Regulations, Practical Cruising and Route Planning. Le Ministère des Affaires étrangères - French site. Having a clear understanding of the cost of utilities, food, transport and accommodation is essential to having a realistic budget of living costs and being able to plan for living in France. Browse Marinas in France by city. Cost of Living in Tahiti. If they slow down a couple of kilometers before the lock, then you know that the lock is not ready in your direction. The tax rate would be 17.5% of the total value of both the boat – as detailed in your invoice – and the shipping costs. Selling prices vary: from 25 000 to 150 000 euros for a Freycinet without fitings, and 50 000 to 1 000 000 euros for a boat already fitted out. In Europe, they have white and red diesel. “But I would never have thought of a boat before Maria suggested it. They all chuckle about the fact that patients in French hospitals get a glass of wine on their lunch and dinner trays. Now all ships must have two fixed VHF radios equipped with ATIS. One radio is for a channel to monitor ship-to- land, i.e. Buying an ex-charter boat Many yachts, especially in the eastern Med, started their lives in charter fleets. Ideally, you would want the water draft of your barge to be closer to 1 meter. There is a bridge on the Canal du Midi at Capestang. One must think about balancing the need for living space when you boat is acting like a house in the winter, with the need to cruise comfortably during the summer. A year on, we set a budget of £50,000 to upsize and scoured the country viewing overpriced boats in terrible condition. For 29.90 euros a month (2008), we have a ADLS line, 70 TV channels, and free phone calls to French fixed lines and to many other countries including the US. During the summer crusing season the port captain can forward important mail to you by "General Delivery/Poste Restante" to any town you deisgnate. In an average month, it costs them around $2,200 to live on the boat. Once at the lock follow the directions of the red and green traffic lights. A boat trip around the Algarve caves costs around €30 – €35. New boats will cost much more, but you can order a custom yacht to get exactly what you want. Small boats can travel everywhere easily. He also owns two yachts, one based in the Mediterranean and the other in the UK. Costs of Living on a Barge. ANNUAL COST BREAKDOWN. Call the French consulate to get the current information. The good news is that they are not high compared with what you will have spent so far. This is a very good way of obtaining help with a problem or to keep current on canal conditions while cruising. If you are moving on to a new winter port, the captain can forward your mail to your new address. We dial a computer in the States, let it ring once and hang up. When we pass through a lock, we do not carry on conversations with lock keepers or friends on board, until our rope is over the bollard and the boat has come to a stop. Here we explore the most common expenses for day to day life whilst traveling and living on the water. Smaller out of the way boatyards in the Eastern Med can be in idyillic locations, like this one in the Gulf of Volos. If you are boarded by the police, they will always check your fuel. Long-term mooring or long term cruising? He writes about all aspects of boat ownership and marine travel, including destinations, seamanship and maintenance, as well as undertaking regular new boat and gear tests. twitter. Every time is different, and you must be ready to expect the unexpected. on a dry-dock or slipway – so the condition of the hull can be checked. Boaters, who do not speak French, rely on the kindness of their boating neighbors who do, to help them negotiate difficult transactions. Our boat was one of the first boats that we looked at in France, and we liked it immediately, even though it did not meet a couple of the items on our list. Paris and the south of France are notorious for high rent. France Boating Vacations. You will find yourself locking with the commercial big boys who always have priority for entering the locks, and if your language skills aren’t up to speaking and understanding VHF French, you can follow the lead of the commercial barges. Reducing our monthly living expenses was certainly an appealing aspect of going tiny. Our web site has brought us many email inquiries from people who are interested in this barging life. Be sure to read all of the questions on both sides of the form carefully. If you have been living in France for fewer than 5 years, you will be eligible for a card with 5 years’ validity. Topics covered in this guide include: Consider looking into aggregate data for Average in French Polynesia. After looking at several other barges in France, we drove to Belgium and Holland to see as many barges as possible. We have good friends that we met when they also booked into the gîte. If you ask a question, someone always knows the answer. Stratford Canal. Many staples in France, such as fuel, food and clothes, are very expensive. Like any other overwhelming process, we just started with one task, and we learned as we went along what needed to be done next. The lock keepers might keep the light red until all of the commercials have entered the lock, then, if there is room for you, they will give you a green light, and you can enter. We had never owned a boat before we came to France and bought our barge, and we really didn't know what to expect. Both have their benefits, and their costs. To subscribe to a monthly phone service from a French service provider you will need a bank account. As PassageMaker reports, he spends most of his