Shoutout to Audiomovers - amazing VST that streams high quality audio over the web, so those Zoom sessions don’t have to have terrible computer audio for the production. What do you prefer? Visitors experience the thrills of scuba diving below the waves to sailing above them, before being hurled into a canoe to negotiate the rapids. Audio electronic crossovers allow to split the audio signal into separate frequency bands that can be separately routed to individual power amplifiers which then are connected to specific transducers optimized for a particular frequency band. One of the largest exhibitions is Finnish sporting heroes across the ages. Smart Active 2-Way Monitors. Don’t be fooled by its affordable price tag and modest dimensions, the 8010A is every bit a Genelec pro monitor: uncoloured, accurate and powerful. 359 € 507 € 10 . Doesn’t matter if you’re inspired or not, put the axe to the grindstone and see what comes out. "A sound choice we feel, the unbelievably accurate Genelec 8010A’s are our platinum award winners.". Source, 25 W Bass The choice of professionals for whom power and flexibility go hand-in-hand, the 8330A is as acoustically impressive as it is Smart, courtesy of Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) technology. Tout afficher. Aiming of the loudspeaker axis towards the listener is rarely implemented, also, unwanted mechanical vibration do propagate from the loudspeaker to the mounting surface, and first order reflection on the work surface causes comb filtering and hence ripples in the frequency response. The stereo image is surgically accurate, the frequency response is insane ‘sans-sub’, and the presentation is such that I can work on them for a long time and not get the same level of ear fatigue I would experience on other monitors. Päivärinne specified Genelec’s Smart IP range of loudspeakers for most of the sound design, as they met all of his criteria for quality and particularly for ease of deployment. But, by themselves you still get pristine, at and focused audio monitoring. The metal housing gives them plenty of weight and a very solid, rear ported cabinet to work from. Chance the Rapper, Jon Bellion, and Adele. The use of the latest technology enables visitors to share in the adrenalin, the triumphs and the disappointments along with all the emotions and feelings that sport brings. "Klein-Lautsprecher in robuster Konstruktion. Standing just under 300mm (12") tall, the 8331APM packs three-way precision into a portable nearfield package. Smart Active 2-Way Monitors. Maximum peak acoustic output per pair on top of console, at 1 m distance with music material. 25 kHz. Introduced early 2013, Genelec’s Intelligent Signal-Sensing technology has been developed to meet with both European Union ErP Directives and the company’s own wider sustainability commitments. I waited a long time to spring for the 8351s, and now that I have them I honestly don’t know how I lived without them. The Smart IP speakers are definitely the most important element of Achetez Genelec 8010APM Haut-parleur de studio: Livraison & retours gratuits possibles (voir conditions) Choisir vos préférences en matière de cookies. -Rob Gee, the author of the review article. And whenever I get really stuck, I stop to think about what I might really love about the creative process - maybe it’s making a funny beat with a weird-found sound, writing a satirical song with zero commercial potential, or even something beyond music like 3D modelling furniture or long-form prose. (Class D), 67 | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! And given that these are designed for audio editing on the go, their size is ideal, as too are the mounting options. Even though housed in die-cast aluminium, they are still quite light at 1.5kg each. It features Genelec Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) circuitry which switches the monitor to standby when no audio input is detected (ErP 2013 Directive). Billie Jean with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. Do you want to be featured in our ‘At Home’ series? Smart Active Subs & Woofer Systems. ≥105 dB And trust me, you want to hear them. ≤5 dB They offer impressive low-frequency response, a smooth accurate high-end and well-balanced mids - what’s not to like? 8331A 8341A 8351B 8361A W371A. These will perfectly match up with the 7050B subwoofer when you need to fill out the room across the entire frequency range. with Iso-Pod™ All audio, video and control technology was supplied by AV integration specialists Studiotec Oy, with AV and sound design by building services engineering experts, Granlund Oy. The Classic 8000 Series monitors have an analogue input. The review is written by Robbie Stamp and it was published in July, 2014. They offer an incredibly detailed recreation of your audio mix, so much so that you will start questioning your playing, hearing every detail, and of course, every error. Currently unavailable. 1 x 8010A monitor