Winter provides comparatively uncrowded sport with many potential anglers turned off … Steelhead fishing in the fall is about timing the run. My friend and I had a banner trip, sticking a dozen steelies in the 7- to 15-pound range on fly fishing gear. Despite many streams close proximity to the metropolitan areas such as Erie, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio, many anglers who travel here cannot believe how beautiful the fishery and scenery can be! powered by Tribute Media - a web design & marketing agency. Fly fishing the Erie County tributary streams of Lake Erie in the fall for steelhead is an exciting game for the Pennsylvania fly fisher. A thumbnail sketch of fishing Lake Erie tributaries. As the fish migrate upstream, anglers from near and far travel here to enjoy a few days of fish-catching fun. The annual steelhead spawning runs that fill the tributaries that empty into Lake Erie are prolific. With many miles of Lake Erie tributaries to fish it is not uncommon to run into othe r fisherman chasing the “chrome”—a popular name for the freshly spawning steelhead. I’ve wanted to get back up to the Erie tributaries to chase steelhead for a few months. A retelling of my first trip fishing for steelhead. Solitude Steelhead Guide Service L.L.C is owned and operated by Bob Packey. Thousands of steelhead are stocked in 9 major tributaries of Lake Erie, most notably and by far the most supported tributary being Cattaraugus Creek. It’s an accurate description, however, as the insatiable urge to pursue these great fish grips anglers tight and refuses to relent. Location varies by Season | 917.715.3424 | Login Logout. I hadn’t been in Erie since October 2016 when I took my annual fall run steelhead trip. Visit his Facebook page to see some of his most recent steelhead adventures. In Pennsylvania, steelheads are moving up from Lake Erie into its tributaries at various times from now until early spring. Secrets of Lake Erie Steelhead Tributaries, with Alberto Rey This week’s podcast is called “Secrets of Lake Erie Steelhead Tributaries” and my guest expert is Alberto Rey, a longtime Orvis-Endorsed Guide and is also Distinguished Professor for Research and Creative Activity in the State University of New York system. Fishing Report for fly fishing travel services, hosted travel adventures, guided fly fishing trips for steelhead, rainbows, brown trout, and salmon in Lake Ontario and Erie tributaries including Cattaraugus Creek, Genesee River, Salmon River, and Oak Orchard Creek The steelhead fishery in New York state is supported by stocking programs as well as natural reproduction. Steelhead: Same … They provide opportunities to catch Steelhead, King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Atlantic Salmon and … Comments: 0. Depending on the season, Steelhead Jones offers guide services at different locations around the U.S.: Summer: We return to our roots, guiding the world class trout waters of the Roaring Fork Valley for the Taylor Creek Fly shop in Basalt, Colorado. Steelhead generally fight harder when on a fly rod because the drag is not as present as it is on a spinning reel. Local steelheaders definitely have an advantage here. In the pages of the Steelhead Journal (as well as in my Steelhead … Check out all three articles, along with a few more related links, below. He said the creel surveys revealed the catch rate for anglers of steelhead on the Lake Erie tributaries averaged 0.56 fish per hour, while the … The texture of this egg ensures that fish hold onto it for a little longer than a hard plastic or epoxy egg, the sink rate is designed to mimic that of a real egg, and the translucent appearance and opaque colors are spot on. Considering how cold the Lake Erie tributaries can get, “fever” is an interesting word to use to describe steelhead fishing. Creel Analysis and Economic Impact of Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie Tributary Fisheries in Erie County 2003-2004 VIDEO - Lake Erie Steelhead: From Egg to Creel. Since the late 1990s Ohio has stocked over 400,000 annually from its Castalia hatchery – about 25% of the total stocked in Lake Erie. The trouble is that with each changing leaf and incoming autumn cold front, about […] The heavy rains last week brought in steelhead … This region contains some of the most productive steelhead tributary streams and rivers in the Great Lakes region. Traditional “down-and-across presentations” (swinging flies for short) have really caught on in the Great Lakes over the years. Fly fishing tackle and tips for steelhead fishing on Elk Creek, Lake Erie tributary, part of "Steelhead Alley". The five tributary streams of the beautiful Lake Erie coastline of Chautauqua County attract tens of thousands of steelhead each fall and winter, giving the region the moniker, "Steelhead Alley." The area on the southern shore of Lake Erie extending just west of Cleveland, Ohio to Buffalo, New York is commonly referred to as "Steelhead Alley" and for good reason. Erie Fishing Report 12/7/2015. Lake Erie and tributaries Tributary action continues to improve, according to Justin Stevens at Cattaraugus Creek Bait and Tackle. Chasing steelhead in Pennsylvania is a yearly tradition for many anglers. Lake Erie Tributary Forum. Otter’s Soft Milking Egg, #12 Steelhead Love Egg Flies Otter’s Soft Milking Egg is effective because it is realistic. Anglers considering winter steelhead fishing should monitor weather for temperatures and precipitation and check local reports and stream gauges for water conditions. Description: This week’s podcast is called “Secrets