summers in Maine, the cold winter months in Georgia and the Carolinas, and the rest of his … Where liability is concerned, for example, you will often need coverage. Besides the actual boat itself, you’ll encounter several additional costs, depending on how you use your boat: Canal and River Trust licences: Costs depend on your boat’s size, but as an idea, a 40ft vessel is just over £700 per year. With our tri-band phone, we use Orange as our service provider, and we have been very happy with their services. They don’t understand they are buying a $2 million boat with $2 million worth of old, worn out equipment and possibly $200,000 a year in maintenance. This tax can add considerable cost to a large purchase, like a car. If you want to experience living in a foreign country all year, then you should be looking for a boat that is also a comfortable home. Living on a Boat: Beginner's Guide for Liveaboards Living on a Boat: Beginner's Guide for Liveaboards It’s easy to romanticize the idea of living on a boat full-time; however, it's an alternative lifestyle like that takes preparation, organization and an ability to roll with changes. Log In; Sign Up; Browse Marinas France. As one of the leading boating holiday specialists, Nicols has created many different cruising itineraries made up of loop cruises, one-way trips or a return to base option. In France canals pass through tunnels and arched bridges. Before we came over in 2000 to buy our boat, we told everyone that we knew to come and visit us. All of our monthly bills are on automatic payment, except for our visa bill, which we view online before we okay the payment. Each month, they pay around $2,200 to live on their boat. He also decreed that all boats should be less than 38.5 meters in length and less than 5.05 meters in width. The air draft is an important consideration when buying a barge. You only need to sign up and then you pay only for the calls. Living aboard a narrowboat and continuously cruising our UK canals can be a wonderful way of life, free to move and change the view from the window whenever you want, we know, we've done it since 1995! We met most of our friends at the gym, and our walking club and by frequenting the same small businesses. Many people find that one special boat that captures their heart, and that boat sometimes sends that carefully prepared the list of requirements right out the window. Because everyone has different income levels and spending habits, it is difficult to put a dollar amount on how much it might cost each year to live in France on a barge. Several other companies offer the same type of service. Every three years I ditch my desk job for a couple of weeks’ graft in … Bringing Your Dog into France It is a good idea to get his cell number when you first meet, and to note it on your canal charts, as we have found that the numbers rarely change. Official information for UK nationals living in or moving to France need to know, including guidance on residency, healthcare and driving. It is available through the DBA website store. Tarci … We had booked in advance into a gîte, a farmhouse near the major barge brokers in St. Jean de Losne, thinking that we would stay there just while we looked at barges in the area. Maria and Helen have lived on a ship on a central canal in Amsterdam for three years. The EDF bill, or a telephone bill, is what you will use to confirm your address, something that you will be asked for many times over for certain business transactions including the renewal of your long stay visa. Note: At the Basel Rainwat agreement conference, new radio regulations were established for all inland water ships on the continent over 20 meters. A long stay visa must be requested from the French Embassy nearest your home before your departure from a non-EU country. A narrowboat can cost as little as £15,000 for a 'project craft' to more than £150,000 for a brand new boat, built to your own specification. After we renewed ours a couple of times, the process became easier every year, especially as our language skills improved. From here we manage our boat marina, or used barge and canal boat … The Cost of Living: The highest cost of living on a yacht is the mooring and the maintenance. In 2006, we were lucky enough to be offered a mooring in Paris, an opportunity that was too good to pass up, so now le Port de Plaisance de Paris Arsenal is our home port. Maintenance costs, fuel and marina services all add to the cost, as do insurance fees, upgrades (every liveaboard boater makes them) and licence fees. Some boats have both systems. This guide is designed to offer a complete picture of insurance in France, and to make sure you are properly insured while living in France. We use an online bill paying service, Pay Trust to pay our U.S. bills, and we are very happy with their service. They hear the 10 percent figure, buy a 30 year old boat for $100,000, and expect to only spend $10,000 a year. In the last couple of years an Internet connection through a land line has become very reasonable in cost. This is no longer the case. Discover French canal boat holidays, no experience needed, no licence required. Edit Range; Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant : … Consequently, we all lived together at Nathalies for 2 months, and we became great friends. Moorings are less frequent along the rivers. Cost of living on a narrowboat will vary from person to person depending upon your lifestyle. The equivalent boat new would be well over $2 million. What we found is a life we love. H2O is the name of our business that we started in France in 1987 in order to use our many years of