is in minimal work on good footing, painting the soles with products that dry and harden the sole may suffice. If treating thrush or another hoof ailment, it sometime helps to bandage the sugardine in and then tape it all up. Seedy toe seems to be one of the most common afflictions to a horse’s hooves and can best be described as a fungal infection which enters through the white line where it has been weakened either by excess hoof growth, horse shoe nails or sub-clinical laminitis.. Consult a farrier to determine which product would be most effective for your horse's unique foot condition and your climate. All seem to work pretty well to harden feet. Apply hoof tougheners. We believe Durasole to be the most effective sole dressing on the market. May be used as a part of a general cleansing routine for all horses in support of healthy skin, and also on the navel cords and hooves of newborns. Prevention is far better than cure – regular stall and hoof cleaning is important in stabled horses. I only ask because my horse has what is called deep suclus thrush on one of his hooves. Basically behind the soft cushy frog is a big infected hole. Horsemen's folklore credits farriers with the 'secret recipe' behind sugardine, used to treat hoof abscesses, thrush, sole bruising or damage, and skin problems ranging from rain rot to burns Sugardine is a paste made from sugar and iodine with the consistency of peanut butter. Always seek advice from a licensed Veterinarian if your horse has a sudden lameness. The bulbs also are flexible and should not be hardened. If your horse has a hoof abscess, your veterinarian is likely to recommend using a poultice to draw out infection. Hoof Nutrition Intelligence is a twice-a-month web segment that is designed to add to the education of footcare professionals when it comes to effectively feeding the hoof. Warm water. 14-DAY OLD HOOF INJURY. In this application it can be painted daily on the sole of the hoof and topped with brown paper until the desired results are achieved. They, too, are better able to withstand harsh, uneven footing and are, therefore, far less prone to bruising – unlike the hooves of many domesticated horses. Tincture of iodine is an alcohol-based antiseptic. Herbs can be added to make sugardine an effective poultice. Ask your farrier which ones would be most suitable for your horse. Make a 6x6 inch square duct tape pad, by overlapping several strips of tape and laying a second slightly overlapping layer on top, perpendicular to the first layer. Same thing happened last year at this time. Directions For Use Some horse owners purchase special products for hardening the frog; others apply iodine to their horse's frog. After the hoof has been washed out and let dry a bit, you use a brush to get the paste as deep as you can into the clefts around the frog. Similarly, horses in the wild grow harder, stronger hooves. Not for use in horses intended for food. Use the supplies and instructions listed below to treat your horse’s feet with Oxine AH. FOR HORSE USE ONLY.