of Lake Erie Steelhead Tributaries” and my guest expert is Alberto Rey, a longtime Orvis-Endorsed Guide and is also Distinguished Professor for Research and Creative Activity in the State University of New York system.He is a fine artist who specializes in Cuban-influenced scenes and such esoteric subjects as steelhead and … Often the toughest part of winter steelhead fishing in Pennsylvania is actually getting to (and traveling back) from the Lake Erie tributaries. This past spring I decided to hit the Lake Erie tributaries just before the steelhead made their trip back to the big water. Steelhead fishing in Erie, Pennsylvania is a destination for many avid anglers from across the state. Steelhead begin running into the tributaries in large numbers when cool fall rains bring substantial tributary run-off and night time air temperatures drop. He or she is in pursuit of an incredibly dynamic fish capable of long, drag screaming runs and multiple cartwheel-type jumps. Fly Fishing Tips for Steelhead fishing on Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie tributaries can be broken up into fall, winter and early spring phases, each with its particular qualities and quirks. Erie Fishing Report 10/28/16. Video of Michael Evanko fly fishing several Lake Erie tributaries for steelhead trout in Pennsylvania. Of the 1.9 million steelhead smolt stocked annually in Lake Erie tributaries, 58% are from PA hatcheries. Both Washington strain and Skamania steelhead are stocked. Navigating Spring Steelhead Fishing in Erie Every fall, thousands of anglers pack their steelhead fishing gear and head to Erie, Pennsylvania. The ideal steelhead rod for New York's Lake Ontario tributaries would be 10 foot long for 7 weight line, however any rod 9 - 11 foot for 6 - 8 weight line could be used effectively. Elk Creek is regarded as one of the best, and most scenic tributaries with it’s emerald waters, plunge pools, steep ravine cliff faces, and trophy steelhead. These runs draw anglers from all over the country, casting for a chance at a colossal steelhead. A rod of this type would work well with either of the two main presentation techniques used by fly anglers (bottom drift-fishing and the classic wet-fly swing). The best part about it … Getting back to steelhead changes that will be taking place, 10 Lake Erie tributaries received a total of 255,000 spring yearling steelhead. Steelhead Fishing Tips, Tricks, Gear, and Locations in Pennsylvania. Therefore, if you are looking for a harder challenge, grab yourself a steelhead fly rod and head into the creek. However, there is a lot more to the steelhead run than people think. The set-up that I prefer while fly fishing is that of a Temple Fork NXT Fly Fishing Combo with an 8/9 Tributaries of Lake Erie Twentymile Creek (Lake Erie tributary) Academic disciplines Business Concepts Crime Culture Economy Education Energy Events Food and drink Geography Government Health Human behavior Humanities Knowledge Law Life Mind Objects Organizations People Philosophy Society Sports Universe World Arts Lists Adventures in Steelhead Fishing Experience Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing Fly Fishing Tips for Winter Steelhead ... ©2021 Steelhead Jones. FEATURE ARTICLES FROM PA ANGLER & BOATER MAGAZINE. Steelhead … The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and its co-operative partners heavily stock steelhead trout in Lake Erie and its tributaries. Stream temperatures in September and October, cooling to the 45-50 degree F range, maintain the metabolism of fall steelhead, allowing them to hold in faster water like the heads, lips, and tail-outs of pools, fast … Anyone who has been reading my blog since that time knows that October was a terrible month for Pennsylvania steelhead fishi He has over 25 years of experience chasing the fish he truly loves. Thanks to social media, it is now easier than ever to figure it out if you are unsure where and when to go. Recently, a new section of Elk Creek, known as the Gilmore Farm in Girard Township, Erie County, has opened to the public and anglers offering over a mile of new water and new challenges to the hardy … Fly Fishing Forum. My primary goal for the Steelhead Journal is to educate steelheader's in all aspects of Great Lakes steelhead fly fishing with a special emphasis on the Lake Erie steelhead fishery known as "Steelhead Alley" (a region which encompasses the Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York steelhead tributaries of Lake Erie). Fishing success varies based on how good the run is. Ohio Fly Fishing Guides offers professional guide service for Steelhead Trout here in Ohio. The tributary streams of Lake Erie in Pennsylvania and Ohio offer three seasons of spectacular fly fishing for steelhead which means there is something for everyone. A story about a death in the family, a new vehicle, and a big fish. If you are looking for the best places […] We offer a guide service for for Great Lakes steelhead and salmon and since 1994 have featured the "tributary talents" of some of the finest guides here in the Erie region of Ohio and with Steve Kueick and his RiverQuest Charters in Michigan. If he isn’t out on a steelhead tributary somewhere, he is busy tying flies and preparing for his next outing. It’s no mistake that everyone has a pretty good idea of when the steelhead are going to be running into the tributaries. Before we get into the flies, here’s what Alex had to say about the fisheries: The Lake Erie and Lake Ontario tributaries are two classic destinations in Northeastern fly fishing. Steelhead Movements.