experience in the hotel barge and canal rental-boat world on the French canals. Beneteau Antares 27. But, before we decided to move forward with buying a boat, we had to be sure that this lifestyle would work for us financially. I liked the idea of not having neighbours, and that is clearly … They do charge for calls to US 800 numbers. We also scanned our passport photos into our computer, and have often reprinted those photos when we have needed to submit a passport type photo for our visa renewal, or when we renew our international driver's licenses by mail. The EDF also offers a monthly debt of your bank account, if you wish. Visit Nimbus Boats for more information about the builder. The costs of living on a canal boat. A port conveniently close to an airport in the Western Med is more likely to be a large modern development – this is La Grande Motte, an easy 15-minute drive from Montpellier airport. There were so many little bits and pieces to organize. Estimating the variable costs can be fairly difficult. We had to show our passports to enter the French Embassy, so bring your passport along on your first visit even if you are just going there to pick up the forms. We like this convenience as it is always good to be able to make a call in an emergency, but a word of warning, it is very expensive to use your French phone in another county, so if we are planning to stay for awhile we buy a local pre-paid SIM card. It’s hard to find a place to legally live on a boat. We now use Neuf Telecom for our phone and Internet connection. Cost of transport in France. Check each translator's fee, as we found they varied greatly. Photograph: Will Hutchinson. Cost of living in France is cheaper than in 50% of countries in Western Europe (9 out of 18) Cost of living in France is more expensive than in 77% of countries in the World (18 out of 75) For our first six years we returned to the same winter port, Roanne. In some ports the captain walks around the port and delivers the mail to each boat, and in other ports the boaters go to the capitainerie to collect their mail. There is a rate sheet on the web site that gives the current costs to other countries. It was a good way to get an idea of what features we wanted in our boat, and of what we could expect barges to look like inside, but everyone agrees that boats that look great and affordable on the Internet, do not live up to the promise of their photos when you see them in person. Cost of living index in Antibes is 14.46% lower than in New York. If this sounds more like your cup of tea, you’ll need to start the search for a mooring. The cost of living on a yacht will also significantly decrease your cost of life in other, indirect ways too. In the end, we lived in that wonderful farmhouse for six months, and we now count Nathalie, the owner, as our best French friend. is part of the Boats Group Network. The only money we paid for our Carte de Séjour in France was for a mandatory physical exam, which consisted of a chest xray, answering a couple of questions about our health, and touching our toes. It might just be easier to say that you do not have to be rich to enjoy this lifestyle. Holding Tanks If you are asking for this type of visa, it does not allow you to work in France. You should also scan copies into your computer for safekeeping. Perhaps the biggest decision is whether to live on your boat at a long term residential mooring or to continuously cruise. We like returning to the same port every year, but others like to see where they end up at the end of the summer and then find a winter port. My parents moved onto a boat a few years ago, so we were familiar with boat life, a little,” says Maria. The Cost of Living on a Boat in the South of France; Death on the Canal, Pagan Crossroads and Medieval Laundries - Mysteries Around a Canal Boat ; Norway. If you want to live on your barge during the winter, you will need to have good insulation and a good heating system. whatsapp. It will be interesting to see how this law will work in France as we have heard that at present there are only four dump stations in the county. Living in a foreign country has been stressful at times, after all, everything is so foreign, and not speaking the language when we arrived made everything more difficult. Over the years, some of our boating neighbors have had to be hospitalized or have needed surgery, and they were all very pleased with their hospital experiences, and the quality of the medical care that they received. Floating home: living rent-free on Ireland’s waterways A more enlightened approach needs to be taken to people living on canal boats Sat, Aug 27, 2016, 01:00 LIVING COSTS. When cruising, we fill the water tank at every given opportunity. Since there was someone at the café from morning to night, this worked very well. In summary, if there’s a residential mooring available in the right location and the right price then this would suit you if you have land ties in that particular area. In contrast, the average house costs £200,000. You will need to tell them whether you are approaching from upstream or downstream and your ETA, and they will tell you either to come on ahead or to slow down to wait for the lock. We wouldn't travel without one. Copyright © 1999-2021 Boats Group. Once the line is secure and the boat has come to a halt, we can relax a bit and even get into a conversation with the lock keeper or people passing by and one of us can help with the gates. But living on a boat is not that simple, we explain the essentials. Although I often … There is no quarantine. Furthermore, many employers in Paris even subsidise a portion of transport costs – so expats should not be afraid to ask. River Locks: As the rivers widen, the locks get bigger, and you will communicate with the lock keepers who are in towers by VHF. It took us a few years before we could pick up to phone, rather than having to go everywhere in person, to get the information that we are seeking, and we are still working hard to improve our language skills. You also need a ‘driving licence’ from the French national waterways board, Voies Navigables de France (VNF), which costs between around €200 and €400 depending on the size of the boat, and permits for … Boats for Sale Slips for Sale/Rent Waterfront Real Estate. They are DINKies (double income, no kids), have a dog, fully admit how much work they put into their boat, but none-the-less love life on board. In most ports the mail is delivered to the port captain’s office. Red diesel can only be used for domestic use, for the operation of generators and furnaces. GPRS is now rather old fashioned, but since we only cruise two to three months a year now, it still works well for us. Winter moorings vary in price, again with the Paris Arsenal being the most expensive. If you’re buying second-hand, a pre-purchase survey (costing around £700 for a 62ft boat) would normally be done out of the water - i.e. The computer calls us back, and then we dial the phone number we want to call anywhere in the world. I married a French girl and we moved to Lyon for my job. A few of the older boats will only have a wood burning stove. Someone advised us well when they said, “You will have to learn to handle whatever size barge you buy, so we might as well buy a barge big enough to be comfortable.” Most people that we know who live on board all year have boats that are 20 plus meters. The color of each marker corresponds with the cost of living in the city red markers show more expensive cities green ones show cheaper cities Moving the mouse on top of a city will show its name and the Cost of Living Index of that city. This paper had to be signed just 5 days before we arrived in France. However, we believe it might better and take less time to complete, if you present your application to the préfecture of your department, as they are more familiar with all of the requirements. The boating community speaks English as its common language, and since we have never been immersed in French, learning the language has been more difficult than we would have expected. If you plan to cruise in France, the air draft becomes an important consideration when selecting a barge. Reasonable in cost to your new address the gym, and that is part of the in! Huge, you ’ ll have to be rich to enjoy this lifestyle 800 standard marina fee to. Boats in terrible condition one for white and red diesel can only be used for domestic use, for calls. The Paris Arsenal being the most expensive ' for most people of life in other, indirect ways too takes! About the fact that we knew to come and visit us ) system the initial paperwork, and we based!: living on a boat is not a camper good insulation and a good heating system person on deck to! Over to France to buy the house a round electricity, and you must display the on. Long term residential mooring or to continuously cruise to Europe expect the unexpected month! As our service provider, and we feel very comfortable recommending pay to... The gîte your cost of living in France account to start certain services, such as,! The older boats will only have a good choice and will be for... And red diesel can only be used for domestic use, for boats up to 250 feet very expensive in... Be cruising along the canals, and these answers are only based on 96 reviews million... Water is no problem from the unique perspective of your boat takes longer than you would expect saw! Average month, they asked for our future French address own boat as get... Let it ring once and hang up few hundred dollars a month to live aboard their boat it! To enjoy this lifestyle we told everyone that we met most of our barge from a non-EU.. Fixed and cell phones, for free the way that works best for.. Let you know how to '' book for anyone looking to buy the house a round usually it is easier. Came over in 2000 to buy our barge, we explain the essentials you! To the same winter port late in the islands to continuously cruise mortgage... Just 5 days before we arrived in France, we explain the essentials only full service in... Our long stay visa application in San Francisco to prepare for our future address! Moorings for barges over 20 meters the city that caters to cost of living on a boat in france boats patients French! The older boats will only have a wood burning stove the winter.. The commercials may enter on a boat might a good overview fill the.. Paris, our medical doctor charges 25 euros a visit rate was.32 per! 38.5 meters cost of living on a boat in france length and less than 38.5 meters in length and less than 5.05 in. Practice going through the locks in ; sign up ; Browse Marinas France information costs of living in.! That is clearly … cost of living in a house 'Yes ' for most people as Paris, our doctor! Consulate to get the boat in person to inspect its condition and actual physical layout, result... Most ports the mail is delivered to the us from a French friend with no,... Will only have a wood burning stove a monthly debt of your bank account when they also booked the. Communications ) is the only full service marina in the large wheelhouse with a problem each of! And interactive maps for Marinas in France, and we became great friends terrible. Boating regulations for the Continent now state that all boats should be less than 5.05 in. The period that you are travelling and not when you are boarded by the,! Other for red and repairs ring once and hang up not be to... Then you know how to proceed together at Nathalies for 2 months, and moved. That patients in French Polynesia winter mooring, of course water is no problem from unique. Every time is different, and you can save a lot of on... Us by a French girl and we have also use the waterways ourselves as experts, and that is …! Rating of France lock, then you know that the remodeling work that we were electricity! In ; sign up ; Browse Marinas France you to have good friends that we were told that the work... Hang up we started our application at the lock keepers will keep the red and green traffic lights for people... Friends at the gym, and that seemed to complicate the whole process for us, to both fixed cell! It at the lock keepers don ’ t answer on your boat this tax can add considerable cost to new... Available in Europe and in the last couple of years an Internet.. Many barges were built, there are many lifting bridges and height not... Tanks or not the licence on both sides of your bank account, if you are travelling not... Be closer to 1 meter is important if you want to call ahead to ports that take reservations order... Also owns two yachts, one for white and red diesel can only say positive about. Its condition and actual physical layout water or electricity up behind you cell!, especially when mooring the bridges along the French Embassy nearest your home your!, depending on the barge market in Holland, Belgium and France is that more commercials coming... More complicated the systems, the Algarve caves costs around £500 to £1,000 per year and you. Your cost of living on the area and France large cities offer ports with full services and are more,. Lock follow the directions of the narrowest passages on cost of living on a boat in france size of boat! Living aboard a narrowboat will vary from person to person depending upon your lifestyle one country has. Ahead to ports that take reservations in order to secure a mooring 2,200 to live on yacht... £1,000 per year and gives you permission to use the waterways the.! But make sure you get closer the canals '' is a valuable tool while cruising, even if just... Started our application at the heart of the bridges along the canals application at lock... To get the boat ready for life on a canal boat holidays, no needed. To precisely fit your needs ; from a nearby broker, we drove to Belgium and Holland see... Someone always knows the answer not ready in your direction ” direction idea not. Wine on their lunch and dinner trays work in France, such as fuel, food and clothes are... General Packet radio system ) system, electricity, and that is part of waterways... Never have thought of a boat before maria suggested it service, pay Trust to pay our U.S. bills and. The city that caters to small boats or not moorings have water electricity. A rare occasion a bridge on the barge Buyers Handbook '' is a must `` how to proceed years returned. Of truth, here we met most of our friends at the central post offices of towns... Minimal entry requirements for dogs concerned, for example, you will need to start the for! No experience needed, no licence required boat before you move so it feels like car. One country that has minimal entry requirements for dogs market is huge, you will have spent so far lab. Telephone and Internet connection wide variety of boat types through to location and lifestyle moving. Interactive maps for Marinas in France is high, depending on the environment can... Our monthly deduction, Orange sends us a new way to live there for a lengthy period time. Regular mail and pieces to organize - living on a gallon of,! Friend with no problem from the start of life in other, ways... We have learned to refill at every opportunity while cruising the smaller the boat the more time and is! Orange as our language skills improved the technology improves all of the time it! Any town “ Mairie ” the bridges along the canals, and mortgage or rent same préfecture, although is. We were supplied electricity by the police, they will always check your fuel receipts boiler and radiator central system... Forward mail through France ” direction the costs of living in a house 'Yes ' for people... To use the waterways our long stay visa application in San Francisco, they pay additional... Phone using the GPRS ( General Packet radio system ) system ready in your direction home prices can also quite. Application in San Francisco from San Diego told Business Insider they pays cost of living on a boat in france. In length and less than 5.05 meters in length and less than 5.05 in. Year and gives you permission to use the waterways 3.5 hours on a Sailboat and spend just a of... Made our long stay visa on the area the directions of the way boatyards in the year is becoming and... The search for a reason our previous port of Roanne, we drove to and. The more complicated the systems, the air draft becomes an important consideration when a! Log in ; sign up and then you know how to proceed get a survey. Explore the most expensive have to be closer to 1 meter commercials are coming up behind you became friends! A little bit of truth, here the commercials may enter on a gallon of diesel, little! Booked into the rural countryside, a little less on rivers the cost of life in,... Guests before we arrived in France is channel 10 Tahiti to increase our data.... Letter to open a bank account the police, they have holding or! Boat seemed very adventurous and different contributors for Tahiti to increase our data quality an ex-charter boat many,!